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  1. So when i hit my start button if not turned on in a while a screech r squeel then starts. What could it be??
  2. Has any one got any ideas where i can purchase a roof spoiler for my 06 220 lexus. ??
  3. My is220 is 06 car with 55000miles on it all genuine and recorded, i have had loads and loads of cars, from sti impreza to e220 to 525d beemer, and to be honest tje lexus is the best
  4. Thats what i do lol, is it cheapish plastic or is it the heat disturbs and moves the plastic??
  5. Any is220d 06 owners, that the plastic console around gearstick are always sound like cracking.. just the plastic moving or ????
  6. Where or can you purchase back winddeflectors for 220d lexus 06