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  1. i my vic light stays on along with the abs which is faulty - i may be selling mine to a scrapyard at the weekend so if you need any parts you can have them for free
  2. so sorry - hope not too expensive - my 2003 gs300 may be available for scrap
  3. i’ve decided to scrap it - the engine is perfect so the scrap dealer may crush the rest
  4. thanks rich - awaiting quote to have it cubed(rather than pittance offered by scrap yard) - i am a sentimental old fool and would have loved giving it to an enthusiast - hope to send picture of cube as final post
  5. i am having problems replying to posts so please call me on 07976750557 or email me on juniorhashim@btinternet.com
  6. I have to get rid of the vehicle below the abs is faulty affecting the braking capability - i have reluctantly decided not spend any more on it - i would like it to go to an enthusiast - if no one is interested in the car as a whole unit i am prepared to sell the peripheral items before giving it to a scrap yard - # DETAILS OF CAR ARE:- 2003 lexus gs300 - 124,000 miles - 2 owners(me since 08/05/2009) - 2 keys - # broken abs - COSTLY TO REPAIR - poor exhaust - poor bodywork - mot to february 2021 - cam belt due at 137,000 miles or 22/03/2022 - fsh(serviced annually) - brand new spare - parrot hands free mobile system - # MY CONTACT DETAILS ARE:- email juniorhashim@btinternet.com mobile 07976750557
  7. i am following your project with interest - i hope it is completed in time to accept another challenge when i am looking for a good(enthusiasts') home in february/march 2019 for my beloved and cherished 2003 lexus gs300
  8. can someone please advise me how to search for 1. my posts 2. other peoples' posts
  9. sounds silly but true - some time ago the battery on my key kept going flat frequently - i had it replaced by stimpsons(they showed me the readings and it was fully charged) - while on a visit to lexus milton keynes on another matter, i mentioned it to the receptionist and she suggested that i get a replacement battery from lexus( i know what you are thinking(rip off( i thought the same)) but low and behold i have never had any problems since.
  10. i may need to replace a part of the exhaust - however i would like to replace the entire system - any assistance/guidance(maximum cost) would be welcome - if possible please name the individual elements that make up a complete exhaust system. i also remember that there are sensors that come with the factory supplied car(i have forgotten the name of the part) but i do know that when it goes an alarm comes up on the dashboard. sorry to be such a nerd but i am really dumb when it come to cars - all i require is it to take me from a to b in comfort and not break down.
  11. my last one was supplied by the aa(after a callout in december2016) - prior to that i had a genuine lexus one(i was surprised how cheap it was at the time)
  12. update - car parked on saturday around 1200 - not used until 0800 this(monday) morning - started first time - it maybe that when i left it with the garage last monday, any tests/rundowns etc. that they did recharged the battery fully. one swallow does not make a summer, so i will monitor and see what happens next monday morning(i hope the weather is very cold between now and then so that it will be really tested) fingers crossed and thanks for your(S) support - knowing my luck, i parked it at 0815 this morning and will be starting it in 20 minutes time hope is is not GRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  13. unfortunately i have no way of doing any tests on current draw etc. etc. i have had the battery tested elsewhere and the conclusion is the same(there is nothing wrong with the battery). i have spoken to lexus and a reputable garage and they have quoted as follows for a diagnostic test :- lexus - £117.60(will be deducted from any work that needs doing by them as a result of the diagnostic) garage - £100.80 - non deductable. i plan to check all the lights again(heaven knows how i check the boot(wish it was a hatchback)) but i may remove the bulb(i assume that no bulb no current) - and probably wait until next monday(to replicate the last 2 mondays)) and if the battery goes dead, call the aa out to get me going and take it to lexus or the reputable garage. sounds logical?