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  1. Hi Philip, Good to hear your problem has been sorted. Out of curiosity could you give me the part number of the microswitch which was replaced? Like yourself I really enjoy using the car with the roof down but would like to build a bit of knowledge with relation to the roof operation should any problems arise. Many thanks. Dec.
  2. Hi Rishi, Yes that is the correct battery - simply turn it round as you have said for the correct fitting position. If you search here you will find many recommendations for this particular battery. Dec.
  3. This is the supplier I used. The unit has worked perfectly. Dec.
  4. It looks identical to the unit I replaced in my 2006 IS250 two years ago. I can't make out any numbers on yours but my old faulty unit has HBL-0236A and VGA NEL 75-AB511112 on the large label. The small label is market Toshiba and has LTA070B511F and 6C00587 on it. Hope this may be of some help. Dec.
  5. Hi again Brandon, The instructions below are from the Owners Manual and detail how to reprogram the windows. Might be worth trying on your rear window. Initialize the function by performing the following procedure. Hold the power window switch in the one-touch closing position. Continue holding the switch for a further 6 seconds after the window has closed. Hold the power window switch in the one-touch opening position. Continue holding the switch for a further 2 seconds after the window has opened completely. Hold the power window switch in the one-touch closing position once again. Continue holding the switch for a further 2 seconds after the window has closed. If you release the switch while the window is moving, start again from the beginning. If the window continues to close but then re-open slightly even after performing the above procedure correctly, have the vehicle inspected by your Lexus dealer. ■Window operation during retractable hardtop operation When the retractable hardtop is partially open (during opening or closing operation), the power window switches are disabled. Dec.
  6. Hi Brandon, I am just guessing here as I have not as yet had any roof problems but I would think that your problem is down to the rear window acting up. The windows have to be in the completely lowered position for the roof to operate, either going up or down. From previous experience on a Merc CLK convertible with a similar system there is a microswitch fitted to each window which signals whether it is in the fully down position. If you can gain access to the window regulator you may be able to spot what is causing the problem with the window operation. Sorry I can't be of more help. Dec.
  7. Sorry Jack but I do not have a link and I can't for the life of me remember the seller's name. I just did a Google search at the time and it produced several sites but I can't remember which one I went with. I have checked my Ebay purchases and it does not show up so I imagine I purchased directly from the site. Sorry I can't help further. Dec.
  8. Hi Grant, I have fitted one of these discs ( 2017/2018) to my 2006 IS250 and it works perfectly. The first disc that the supplier shipped to me got lost in the post so he replaced it for me. A few months later the original disc turned up so if you would like it just PM me your details and I will stick it in the post to you. Dec.
  9. Torque figure for the oil pan drain bolt is 40Nm and as Dave said 25Nm (18 ft lbs ) for the filter housing. Dec.
  10. Hi Raymond, Unfortunately the HDD system fitted to my car is a dealer only update. I have previously used E-Bay sourced discs on another IS250 and found them excellent also. Dec.
  11. Thanks Normski. My car is still running the 2009 map data so maybe it is time for an update!! Dec.
  12. Has anybody had the HDD system updated by a Lexus dealer as I am curious to find out what the cost was?
  13. Sorry to hear that Alan but as you say maybe it is the wisest move in the circumstances. All the best. Dec.