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  1. Barrym028

    P2002 fault code help

    This is the item I bought It is working on windows 10
  2. Barrym028

    P2002 fault code help

    Code gone, she's got a clean bill of heath
  3. Barrym028

    P2002 fault code help

    Hit the nail on the head, the ecu obviously has a predetermined number of regens that the DPF can go thought b4 it's needs replacing, even though the DPF has been removed the ecu must think it's still there and thinks it hit the magic number of regens, all I had to do was go into the settings on techstream and clear the thermal data, exactly what u would do if u replaced the DPF Thanks for the input and assistance Very much appreciated And I hope this tread helps someone else
  4. Barrym028

    P2002 fault code help

    The dpf was removed and the ecu mapped, I assumed that the map was so that the car wouldn't try to regen 5th injector was removed. The car has drove and still drive's as good as a 220 Could, no other faults at all, fuel economy seems to be on par with the majority (34ish mpg short runs mainly) Only ever get a puff of smoke on a cold morning when the car is started initially and not the rest of the day. not using any oil or water I wouldn't care about the fault code but I can't get past the next mot with the dash lit up like a xmas tree
  5. Barrym028

    P2002 fault code help

    Hi just finished checking the sensor and wires bothe seem fine no resistance from the wires to the ECU, also the sensors is functional as I back probed it and got the correct voltage at roughly the stated pressures, the ecu is also reading it. I've included a few pictures of techstream live data maybe someone can understand or see if I'm missing something,
  6. Barrym028

    P2002 fault code help

    Thank you this is exactly what I needed hopfuly I'll get a chance to test it over the weekend. I'll let you know how I get on with the tesing
  7. Barrym028

    P2002 fault code help

    I forgot to mention the reason I think it may be a faulty wire is that the code is permanently there , it returns instantly after clearing it and the sensor readings i get don't change even when it is disconnected, my thinking is that these numbers are default values applied by the ECU when the sensor fails(similar to what some car do when the MAF iis disconnected) I may be wrong so if anyone has a better understanding or knowledge id only be too glad to here your opinion
  8. Barrym028

    P2002 fault code help

    Thanks for the above info it dose help, but would anyone know what value I should expect if I was to test the 3 wires going to the sensor I.e. live=volts signal= range/volts
  9. Barrym028

    P2002 fault code help

    Hi I have a 07 220d with 130000 odd on the clock, the car had the DPF removed a few years back and deleat from the ECU, haven't had any issues with the car in that time but recently I got the check light, checked with techstream and had the falut code p2002 diesel particulate filter below threshold bank1, after checking the numbers on the computer I checked both pipes to the differential pressure sensor, both where clear so I assumed that the sensor it's self was faulty. Replaced the sensor but got the same reading on techstream, tried disconnecting the sensor completely and checking techstream again and I'm still getting the same reading with it not connected! My next thing to do is check the wires to the sensor but I'm not sure what reading I sould expect as I can't find any clear info . The picture below shows the reading I'm getting regardless of witch sensor(New or old) and the same when it's not connected at all Any help would be greatly appreciated , thanks in advance