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  1. Now I've had a couple of weeks to get to know the new 19 model, I'm quite surprised how many physical and intrument software changes there are from the original RC. I've noted some 20+ changes so far, and that's excluding improvements in refinement and improved driving experience. One I particularly like is the seat and steering wheel moving to improve egress from the vehicle when the seat belt is unplugged with no use of the memory seat function. Neat.
  2. Yes a definite disappointment not to have mud flaps available for the new car. I found the ones on my previous RC pretty good. I have got PPF on vulnerable areas of the bodywork but this just protects the paint from damage, not filth from a wet road..... I put my frustrations to Lexus uk anyway.
  3. My new purchase was driven straight to a wrapping company less than a mile from the showroom for ceramic coating and PPF. However I'm still keen to get mudguards fitted long term, but at least he sill, doors and rear section will have some debris protection in poor weather. Brand new car but can't drive it for a week..😂
  4. Well there is some inconsistency from Lexus then. Ones on Autotrader appear to have Bridgestones, and my demo also.
  5. Gone for the facelift now, F Sport with full Takumi. Azure blue with black. I realise now that Takumi F Sports come with Bridgestone RE050s, others Dunlops. REs favs of mine for grip and longevity. Also booked at local wrapper for front end PPF and window tints, so she'll look sweet from the off. Some TGR orange capped wheel nuts soon as well. Looking forward to having a sunroof again as well.
  6. Just done a good deal to exchange my 67 RC for a Takumi F Sport, Azure Blue. I had tested one about 6 months ago and was impressed with the tweaks and the extras that come with Takumi upgrade. Intend this one to be a keeper, well 5 years at least. Probably..... Thoroughly happy with the first RC and Lexus customer service overall, and then to have a car that turns so many heads. I've found myself taking the RC for spirited drives and leaving the RX8 behind on quite a few occasions as the driving pleasure is that good. Long live the RC, and onward and upwards Lexus.
  7. Good colour combo. football legend Sir Geoff Hurst who lives in my town has an RC in that combo.😀
  8. Had a 19 plate RC on demo today, FSPORT and full Takumi pack. Liked the sunroof and ML stereo compared to my standard RC. I definitely noticed sharper handing on fast twisty roads that I know really well. Brakes felt better too. I noticed before returning the car it had Potenza RE050s all round, as opposed to the Dunlop Sports on mine. I'm not sure are standard looking at photos of face lift RCs on Autotrader. Anyway, I know these tyres well as my RX8 has the exact same tyre. Possibly the handling was so down to that, I'm not sure on how the Dunlops fair in the handling stakes in comparison to the Bridgestones. Blind spot monitoring good on the motorway. Liked that. The Custom driving mode is a bit of a farse, options are power (sport or normal) handling (sport or normal) and climate (eco or normal). If you choose sport power then you'll likely choose sport handling. So just pop it into S+ mode then.... Anyway, still at the top of my list either at the end of my finance or before if a deal can be done. Also, an Azure Blue F Sport in the dealership. That will be my next colour, for sure. Also considering Paint Pritection Spray or Film next time to keep it looking top notch for longer.
  9. I like the small visual revisions, especially the wing mirrors with the two tone and sharper angles. interested to see what the blue vortex looks like compared to the Azure blue. My next, if I get another, will likely be in one of these. Not a fan of the FSport wheel design, prefer the ones on the Takumi range topper which are a silver version of the original FSport 19in alloys. Still getting so many glances on the road in mine, and I suspect this will continue for a few years yet....
  10. My cruise system is not radar controlled so you still need to be fully on the ball, just not on and off the throttle all the time. well if it is is, I haven't noticed any chance approaching behind another vehicle on the motorway. Anyway it's become habit this week.....
  11. Feedback appreciated. To me the ultimate acceleration performance was never a determining factor when I bought the car, and it was my surprise in how spritely it is that prompted my post. 14 months in and every drive is looked forward to, never becoming "I'll take the car" situations but more "I really want to take this car". Here's a laugh for you, at 48 I used the cruise control for the first time today. And that's for any car I've had!!!! Sounds unbelievable I know but these systems have never appealed to me. I don't drive much on motorways, just usually for a few junctions locally and only only occasionally. Anyway, quite impressed really. You can get off the floor and climb back on your chairs now......
  12. Please don't tag me as someone expecting high speed performance from the RC. I really like so many aspects of the car and most if the time I just enjoy the whole relaxing experience of it. It is plenty quick enough for day to day driving, and I have even chosen the RC for cross country runs when I go to Silverstone several times a year as opposed to the play car, an Mazda RX8. It's a well planted A road muncher, but I'm sure many of us already know this. Just wondering if anyone has done a 0-60 mph test, with a phone app or against a mate's car who acceleration is known? I find the claimed Lexus time of 8.6s seemingly under egging the real world performance. With the electric motor assistance up to about 25 to 30mph, my car shoots off the line in S or S+ mode. My RX8 should be a 6.4s car and it's pretty swift although low torque you need to be > 6,000 rpm before she wakes up..... I'm thinking the RC is more of a mid 7s car but I wonder whether the initial surge you get gives this faster impression and that the acceleration soon dips away. So just curious if others feel Lexus are conservative on their performance claims? Cheers Roger.
  13. Oh yes, very slick n stealthy. I read somewhere a few years back that if you walk away from your car and don't look back at it, you've bought the wrong one... your neck will do overtime with the RC. Is that the rose leather?
  14. The engine bay I find is pretty well isolated with the aero plate underneath, so I've found so far only the odd wipe over is needed. However, if you have spent an awful lot if money on what is a fine piece of automotive technology that double as a work of art, no amount of cleaning detail can be defined as too far. Keep up the good work.