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  1. Understood. Still booo. Enjoying some self isolation in my RC though.....
  2. With the hybrid system I don't think you can over ride this. If you are changing the exhaust for sound / power increase, not really the car for this. May be the 200t is more suitable.
  3. I had some from a Toyota dealer for my gen1 RC and both failed after about a year. Took them out and replaced the originals back in. Found they were rattling a bit so something broke in both. I can only assume this was down to closing the doors and the resulting jolts, although this seems quite a design flaw!
  4. I wonder whether it worth someone getting hold of a set of flaps and trying DIY to fit. My be a bit of cutting somewhere may be. I'm really getting annoyed that such a provision is made by Lexus, especially in a country as wet as ours.
  5. Peter, may be an Azure blue Takumi convoy there, seeing as you're in Wilts and I'm in Glos?....
  6. My orange pack / Bridgestone Potenza combo on my new car noticeably better than on my 17 car. Not really concerned why, just glad of it.
  7. Not a like for like comparison in terms of both performance and price. The natural Lexus competitor to the M4 is obviously the RCF.
  8. I think a standard plate breaks up the large grill quite nicely and to me having a personal plate adds to this. Not sure an import plate would improve the situation that has been raised.
  9. Ok, when I say puddle lights I mean the ones in the bottom of the doors. My last RC I replaced these with lexus symbol ones and they were advertised as puddle lights. Anyway, decided to get a screw driver to them and found they were not connected!!! Then it dawned on me that the company that applied the PPF and ceramic coating took the inside door panels off, so likely they over looked this reconnection! No harm done, just a bit disappointed in their lack of attention to detail.
  10. Noticed recently that both of my puddle lights do not illuminate. They are the oem ones that came with the car. Went through the car settings and nothing obvious if there is a function to turn on / off. Any idea peeps?
  11. Now I've had a couple of weeks to get to know the new 19 model, I'm quite surprised how many physical and intrument software changes there are from the original RC. I've noted some 20+ changes so far, and that's excluding improvements in refinement and improved driving experience. One I particularly like is the seat and steering wheel moving to improve egress from the vehicle when the seat belt is unplugged with no use of the memory seat function. Neat.
  12. Yes a definite disappointment not to have mud flaps available for the new car. I found the ones on my previous RC pretty good. I have got PPF on vulnerable areas of the bodywork but this just protects the paint from damage, not filth from a wet road..... I put my frustrations to Lexus uk anyway.
  13. My new purchase was driven straight to a wrapping company less than a mile from the showroom for ceramic coating and PPF. However I'm still keen to get mudguards fitted long term, but at least he sill, doors and rear section will have some debris protection in poor weather. Brand new car but can't drive it for a week..😂
  14. Well there is some inconsistency from Lexus then. Ones on Autotrader appear to have Bridgestones, and my demo also.