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  1. Borla system is now sold. Wheels still for sale. Cheers Matt
  2. For sale: Borla Cat Back Exhaust for RCF and 20" Zito ZF01 wheels in Satin Black with Falken Azenis Tyres Item Condition: Used (5000 miles) Price and price conditions: £800ono for Exhaust / £750 ono for wheels and tyres Extra Info: Borla Exhaust for RCF is a bolt on fitment which replaces the system from the Primary Cat Back. No issues with MOT. Imported from the US in June 2018. WHeels are from LK Performance and are 20" 11J Rears and 9.5 on the front. They come with a 5mm spacer to line up and ensure clearance of front calipers. Tyres are in good condition, 285/30/20 on the rears, 255/30/20 on the front. Pictures: As attached Contact Details: 07875 100472 or message on forum Location: Sheffield, South Yorkshire Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Would prefer collection, if not and you need them couriering I'll have to price via DHL/Fed Ex based on your location and preferred service
  3. Nice.....I'm quite taken with the orange look
  4. @Big Rat who doesn't love a voluptuous booty....yum... they Apexi's?
  5. @mrfunex more due to offsets on the alloys, as originally went for 20et but way too aggressive. Liked the look of these alloys but they were in a 40et so just used a 5mm spacer on the front to square up ever so slightly and give a net 35 offset. Rears are aggressive enough and wanted to ensure clearance on the arches but could have pushed them to a 30et if I was feeling brave. Kids and luggage in the back might have rubbed on the wheel arch so I bottled it 🙂 Ended up with a pair of 5mm Eibach's on the front in a 114PCD setup This is a clever little website if anyone looking but now heading off topic! Pic below gives a better indication of the stagger... https://www.willtheyfit.com/ Cheers Matt
  6. Hi all, Just had 11.5 rears on 285/30/20 and 9.5 fronts on 265's with 5mm spacers. Next job is orange calipers to tidy up. Had a Borla Cat back system fitted as well, which I highly recommend! Cheers Matt
  7. Hi Sean, Its Graphite Black with Stratus Grey Interior Has the Mark Levinson audio, with Sunroof.
  8. Hi all, New to the forum and new to RC-F ownership so Hi to all I've been reading a number of threads on here with a great deal of interest. I have to say I'm delighted that I'm now owning a car that polarises opinion! I've just come out of ownership of 3 years of a C63 and whilst some on here have already testified, it is a great car, yes probably is quicker from the low to mid range, but I've realised that I was taking pleasure in my C63 from the comfort of external opinions, nods, glances which were all positive, taking comfort in the fact it was widely lauded as being one of the best V8's you can buy, but as I've got over that excitement through ownership, I've realised it also is very much about the experience of the interior too and with that I was bored with the C63. Personally I think the interior in the Lexus is fantastic, and the build quality far superior to the C63. Equally I'd discounted an M3 due to a boring and lacklustre interior. The Lexus just has that little bit extra pazzaz that I've felt has been missing from owning a C63. I enjoyed the attention I got in the Merc, but having now moved to the RC-F can see far more interest from people in this car due to it's rarity. As others have said I see no reason why that wouldn't contribute to a stabilisation and potential increase in value, when most owners acknowledge the car grows on you. I'm bored to be honest with what I feel are journo's fixations on track driving, lap times round the ring, when we all drive cars on the road 99% of the time, and our experience of our cars is how they make us feel, and the emotion they generate both by their exterior but also interior look and feel. The driving experience is subjective, but any 450bhp coupe is going to feel fast up to "normal" road speeds. I've had just as much interest in the car, with the looks, glances and question marks in peoples heads over what it is, then reminded myself I'm also sat in just an exclusive and fresh environment on the inside with gasps when they realise Lexus made V8's. You don't get that owning a BMW or a Merc! As I say the pull for me is the surprise the car gives me and others on the perceived opinions of what a Lexus "is" Enjoying the experience so far! Cheers Matt