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  1. Blimey. You must have reversed so very slowly lol
  2. Crikey. Anyone who solely relies on the rear view camera to park their car should have their driving licence revoked. Rear view mirrors should be used with the customary look over the shoulder.
  3. My personal experience of blanking an EGR was on a MG ZT diesel. The EGR was replaced with a body that looked like the EGR with all entrance and exits which connected to the original pipes associated with the EGR. I had that unit many years and my car never failed an MOT. From what I've read in your link the EGR has only a visible check so that presents no problem in blanking. A remap also will improve exhaust emissions.
  4. Building your own exhaust system? You are either nuts or an extremely experienced metal fabricator. You'd have to go stainless so that requires more experience. It would be cheaper to buy an exhaust system. Blanking the EGR is an excellent idea but I'm not sureyou have to tell the ECU but with it being a 2006 car I'd doubt it. As for gutting the DPF then as stated above that'd be an MOT failure unless the metal around where the filter material is is much thicker than the rest of the system. A thickness that when struck by a hammer would suggest DPF intact.
  5. Wow that's cheap. Ford mondeo 2.0 ecoboost powershift box is £360 to do. £250 of that is the price of the oil plus it's every 37.5k miles or 6 years.
  6. So glad you've got your car back. What was done to it and where and did it cost you anything? I'm going to assume you've got the car's service book showing the trans fluid was changed at 60k. Which dealer stated trans fluid is changed at 60k? I remember when I had my 3rd gen RX450h it was due it's 60k service and I got Stockport to quote. They did not mention trans fluid. The quote was £750 of which most was for spark plug change.
  7. That's enough of an experience to P anyone off Barry. Because of metal fragments found then in no way was going through water responsible for what happened. It was purely coincidental. Where did you buy the car from? Maybe you can have some compensation from that dealer if a year long warranty was given at the time of sale. 6k is almost half the price of your car. At worst it would be financially better off to spend 6k or a lot more on another car.
  8. Steve many folk on here have catagorically stated the mk3 IS is so much better than the mk2. The is300h is a sublime drive for such a size of car. You'll want to increase your commute a few more miles because you enjoy the car that much. Try the premier /premium model. You won't regret it.
  9. Hi Steve. What are you actually looking for in a 3rd gen IS? What kind do of driving will you be doing? Will your journeys be short or long? If your journeys are going to be long ones then bear in mind that when on the motorway or A roads you'll be using the engine in the 300h. The battery range in the 300h is very limited. The most I ever got was 7 miles and that was trying to eek out as much electric travel as possible. Max speed in electric is no more than 45mph but at that speed distance will be about 4 miles. You state you drove the 200t. Nice car but I'd assume it'd cost more to run over a year. Test drive a few 300h's to get a feel for it. They are a superb car and I miss my previous one.
  10. Hi. If you scroll down the pages past all the models you will see a section Cars For Sale.
  11. When I got my 1st Lexus I was actually after the GS300h. I was impressed by it greatly. I then tested the IS300h and too I was greatly impressed. I left the choice to my daughter and grandson and baby chair. I was gobsmacked they preferred it in the IS, in the rear by the way. So I ended up with the IS. Neither was quieter than the other. Both top spec cars. It's down to if you want a bigger car or not.
  12. Way hey Barry riding motorbikes fast back in the very early days lol. I too rode very fast in the 80's hence the name given me MadVlad. Yes the RX is a big heavy car but my truck is bigger and heavier and my brakes need changing yearly coz of the mileage but they work very well indeed just like the brakes on the F sport I had (yes I miss it) and I drove that fast too lol. As I suggested clean your pads of glaze and the discs with a solvent cleaner. Flush out the brake fluid and renew with fresh fluid. You should then have good brakes that Work.
  13. Perhaps you can remove the pads and see if they are shiny/glazed. You could roughen them up with abrasive paper and even clean the discs up. You should see a marked improvement in braking.
  14. Years ago as part of an alarm system I would have two very loud sirens inside the car as well as the alarms own siren. Any would be tealeaf would be permanently deafened. Maybe an external siren or 2 under the car set to go off when a tilt sensor triggered. I'd have thought 120db would soon make a tealeaf scarper.
  15. Excellent thread lexusmoon. Well done to you in being brave enough and successful in your upgrade.
  16. If you only want DAB then it's simple. There are a number of units available that transmit DAB signals over FM which your radio will pick up. There are posts on here and there is one in particular which is highly recommended. Can't remember which thread it is but take a look as it also states how to Introduce Bluetooth streaming.
  17. Blimey. A 2.3 million miler here in blighty? I'm a lover of V8's and I'm happily blown away that Toyota produced one of the very best engines. I remember the LS400 being released and a length ways cut in half car showing its internals.
  18. As the title states. Hope you all enjoy reading this article. The Million-Mile Lexus.url
  19. Glad you found the 'notch' Ken. As for the vibration thing I'm at a loss. I've had 2 300h cars and I've no recollection of those or any vibrations in my cars. Since you've only had the car a very short time I'd contact the dealer you got it from as it'd be in a warranty so they should investigate it.
  20. Ooooops sorry Barry my bad. So you have a 3rd gen RX450H with ML. I had a 3rd gen 450h f sport with ML and I could play anything thru my speakers via bluetooth or line in. Does the bluetooth work in your car? Have you connected your phone for instance? But you can't connect your tomtom via bluetooth? If a phone connects then the tomtom has a fault. Check these points out before seeing a car hifi shop.
  21. Having just watched the video for the io player I'm wondering which RX you have Brian. I'm going to assume the 300/400h model as they have a Bluetooth but not one you can stream music thru. However if I'm right regarding your car then it's easy. There are a couple of threads on here on streaming music thru Bluetooth. There's a piece of kit available that you have to plug in to the rear of the radio unit. Browse the forum and you should find the threads I'm on about. Once done then using something like the io player then your question is answered.