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  1. Out of Interest how many of you have received an email about the black Friday sale of buy one year and get one free membership? Why am I posting this? Because I'm getting peed off with these ruddy emails, every day for the past 5 days. Anyone else with a few emails on the same subject?
  2. They are actually a very good breakers yard for Lexus. You yourself have to take responsibility for making sure you ordered the correct part. No seller is responsible for return postage unless they specifically say so. Perhaps you were a tad blunt with them. I've personally bought a couple items from them but I drove to them to see the parts before partying with cash.
  3. That's a shame Ian. This will be a good time to service the rear brake calipers and Handbrake mechanism.
  4. Hi James. Can you be more specific about your smoking exhaust? What colour is the smoke? When do you first notice the smoke? Are you sure it's smoke and not steam?
  5. Blimey Chris, excellently put. Funny you mention driver side washer jet not as powerful as passenger side. Mines the same however not a MOT failure point but a kind of pain in the derriere.
  6. What makes me wonder about the two cars you're considering is so like choosing between chalk and cheese. There are quite a few threads on here that'll answer every question you can think of about the is250. That 6k asking price is a tad high but as stated in other threads the price of our cars have risen not fallen and probably that seller is taking advantage of that.
  7. I'm sure I've read that a couple at least on here with vland lights have had no issues with passing a MOT.
  8. Hi Deco and welcome to the best Lexus forum there is. Wow you surely win 1st prize for introducing yourself with a mass of photos. You must post in the general section how you decided on the tesla style headunit, which one you got and how you find it etc. That will interest a lot on here.
  9. To me the new Rav 4 looks way better than the NX, it's got two zorsts sticking out back for a start. As for the title of this thread. A fair comparison? Absolutely NO. Toyota would say that to. A car to replace an is300h. Mmmmm I've got it. A new is300h. Sorted. Easy peezy. (scuze mi spelin lol) Toyota Mirai what a car. Superb looking and I'd have one.
  10. I didn't start this thread so that the latest top gear can get slated by folk. I posted because of the tribute to Eddie Kidd. It was awesome and better than any tribute made by any top gear ever. So someone gets bored of Harris drifting, so what. The three stooges did more drifting than presenting lol. Just watch the latest edition for the tribute. The thing at the British GP was actually really good too. The best edition of top gear in decades in my opinion.
  11. Well I was pleasantly surprised to learn of a new series of Top Gear. Ok so why am I starting this thread? Eddie Kidd. OMG I'd forgotten all about that hero. Paddy McGuiness did an absolutely awesome piece on him. Without doubt the best tribute film for an outstanding British superstar hero. A trailblazer and all round good egg. I'd forgotten about that last jump he did where the landing strip was on a hill going up. His injuries caused him brain damage. To see him I felt sad but happy that he's still alive and he looks bloody good for a 61 year old. Just thought I'd post this as that tribute brought a few tears to my eyes. And what about Chris Harris being just 1 second slower a lap than Lando Norris in the Maclaren 756LT. Well done Harris.
  12. Hi Ian and welcome to Lexus ownership and with one of the best cars they've made. Browse the forum as there's a thread which will answer all your questions.
  13. Oh Ben what a beauty. Well done you. More pics please and how you're finding it.
  14. Yes what you've done looks a good idea. However there has been a number of threads on here regarding rear boot struts. Having basically only one strut doing all the work will distort the boot lid and cause the brackets to fail prematurely. Since you have put a very strongly damped strut in your car you must keep us informed how the boot operates over time.
  15. Hi Lee. This has happened to at least one on here recently. Search the forum as it was well replied to.
  16. Blimey has it taken you this long to get some coilovers? Hope you've done lots of research.
  17. Blimey Af seems you went through the wars doing that job. That bottom strut bolt I couldn't undo whatever I did, ended up taking the car to my local halfords who used the flame torch and a long pry bar. After that I found the job quite easy. The replacement boots you got look spot on and better than what I did. You should post the item number so anyone in the future can use the part you bought. Tightening the strut bolts at ride height isn't necessary. Our cars are road cars not race cars. I've never had issues tightening strut bolts whilst the car is on jack stands.
  18. Sorry to say this but there are too many experts on here re tyres. Rational or not rational choice it's just a choice. I've o ly ever bought new tyres twice. Recently the rears on my is250 which I got Bridgestone and in the 80's for one of the Rover cars I had I got a budget set (never again). All other tyres I got were Shock Horror part worn ones. Yes part worn. All from Germany and with a minimum 6mm tread. Never ever had issues with any of them and the brands were either Pirelli 1st choice or Michelin or Bridgestone. Why part worn? Coz it was 25% the price of it if new and with less than 25% wear. Simple.
  19. Had to laugh at Steve's post as he's totally absolutely right. As for another post stating how folk don't care about looks but how a car looks Sorry but you're in a minority I think. That LF 30 looks outstanding but effing expensive. The MG5 looks the complete opposite but does it? Why did I put MG5 in this? Because its undoubtedly the best bang for buck BEV car there is. As we know Lexus do the UX300 all electric car but to be honest I'd rather have the UX250h. As for an electric GS Pete. Why not get a quote from that outfit in Wales that convert classic cars to electric with great results?
  20. As stated above. Which spec is your car? If you halogen headlights then browse the form as this topic has been dealt with quite a bit. Lots of info and experiences within.
  21. Ed. Re the NX and what my brothers friend thought if it. I've personally not spoken to him. The Info came from my brother. The NX he had was a company car and he was stuck with it. So you've had 2 NX and fi d then great cars. That's good. You're lucky. I'd say the NX he had was a naff one. I'll clarify that with my own personal experience of the is300h. I've had 2 of them. Both 64 plate. Both (as advertised by the Lexus dealers) premier premium spec. Both cars same colour inside and out. Both cars exactly the same except in one way. My 1st one was ruddy awful. Yes I gave it a good 5 mile test drive. I got rid after 5 weeks. Why was it awful? It drove rubbish, the ML was utter krap, it's economy was a joke. It was the first none manual gearbox car I'd had. Swapped it for a superb mondeo titanium x sport ecoboost. That's an auto btw. Went back to the is300h and this 2nd one was the dogs dangly bits. Ruddy brilliant. ML outstanding, economy never ever less than 50mpg and it drove sublime. 2 same cars yet oh so different from Lexus. So don't seem to have a go at someone who didn't like what you like. I bet there's a number of NX's which are awful. And like I've stated before I personally dislike the NX as I do to the CT. Cheers 🍻
  22. The Schumacher era and this Hamilton era are so different. I've not seen Hamilton do such as Schumacher did. One example I can't remember the track but after a straight there's a left hander and just one line to take it, from the inside. Schumacher was fighting for the lead and on that section of road he repeatedly drove on the Right side of the road to clean/scrub it. Guess what. He overtook Hakinen I think on the outside which was totally unheard of. Can't see Hamilton or anyone nowadays doing that. Another example Schumacher's cars gearbox went for a dump and all he had was the first 3 gears. He won that race to. Again can't see this era of F1 driver do that. Just thought I'd put this post into the mix.
  23. King Edward Imperial. Nowt wrong with a midlife crisis. This cigar is wonderful. Nit had one in ruddy years but I can still remember it's loveliness. Reading this thread makes me think of getting a pack out of just for the sake of it.
  24. Nice car James but what surprised me is that your car needed a new head gasket. How many miles was on the car when the job was done? What were the signs that it had gone?
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