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  1. Hi Colin, The part number I quoted in my earlier post is what was on my Invoice from Lexus last year but the actual part number would appear to be PT933-53100-WS. Apologies about the link. Try this one: 2FCF0E90E4D21C4F8825759B006F0647_IS250-350 ConvertibleWindScreen II 2-12-09 (2).pdf Links are not my forte as you may have guessed!! Mark's has everything covered in any event. Dec.
  2. Hi Colin, The inserts/fitting kit is available as a seperate part from Lexus but is expensive at around £70. The part no. is: TPT93353100WS. This may also be of help: file:///C:/Users/decmc/Downloads/2FCF0E90E4D21C4F8825759B006F0647_IS250-350%20ConvertibleWindScreen%20II%202-12-09.pdf Dec.
  3. This is from a post by Stupot in November last year: Worth reading as if they phase out E5 Petrol and you can only get E10... Lexus say the following... From this site Lexus: E10 petrol is cleared for use in all Lexus European petrol models made from January 1998, excluding: • IS250 2.5 litre V6 with engine 4GR-FSE made between August 2005 and September 2007. • GS300 3.0 litre V6 with engine 3GR-FSE made between January 2005 and September 2007. • LS460 4.6 litre V8 with engine 1UR-FSE made between A
  4. Close all doors and bonnet and lock with the fob. Use the emergency key to unlock the driver's door and hopefully it will stop. Dec.
  5. Hi Alan, Have a look here. Sundance has one from an IS250 which he has decided to sell. See his most recent post from yesterday.
  6. The December edition of Car Mechanics magazine has a five page feature on engine electronic diagnostics for the RX400h which may be of interest.
  7. Great result Gary. Sounds like my normal computer glitch fix - turn it off, plug it out, wait, plug it in, switch it back on and amazingly, all is well again!!! Enjoy, Dec.
  8. Is your battery in good health? Have you tried to close it with the car running with the revs at about 2000RPM?
  9. Beamish


    The rims shown on the SE-L are standard 17" and not the optional 18" Hoshi as they claim in their description.
  10. Sorry Vlad but I don't know the size of the crush washers as the old ones have gone in the bin some time ago. The part number however is 90430-16012 and they are inexpensive. I have read where people have reused the old ones without issue so taht may be worth a try. Dec.
  11. There are two, one on each bank. The fit into the open end of the banjo bolts numbered 15771A in the above illustration.
  12. They are located in the cam covers and filter the oil feed to the oil control valves for the VVTI system. They are fed by two rigid oil pipes which you will find on the outside (wing side) of each cylinder bank towards the front of the engine. The filters are not shown on the following image but simply press into the banjo bolts shown. For reference the filter part number is 15678-46020 and two are fitted. Hope this helps.
  13. I removed the filters on mine recently at 50k miles and gave them a quick clean just for piece of mind. I can't see that you would actually need to fit new ones as they are a simple gauze filter and can be easily cleaned. You do need to replace the four crush washers for the banjo bolts however to ensure that there is no leakage on refitting. Access on one side is fairly tight but doable. Hope this helps. Dec.
  14. When it cranks do the revs register on the rev counter? If there is no movement on the rev counter I would be inclined to suspect the crank sensor.
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