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  1. Where do I fit the tracker

    Hi all, just a quick update.. I've manage to install the tracker directly into the battery and hid it away as neatly as possible.. took me approx 40mins altogether and it's working well for now. I will update you further if there are any problems. Thank you for your help x
  2. Where do I fit the tracker

    Hey guys, thank you for your advice. The kit does come with vague instructions but I've now found a link that shows where to attach which wire so it's quite handy. I might speak to a mechanic who might be able to help me strip some of the interior so that I can hide the unit properly. I will keep you updated. Thanks S
  3. Hi all, I have recently bought a Lexus IS300h F port and I was told to get a tracker fitted by one of my colleages. I have bought the tracker that was suggested to me but I have no idea where or how to fit it. The instruction manual says to attach it to a 12-36V charger (I'm assuming the 12V battery in the boot). I have never done anything of this sort before so I just wanted to ask a) is it safe for me to try and fit the two leads myself? b) would me attaching a tracker to the 12V battery drain it & cause problems?? Hope to hear from someone soon.. Shyamal Ps: the picture below shows the two leads that I'm supposed to connect to the battery if it makes sense to anyone