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  1. Looking good. Lovely colour as well 👍🏾
  2. I was looking into this:
  3. Should be the same offset, so should fit ok.
  4. Don’t think they are the same. I have the above in silver on my lexus. Have a look on eBay for some.
  5. Looking good on what you have done so far. Maybe get the wheels done in a darker colour.
  6. Found my cover, it was in the glovebox. Left there when the dash cam was fitted. I struggled to get the fuse out, so went to lexus and they fitted a new one free of charge. Also recommend me to go to them in the future for any bits like this. Another great service from them!
  7. From the image does anyone know which is for the cigarette lighter? sorry to be a pain 😊
  8. Hi guys, After various threads and searches, I see the fuses inside are under the passenger side, but mine does not have a cover. Is that the case for everyone. My car is a 2015 is300h f sport. I need to change the cigarette lighter fuse as it’s stopped working, but not sure which one. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks 🙏🏾
  9. @pobrown - thanks for YouTube links. Really liking the installation of the lexus one. I know it’s a lot of money, but just looks more factory fit.
  10. Thanks guys. Do agree the lexus one is over priced, but still looking into both links sent. Thanks again guys 👍🏾
  11. Hi, has anyone fitted the dash cam provided by Lexus. Had my car serviced at my local dealer and saw them advertising this for £275 in fitting. I know there are cheaper alternatives, and the lexus one is also made by Nextbase, but just wondering if anyone has fitted this? Thanks
  12. Looking good. Love the red. Very rare. Haven’t seen many around.