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  1. Well done Richard. It just goes to show that there is incredible value out there if you are prepared to get stuck in. Enjoy.
  2. Having recently completed a transmission fluid and filter change on my IS250C perhaps I can share my experience. When doing a transmission fluid drain I always like to leave the car standing for 24 hours or so to enable the fluid to drain down into the transmission pan. After first draining and then removing the pan, followed by the filter removal, I managed to get roughly 3.2 litres of fluid out of the transmission. I followed this with two further drain only sequences, again leaving the car stand for a day or so between drains, and managed in total to get 7 litres of new fluid into the trans. I sourced the filter, gasket and crush washers - all original Toyota items - through MegaZip ( ). I used the Toyota WS fluid from my local dealer. My car is only at 50K miles but is 11years old so I figured it was due. Hope this may be helpfull. Dec.
  3. Hi Chris, I have just checked on the rear of a ML headunit removed from my 2006 SE-L and yes the ariel connection socket will take the standard ariel fitting - i double checked by fitting an old aerial which I had lying around. Before going down this route you might check that the aerial cable from the rear is correctly connected. There appears to be a junction point in or around the gear lever area which would be worth checking. Additionally, there is an aerial amplifier fitted at the screen which may have gone on the blink. ANTENNA LEXUS LEXUS IS250/350/2##D[ALE20,GSE2#] (EUROPE) Part code Title information 86101 CORD SUB-ASSY, ANTENNA 86101J CORD SUB-ASSY, ANTENNA, NO.2 86300B ANTENNA ASSY, AMPLIFIER, NO.1 90119-06915 ** Std Part 90179-06274 NUT (FOR TRANSMISSION CONTROL CABLE) OEM catalogs Hope this helps. Dec.
  4. Hi Grant, Try this link: You might find something there. Dec.
  5. Hi Paul. Sorry to hear about your problem. There is a procedure detailed in the "When things go wrong" section of the owners manual showing how to manually raise the roof though it does look like a very involved two man process. There are about eight fuses relating to the roof operation contained in the fuse box in the boot. Again details are in the owners manual. Likewise, there is instructions as to how you can use the emergency key to gain access to the boot - again in section 5 of the manual. The key hole is inside the car under a cover between the rear headrests. I'm assuming that you have tried the boot release switch beside the fuel cover release. The OBD connector is directly underneath the steering wheel but a foot or so towards the bulkhead. Best of luck. Dec.
  6. Hi Shaun. Sorry to hear about your roof issue. Two things spring to mind. Might there be an issue with either battery power or did you have the engine running when you encountered the problem. The second thing you might check is the possibility of some item falling down into the roof mechanism on either side of the trunk and becoming entangled. The fact that you can hear something clicking in the boot when you try to lower the roof indicates to me that the roof computer is doing it's job in trying to get the process moving but that either lack of voltage or something physically jammed is preventing this from happening. Dec.
  7. Hi James, Welcome to the LOC. From your audio it doesn't sound like a wheel bearing to me. I would be inclined to revisit the last job you did on the brakes and make doubly sure that everything has been tightened properly - caliper bolts, wheel nuts etc. It has to be related as the noise only appeared afterwards. Best of luck, Dec.
  8. Hi James, From your description I would expect that the battery has gone flat. If you have no way to check the battery voltage or access to a battery charger you could just try leaving it for an hour or so with eyerything switched off and then give it another try. Dec.
  9. As per my post above it would appear that the correct torque figure is 18Nm or 13ft-lbs. 18ft-lbs may risk pulling the threads on the aluminium head. From 4GR-FSE ENGINE CONTROL: IGNITION COIL AND SPARK PLUG: INSTALLATION INSTALL SPARK PLUG (a) Using a spark plug wrench, install the 6 spark plugs. Torque : 18 Nm (184 kgf-cm, 13 ft-lbf) Dec.
  10. With ref to the torque figure given earlier in this thread. The diagram below refers to my 2009 IS250 and shows a figure of 18Nm. for the spark plugs. Dec.
  11. You need a "nut splitter" to cut into the nut which then releases it. Try googling it - I think Halfords stock them. They are a very useful too to have in the toolbox. Just to clear any confusion I think the Lexus AFS system refers to the left/right movement of the low beam which is controlled by the steering angle input while what you are after is the headlight level control sensor fitted to cars with the Xenon headlights. Dec.
  12. As far as I am aware the aircon needs to be in Auto mode for the defrost button to operate the blower at the max output. Dec.
  13. Hi Colin, Are you refering to the A960E transmission fitted to the RWD IS250 Gen.2 as my understanding is that both a drain and a level plug are fitted to the pan. This is a job I intend to undertake shortly so I have been doing a little research. The diagram below of the A960E shows the two plugs fitted to the transmission pan. Regards, Declan
  14. Hi Alan, Just had a quick look at my car. The rubber I used is roughly 10mm x 10mm x 10mm. I think I used a bit cut from an exhaust O-ring but anything with a bit of pliability should work. Dec.