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  1. CT200h and TomTom Live Services

    Hi Comedian, many thanks for the reply. Can’t create a my Lexus connection yet until I have V5, so quick couple of questions if you don’t mind? I’m slightly confused why I’d need a my Lexus account, are you suggesting that the username and password TomTom is verifying is the my Lexus account details? So I’d login to TomTom using the my Lexus credentials? Do you also need an account on a TomTom with the exact same credentials as my Lexus, as that’s where the Live service subscription will be held? The my Lexus makes sense as the “courtesy period” I’m running with currently is identified as anonymous and it must use the inbuilt sim to identify the car. Thanks again
  2. CT200h and TomTom Live Services

    Hi Scoops1964, the version I bought has a TomTom device built into the car, it’s not touch screen or anything and has the older DAB Radio in the console. I’m not too familiar with the ranges TBH, so not sure on the specs available. But it does look like it replaces what would be a storage are on the dash. Being a TomTom device it supports Live traffic, the car also has a SIM card built in by the looks of things.
  3. Hi, just bought a used CT200H 13 plate, liking the car so far but having a real problem with signing up to use TomTom Live services using the inbuilt SatNav. I've used Live Services previously on other devices without any issues so know the ropes. I've created an account (on TomTom) but when I try to log into that account (on the device in the car) I simply get a userid\password error. I'm sure the details I'm using are correct, I can use the same details on the site no problems. If I reset the device I get a "grace period" which gives me access to the services for approx. 10 days, so the SIM card is OK and online. Firstly I wanted to know if people are using Live Services OK (in the UK) - I'm assuming people are. Secondly, if you are using the services OK, how did you sign up? Did you create an account in TomTom and link to this? Did you sign up through the TomTom device in your car? Third, assuming you've got this working OK, is there anything "odd" about the username and password you used? Any characters you avoided? E-mail providers that have failed, worked? I've spoken with TomTom and so far drawn a blank (still working with them), but any experience you can share would be helpful. Thanks in advance.