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  1. Thackeray

    Incoming newbies

    In fairness to Rolls-Royce, I should probably add the proviso that 1930s models apparently could start themselves. It only needed the advance-retard lever to be moved, which I suppose generated one spark, for the engine to start running, even after a month of not being used!
  2. Thackeray

    Incoming newbies

    Elegant is right. I've said the same thing in another thread but I get the impression that not many people appreciate just how elegant. I think I compared the power split device in its original form with about 22 moving parts, to a typical automatic gearbox with something closer to 350 moving parts. It's nice to see someone else appreciate how impressive this device is. The elegance of the transmission was probably the number one reason I bought an IS300h. Not only does it get round the problems of auto transmissions but it also overcomes the inadequacies of the internal combustion engine. Wind back 120 years when there were steam cars, electric and internal combustion engine cars competing for market dominance and the ICE is plagued by problems: it won't start itself (steam and electric can); so the engine has to be running before you get the car moving (not necessary for electric and steam); and it has a limited torque range (electric and I assume steam have maximum torque from stationary). So to keep up with the competition, the ICE needs something to get it running - a handle will do in the early days. Once the engine is running, it needs something to engage the driving wheels - a clutch is developed that can do this. It then needs something to get over its limited torque at low and high speeds - a gearbox with two speeds in the model T Ford. But despite all these inadequacies it had one trump card to play. Its energy source was much lighter and took up less space than in the competing technologies. The electric car still has the same problem as 100 years ago - the battery is too big, too heavy and doesn't store enough energy. The steam engine still needs to carry a lot of water and fill it up at regular intervals. A whole century goes by and the picture barely changed. The engineering of the gearbox became tremendously sophisticated but at the expense of more and more complication. The starter motor and the clutch are far more sophisticated now. But how much better to dispense with them altogether. Which is why the power-split device is a truly 21st century solution to the inadequacies of the internal combustion engine. It wouldn't have been possible without the incorporation of computers. By contrast, the starter motor, the clutch and the conventional gearbox are still basically 19th century concepts. So, yes, elegant is right. And it sounds as though you've found a nice example.
  3. Thackeray

    affichage GPS

    On peut afficher la carte à partir de n'importe quel écran par un double-clic du bouton "Menu". Même chose après avoir manipulé la boussole - double-clic sur le bouton "Menu" et recommencer la navigation.
  4. Thackeray

    affichage GPS

    Est-ce que vous pouvez expliquer un peu plus? Si vous voyez la boussole vous êtes déjà sur la carte, non? Can you explain a bit more? If you can see the compass, you're already on the map - isn't that right?
  5. Thackeray

    affichage GPS

    How to change the map orientation. Bonjour et bienvenu! Le symbole en haut à gauche de l écran indique l'orientation de la carte. Il faut le cliquer pour changer l'orientation. Vous n'êtes pas le premier à rencontrer ce problème. Voir cette question discuté ici.
  6. You can get back to normal auto by pulling and holding the "+" paddle. No need to operate the gear selector.
  7. As NemesisUK said, using the paddle shifters reduces regeneration rather than increases it. As I understand it, you just use the brakes for regeneration. If you watch the Hybrid System dial, the one to the left of the speedometer, you can see the pointer go down to its maximum the harder you brake. While the pointer is still somewhere in the blue section all the braking is achieved by the motor-generators regenerating electricity. If you reach the maximum and then brake harder the brake pads will be brought into use. In gentle driving I try to keep the pointer just above the maximum point, for maximum regeneration and at the same time avoiding brake pad wear. But if you're coming down a mountain and the motor-generators aren't sufficient to keep the car's speed under control, you can use the paddles to add extra braking force from the engine. This is just the same as changing down in a manual to avoid brake fade/wear on a long downward stretch. Or you can just use the paddles for fun to get quick acceleration.
  8. I haven't noticed that but I have noticed that after switching from recirculated to outside air, a colder, stronger air flow starts coming from the vents if the weather is cold. I might even adjust the vents to compensate. I wonder if this is happening automatically and unexpectedly causing a colder airflow in some people's cars? Although you can switch manually between the two modes, the manual says: "Outside/recirculated air mode may automatically switch depending on the temperature setting or the inside temperature." Maybe this is what is happening when colder air suddenly starts coming through the vents.
  9. It isn't really a practical issue as you don't need it for hill-starts. (The hill-start function stops the car rolling back when you take your foot off the footbrake to press the accelerator.) It also operates more smoothly than some of the Mercedes versions of foot operated parking brakes. Coming from an automatic you won't find the e-cvt transmission hugely different. Drivers used to manual gearboxes sometimes find it difficult to get used to. But the main difference compared with a conventional automatic is that there are no pauses or lurching between gears - there are no gears as such!
  10. Interesting to see in the poll at the top that someone had a problem with the transmission. It would be good to know what the problem was. There are so few moving parts in the transmission that I'm intrigued to know what went wrong.
  11. Thackeray

    Not seen that before

    Noticed Theresa May in a Lexus leaving an EU meeting in Brussels a couple of years ago, early in the negotiations. I thought at the time it might be meant as a hint to Germany that Britain buys a lot of cars from them at the moment but that could decline if 10% tariffs were added to German cars and 10% tariffs were taken off Japanese cars.
  12. A friend had this routinely happen on their Prius. For people who use their phones all the time this could be helpful - a computer programmer would probably say, "It's not a bug, it's a feature." I tried to find some references on the internet to confirm it happens on Priuses but didn't find one. However, I did find this mobile phone forum where the problem phone is a Samsung. Maybe that's the common factor.
  13. Don't worry! They're not thinking about you at all. Like most other people they're thinking about themselves. Probably something along the lines of, "That looks a nice car. Hope the driver doesn't notice my 14-year-old Fiesta parked over there. I'll stand casually by this Tesla and maybe the driver with the squeaky window will think it's mine."
  14. Thackeray

    Bumped into by lorry

    Did they replace the VIN sticker on the lower inner section of the door? Every panel should have a VIN sticker and its absence is a sign of bodywork not being done to Lexus standards. I was told this by a Jemca bodyshop supervisor. (Another Toyota/Lexus dealer that does have its own bodyshop). The sticker is quite expensive - I think I was told it was around £100. So it's an obvious thing to skip if costs are being kept down. But if it's an insurance claim and the work is being done to Lexus standards, the sticker should be there. If you can't find it, check the inner rims of the other doors to see where it should be, as they're sometimes difficult to spot. The bonnet and boot have them too, as well as the main side body panels.
  15. I've been reading the Boring Forum thread on the LS sub-forum. (Boring because of the lack of faults to discuss.) It made me wonder what faults owners have found on their IS300h. Any comments? I've attached a poll, too.