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  1. I always run the petrol tank down to about a quarter and then completely fill the tank. But I've wondered whether fuel consumption would be improved if the tank wasn't completely filled. A tank full of petrol must weigh as much as a moderate sized person. Have you ever looked at the impact of keeping the tank less full so that the car is carrying less weight?
  2. Here's a link to a maintenance schedule for the IS in Europe. It says the spark plugs should be changed at 90,000 km. So if the car has done 105,000 km the garage would probably assume it was done last time if that was around 90,000km. I found it on a French forum about the Lexus IS. I didn't expect there would be such a thing! Here's the link if anyone's interested.
  3. The invoice says the car has done 105,000 kilometres. Is that correct? I think that's around 65,000 miles. Is that why it should be a 60,000 mile service? When measuring by miies, spark plugs should be changed at 60,000 miles. But if the car is showing kilometres, maybe the change comes at, say, 100,000 km. But if the plugs are changed at 120,000 km they would assume it's not due yet.
  4. Not a definition but here's some background
  5. Of course, all the contributors to this forum are above average drivers (most people are, when you ask them). So it seems like an infringement of personal liberty for people like us to have speed limiters imposed on us. But then I wonder, does it make sense that we already have speed limiters for professional drivers but not for the amateurs? Maybe it should be the other way round. Hands up anyone who thinks we should take the limiters off professionally driven vehicles.
  6. If you want to know about reliability I hope the The Consumers Association ( doesn't mind me quoting a couple of sentences from their report on IS reliability: And when they mention battery reliability, they're almost certainly talking about the small 12v battery in the boot, not the main hybrid battery. In the UK the hybrid system is guaranteed for a further year each time you have the annual service up to 10 years. I'm also pretty certain I read recently that this had been increased to 15 years as there are so few failures but I can't find confirmation of this on the internet. Just reading through this forum should give you a feel for what problems come up. Just to compare, you could look at the forum for the Mercedes C300h.
  7. When you say the footbrake, I expect you mean the foot-operated parking brake. I have an IS300h and I'm guessing that it works pretty much the same as the CT200h. Most of the time I don't use the parking brake. There's are two reasons why there's often no need to use it. Like all automatics, when you put the gear selector in Park, the transmission is locked. So if the car is not on a hill, this is enough to stop the car rolling forward. The user guide even recommends you do this in icy weather, so that the brake pads don't freeze to the discs. It has a "hill-start" feature, which stops you rolling back when you've stopped on a hill, you have your foot on the brake (the normal pedal not the parking brake) and are about to move off again. The hill-start function holds the car stationary for about 2-3 seconds when you take your foot off the brake - enough time to move your foot to the accelerator and move off. So you only really need to use the parking brake when you're actually parking to leave the car on a hill. Then you can apply the parking brake, which is easy to do. But you don't use if for hill starts. Here's a video which shows how it works on a CT200h. The IS300h is slightly different as it doesn't have a flashing light and it just works when you need it.
  8. 2012 is right. Here's what the MOT handbook says: The inspection of the tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is for M1 vehicles first used on or after 1 January 2012. The TPMS warning lamp (see diagram 3) can operate in many ways depending on the vehicle type. You must only reject vehicles if it's clear that the lamp indicates a system malfunction and not simply indicating that one or more of the tyre pressures is low. That sounds open to interpretation. Is it a system malfunction if you haven't got a TPMS valve in one or more tyres? And how can the tester easily tell whether a tyre has low pressure. Are they going to go round checking what the tyre pressures are? Then inflate any that are low. Then reset the TPMS system to see if the light goes off?
  9. It is possible, of course, that the parking brake became faulty in the few days you've had the car. I don't know how the brake works but if it's purely mechanical (a cable attached to the pedal) then you'd probably notice a change in the feel of the pedal when it stopped working. (Perhaps the cable snapped.) If the pedal suddenly became much easier to press, that would indicate it happened after you got the car. If it's always felt the same (probably very little pressure needed to press it) then the fault was probably there when you collected the car.
  10. The car manual says the fuel should be "Research Octane Number 95 or higher".
  11. Same here. I just tried my parking brake on a steepish hill. I engaged neutral, applied the parking brake and then released the footbrake. There is the slightest movement of the car as play in the parking brake system is taken up. But only millimetres as wharfhouse said. I doubt the car moved as much as a centimetre.
  12. Your video confirms the parking brake is faulty. The dashboard shows the parking brake is on and the gear selector is in neutral. The car should not move. But the video shows it is rolling back several yards. The parking brake should be holding the car stationary. It's true, as others have said, that you can easily override the parking brake if you put the car in Drive and press the accelerator. The engine is powerful enough to overcome the resistance of the parking brake. But when the car is in neutral, the parking brake should hold the car stationary. This is tested in the MOT and it's a fail if it doesn't work..
  13. Your test seems to confirm the parking brake is not working. This is actually an MOT fail so it shouldn't have been sold to you like this. It should be an easy fix, I would have thought, so take it back to the dealer so they can get it working properly. The car stops rolling back when you engage P on the gear selector because it locks the transmission as on conventional automatics. But there's still a bit of play, which is why the car moves a bit when you take your foot off the footbrake. But it shouldn't move at all when the parking brake is on.
  14. Spark plugs are supposed to be changed at 60,000 miles, which puts up the price of the 60,000 mile service. Inchcape is now showing prices for Essential Care on its website - £645 for normal 60,000 mile service; £355 for Essential Care. (Click here for the website.) The difference being so great makes me wonder if the Essential Care includes the spark plugs. You may not be near an Inchcape dealer but you can use their prices for information. As you had a major service last time, perhaps what you need is an intermediate service, plus the spark plugs, which are based on mileage rather than time.
  15. I had a look at my 64 reg car and found that the metal looks clean and the paintwork undamaged. The bolthead is showing a bit of corrosion but the main structure looks ok. However, the benefit of a forum like this is that you might be able to find others who do have the same problem. For a start it might be worth joining forces with sheamus to make a joint complaint. As there are at least two cars that have this problem, it could be helpful to start a new thread to attract the attention of others who may have skipped over this topic. For example, you could head it "Joint complaint to Lexus - Please check for rust in engine bay". You could also put a poll at the top of the thread asking people to vote yes or no if they have rust in this location in the engine bay. That would help give an overview of how widespread the problem is.