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  1. Thanks Linas. You can see my pics below but your advice means I probably won't touch. Once used expect I will just replace with a separate compressor pump and sealant bottle.
  2. Hopefully the pic helps. The main compressor box has no hose. Instead the sealant bottle plugs into the compressor box and the hose would then plug into the tyre valve. The top (of the pic) of the sealent bottle plugs (vertically) into the top left hand corner of the compressor box. At the head of the bottle you can see where the hose is clipped on. I was thinking of getting a similar hose and clipping straight onto the compressor box (there is a stem you could do this on you can see in the picture) and bypassing the sealant bottle. It means you could use the compressor box as a simple pump and not just a repair device.
  3. Will try and add photo sometime (everything put back in boot now). Compressor box has no hose. The sealant bottle has the hose and plugs in to the compressr box. Hopefully will all become clear with photos.
  4. Meant petrol garage rather than a car garage (if that makes sense) 😊
  5. Hi, had a look at the compressor kit this morning and was looking to use this instead of going to garage to inflate tyres (regular top up) - offers an alternative of doing from home. However, the kit only has hose on sealant bottle and not on the compressor box itself. It looks like you may be able to hose clip hose and valve onto compressor so it doubles up as normal pump. Anyone tried this? Seems a bit daft to have a compressor kit that can only be used with the sealant! Thanks Shaun
  6. Shaun RC300h

    RCF User Manuals

    Just got mine recently to. One you have logged on to the portal there is a detailed owner manual and infotainment guide that you can download. Load on to a tablet and it works just as good as having a physical manual. I've also loaded to my phone just so I have the guide for use of the compressor kit. Used to have run flats before so not having a spare tyre is a concern as you know it's going to happen eventually.