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  1. Which menu option do you choose? I had a look too but couldn't see anything that looked as though it would show battery voltage.
  2. Thackeray

    MPG on IS 300h etc.

    No, I'm not doing that. All I do is note what the mileage is and how much fuel I put in to fill the tank.. I can then calculate how many miles I've travelled since the last fill-up and how much fuel has been used; the amount of fuel is the number of litres the tank went down since the last fill-up, which is known because it's the same as the amount it takes to fill it up again. I'd never thought of calculating it in any other way! It doesn't matter a great deal whether the tank is completely full to the very last drop, (or at least it balances out over time) or whether the reserve amount is used or not.
  3. Thackeray

    Car boot liners for 2016 IS300h

    That looks good. I think I'll get one of those. Thanks for putting up the pictures. Does it cause any problems if you fold the back seats or is the ridge effectively just the same as if you didn't have the liner?
  4. Thackeray

    Sat Nav Glitch

    Have you tried recalibration? On my car it's in the menu Setup/ Navigation / Calibration / Position. Sounds as though you might have a different problem, though.
  5. Thackeray

    Car boot liners for 2016 IS300h

    If you decide to get the one from the "Bootsliners" website, maybe you could report back on how well it fits. I'd be interested in one of these, too.
  6. I've just noticed another thread about firmware updates and one of the messages says you should hold down the Menu button while turning the lights on and off three times. Is that the way to display the hidden menu?
  7. It's not impossible that it's the latest version that has the error. Unlikely but not impossible. Could you find a version number for Bruno to compare?
  8. If I had to guess whether this was a clever marketing strategy or a programming error, I'd go for the latter. Maybe it's fixed in a firmware update. What firmware versions apply to cars when you can or can't switch the odometer to kilometres?
  9. Just out of interest, what does the display look like when you change it to kph? Does the range change to kilometres, while the odometer (1572 miles in the picture) stays as it is, labelled with miles?
  10. How strange that it doesn't change. When I choose Setup, General, Units of Measurement, and then change Miles to Km, the total mileage on the odometer, as well as trip A and trip B all recalculate the distance covered from miles to kilometres. (I've just tried it.) The absolute figure must of course be stored somewhere (the eeprom) but the non F-Sport display calculates the equivalent kilometres from the stored miles (or vice versa) and displays whichever you've chosen in Units of Measurement. It seems very odd that F Sport models don't have this facility when lesser models do.
  11. I switched the odometer from miles to kilometres while in France recently. It helps when the signs and distances are in kilometres. I would imagine you can do the same. The manual says the choice is Km (with litres/100km), Km (with km/litre) or miles (with mpg). This doesn't affect the speedometer, of course. Mine is in mph in big numbers and kph in small numbers. I can't remember the exact location in the settings to change this, but it isn't difficult to find - possibly under Vehicle, according to the manual.
  12. It seems that the Hybrid Assistant phone app also shows the 12v battery voltage. I haven't used it myself but it was recommended by someone in another thread. Here's a video showing the battery voltage display.
  13. Could you report back on whether it works ok? I've seen similar ones on the internet but I thought they might be too wide to fit in the central box where the socket is.
  14. I was wondering that too. And a second question: if the car knows the voltage of the 12v battery, does it put up a warning if the voltage is getting too low? I've seen comments that say it warns if the keyfob battery needs replacing; it would also make sense to put up a warning saying the 12v battery needs replacing.
  15. I haven't seen this story reported in the UK: Edit: I found that the video didn't play from that link but I think it's the ad blocker on my browser that was blocking the video. When I turn off the ad blocker the video plays correctly.