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  1. Hi Raymond, Unfortunately the HDD system fitted to my car is a dealer only update. I have previously used E-Bay sourced discs on another IS250 and found them excellent also. Dec.
  2. Thanks Normski. My car is still running the 2009 map data so maybe it is time for an update!! Dec.
  3. Has anybody had the HDD system updated by a Lexus dealer as I am curious to find out what the cost was?
  4. Sorry to hear that Alan but as you say maybe it is the wisest move in the circumstances. All the best. Dec.
  5. To check for an air leak you can LIGHTLY spray something like brake cleaner around the parts of the inlet manifold that supply the offending bank while the engine is ticking over. Pay particular attention to any joints or pipe/hose connection points. If there is a noticeable change in engine speed at any point you may have found the leak. Go lightly and methodically. Enjoy! Dec.
  6. I believe the Lexus part number is 89467-30010 but you might want to double check this applies to your car. I have not replaced mine so I can't comment as regards difficulty. Before you decide on replacement, make sure that you have not got an air leak at the manifold. Dec.
  7. Hi Alan, Is it P2157 as in today's post or code P2197 as in a previous post? P2157 is fuel injector related and opens a new can of worms. If it is P2197 then I would check very carefully around the inlet manifold to ensure that there is no air leak. Both the upstream sensors (Sensor 1) on bank one and bank two are the same so it may be possible for you to switch them over and see if the fault code changes bank. If it does this would indicate that the upstream sensor is at fault. I imagine that the downstream sensor is throwing a code as a result of your primary problem. list the air/fuel ratio sensor at £170 but I'm sure Rockauto would come in with a Denso sensor at a much more reasonable price. Dec.
  8. The standard Yuasa YBX3030 is a 70ah, ( CCA570) battery and has a recommended retail of £128 though I'm sure it can be purchased for much less. I believe that Halfords now sell Yuasa instead of Bosch. Dec.
  9. Can any ISC owners who have fitted the Lexus original windbreaker tell me is if it worth buying. I have only recently acquired the car and would like to know if fitting the wind deflector would make any significant difference given that they are expensive to buy. I have always had wind deflectors on previous cars but it seems to me that the ISC is much better in the wind turbulence dept. Any advice greatly appreciated. Dec.
  10. Alternator seems good. Yuasa bought out the Panasonic lead acid battery business some years ago so I'm not sure if Panasonic branded automotive batteries are still available. Yuasa specify a choice of two batteries for the IS250, Models YBX3030 and YBX7030. As far as I can tell the 7030 model is virtually identical to the original fit Panasonic battery but comes at a price -- recommended retail in the UK of circa £250. Have a look here: Dec.
  11. I would also check the alternator to make sure that it is charging OK. Dec.
  12. This can happen if the GPS antenna cable is not connected to the rear of the unit. It is a single cable and is very easy to omit when reconnecting everything at the rear. Don't ask me how I know!! Dec.
  13. Possibly the brake vacuum hose on LHD model?
  14. I replaced mine with one I purchased on I am unable to post a link to the item but if you enter "Lexus IS250 LCD Screen" in the search box , several sellers come up. I bought mine from New Vision Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. for $128.00. I did this following a recommendation on one of the US sites. Eighteen months on all is still working perfectly. Hope this helps. Dec.