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  1. I'll check my car for a card incase there is one in it.
  2. Thanks for responses. My comment about the centre console is that I'm just finding the symbols a tad small plus I've come from cars with dials such as for fan speed and temperature. In time I'm sure it'll be more intuitive. So, how are sat nav updates actually performed? By a lexus dealer? As for the window seal, i think that the seal is like a felt type material and holds water. The car is garaged too so I wonder if evaporation is slower when inside. It is an issue identified by US RC owners on their Facebook group.
  3. Hi, Just over 3 months ownership so far and generally all is well with the RC. As I don't often use a Sat nav I specced the standard Nav not the premium option. It also meant the controller was the dial not the touch pad... 😊 I have used the nav a few times and it does what I need it to do. Can someone advise my though how i get the nav updated with new maps every now and then? I'm assuming the premium nav has automatic free updates or similar but i could be wrong. My old Mazda had a Tom tom and i used to take a memory card out and stick in a laptop to access updates. What happens with a Lexus? I accept there may not be many in the forum with the standard Nav like mine. Just a few other thoughts on the car so far: 1. The 20 spoke wheels are a bugger to clean, but worth it. 2. It is just the most relaxed and refined drive of any car I've been in. 3. In sport+ mode I'm pretty certain, when empty, it is sub 8.5s 0-60. I haven't had this measured and yes I could be wrong, but it is swifter than I was expecting. Happy with the speed and handling. 4. The centre console button array I'm not in sync with and not as ergonomical as my previous Mazda 6s. Not a deal breaker but a bit frustrating when you need to make adjustments in a hurry. 5. Window seals take an age to dry so even after a few days when the window is dropped, you get wet streaks when raising it. Hopefully this is a winter thing but not something I've noticed on previous cars, again, not a deal breaker. 6. It's gorgeous on the eye, and attracts attention in traffic. I like the exclusivity. Anyway, hope someone can answer my original question. Roger.
  4. I suggest an upgrade to garage storage... seriously though an interesting situation with snow. I've had estate cars for years so getting used to whole small boot thing is taking time.
  5. R07ARY


    I went for standard Nav as I thought the extra 1k a bit steep for something I don't use much. Also standard Nav gets the rotating controller as oopposed to the touch pad on the premium. What I'm trying to establish is how to update the nav with latest maps after I've had the car a while. Anyone know?
  6. R07ARY

    newbie saying hi

    My membership pack took about 2-3 weeks. Last weekend the Halfords checkout assistant had to calculate the 15% discount on his smart phone... 😀
  7. R07ARY

    RC base audio

    I'm also thinking that a dent sub will go along way to getting the depth. Hopefully once Lexus share the full speaker and head unit spec with me I can the necessary advice from my audio dealer. Cheers.
  8. I have (I believe) the base audio system in my RC. I specced only the standard Nav and it was only after purchasing I realised the audio system sound was not nearly as good as in the demonstrator I had that had premium nav (not ML mind you). Later research suggested that the base audio has 6 speakers, the premium nav version has 10 and the ML system has 17. So I'm looking into some after market speakers and may be amplification upgrades to improve what I have. It isnt bad, just needs a bit more depth / bass really. I didn't go for the premium nav as it cost a grand, I don't use a sat nav much, I don't like the touch pad, and I was not aware the audio system was different. Subsequent flick through the brochure does say the base system is 6 speakers so my fault. Anyway, popped to a local audio dealer who took a look and I was told that he rear seat area had working speakers. So I make that at least 7 speakers, may be 8. 2 on the dash, may be the one in the middle too, door speakers, rear seat ones and a large one on the rear shelf. My local dealer is looking into what the specs are of my system so I can pass onto my audio dealer. Anyone have any advice on this?
  9. R07ARY

    RCF test drive

    Well I've had mine 2 months so already lost several £k.... may be next time if the model is still around.
  10. 300h owner but had the chance to drive the RCF today at a demo day put on by Listers Lexus Cheltenham. Whilst waiting to try the new LS500 I was offered a go in the RCF. Glad to have experienced a V8 of Cathedral proportions and endless pull. I fear the V8 will be resigned to history soon so chuffed to have driven this one. LS500 - a massive silent luxury thing. The rear seating room and gadgets are totally nuts.
  11. R07ARY

    newbie saying hi

    Came today! Savings at Halfords starts this weekend... 😁
  12. R07ARY

    newbie saying hi

    Paid for gold membership. Any idea whenthe welcome pack / membership ID card should arrive?
  13. R07ARY

    Japfest stand??

    Well I'm signed up to attend with the RX8 OC but it would be good to meet up with a few other Lexus owners if a stand was being arranged. My alternative bringing the 8 to events was a Mazda6 estate so happier now that my alternative Jap car is an RC...
  14. I couldn't get the spec and colour combo for mine in early November, so had to make a change to what I wanted as the dealer wouldn't support any extra costs of increases in spec. The deal was pretty good and I think it is obvious that some kind of facelft was due as these are low volume production cars. Mine was actually delivered with a paint chip on the passenger door. As the Sales exec handed me the delivery notice to sign I did a thorough check and spotted it, luckily. They soon had it done but not sure if the damage had been done before or after the protective treatment I paid £500 for... Loving the Sport+ mode off the line. I need to do a 0-60 real time check, I think it beats the 8.5s. Although not as rapid as my RX8 it ain't far behind.
  15. Picked up a pair of door shadow lights the other night. A mate who has a GT86 was sent a set of Lexus logo shadow lights by accident so I took them off his hands. I was a bit sceptical about how good they would be and was pleasantly surprised tonight. Nice touch for a sophisticated car. Not much detail on the model no. or source but if anyone wants to know ill try and find out. The box states 3D Laser Shadow Light.