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  1. Hi. I have a 2016 IS300H which is due for its second service. I have been quite £450 by Lexus for what is basically an oil change and a look around the car. With my previous 2015 Mercedes C class, I purchased the genuine Mercedes oil and filters etc, normally from eBay and Mercedes just charged me for the labour of about £100. So full service with genuine Mercedes parts was sub £200, instead of their usual £400+. I assume Lexus will do the same thing provided Genuine Lexus parts are used. The parts do not seem so readily available as genuine Mercedes parts or am I looking in the right places ! Anyone done similar and know of a good place to source reasonably priced genuine Lexus service parts? Thanks.
  2. With a keyless car, it is a pain to keep searching for the keys to use the fob to open gates and garage door, so have have built a Lexus one. I used an old spare remote, took it apart and the soldered 2 wires to the micro switch and attached the wires to a momentary push switch mounted in a blank switch panel. Now just press the button and no need to try to find my keys. Photo of finished job to follow.
  3. I have used one of these which is an easy way to do it. Not 100% reliable though as sometimes the phone rings it twice stopping the gate in mid flow.
  4. I have done a voice one with a sim in a box but it is not the most reliable thing. i have also used a wi-if switcher one, but my wi-fi is very hit and miss, so done this as a ‘reliable’ backup.
  5. IS winter wheels

    I can confirm what a vast difference the winter tyres make. I'll be sticking with the 17's and summer tyres though, this year, as I now have the RR, so the spare set of 16's with sensors will have to go..
  6. I don't know the seller as I was given them by a friend who also did not get around to fitting them! Are there no reflectors in the main rear light unit?
  7. There are various ones for sale, some are reflective and some are not. I have bought a set of the reflective ones, but not got round to fitting them yet. They do 'look' reflective in the box !!
  8. IS winter wheels

    I've solved the issue of having to swap over to winter tyres in the snow..... I take the Range Rover Sport out and leave the Lexus asleep in the snow . So the set of 16s can stay in the garage, or go on eBay !
  9. IS winter wheels

    I upgraded to 17's on my IS330H and kept the set of original 16's as a winter contingency. I have considered putting the 16s back on now it is snowing, but don't think I'd notice the difference, as I would with 18s to 16s. Or I may just be lazy !!
  10. Any links to the seller of the kit and price etc?
  11. Is300h alloys

    Drop me a message as I may be able to help you out..
  12. I have a 2016 IS300h SE-L Navi model. I can figure out what the Navi means, but can’t find any details of what extra you get over the standard SE spec for the SE-L. It isn’t listed as a model option on the Lexus website .
  13. SE-L spec vs SEspec ?

    How do you know if you have a pre or post 2015 changes ? Any obvious spec change, figures etc?
  14. SE-L spec vs SEspec ?

    That seems to make sense. So the L is attached to the Navi and not the SE. L-Navi is a strange abbreviation for Navigation as it is not going to be made by anyone other than Lexus (L) !!
  15. SE-L spec vs SEspec ?

    Oh it does. Its on all my documents, my V5, Service books etc. See below details of my car from the Lexus website.. It has half leather so the L can't mean that. It does have a few extras onto of SE. Nav, keyless entry etc.
  16. Servicing Costs

    Avoid Warranty Direct. Bunch of sharks. They are very good at avoiding payouts for anything by quoting small print and classing everything as a ‘wear and tear’ item and not covering it, although the item is listed as being covered in their paperwork. l ,
  17. I did ! The sensor must be very sensitive, as the bump was so minor that it only dislodged the light washer jet.. I wonder where the sensor is?
  18. Techstream arrived and pop-up reset. Worth the £12 already !
  19. Thanks. Are you sure they would change the diff oil on its second service with sub 20k on the clock? Trade discount sounds favourite as I have been told need to be 'Toyota boxed' parts. What is the 'fancy type' pollen filter? Surely air filter too?
  20. Thanks. I have been quoted £140 by Lexus for the labour inc Hybrid check, so just need to find the 'Toyota boxed' parts now, but I am sure I can do it for under £310 !
  21. Thanks. Will give it a go when the tech stream arrives.
  22. Anyone know what this is.

    And your prize is......... warm glow inside..
  23. I removed my rear bumper today to have a fiddle with the parking sensors and saw this mounted to the centre upper behind the bumper. There was a wiring connector going to it, but couldn't figure out it use. Any ideas. Just interested thats all !
  24. As the one and only key to my 2015 IS300H is now lost ( I know, I know ! ), what is the procedure for getting a replacement? The key blade is fine as Lexus will order me one off the chassis number for £45, but they are scratching their head over if it is possible to get a replacement fob to work.. They are talking of a new immobiliser ECU ( wherever that is) and then reprogramming it to the car and the new keys. Sounds very expensive ! Has anyone ever come across this before and have any info for me. Thanks.
  25. Thats the message ! I will put my washer back into position and then have a go with the Techstream when it is delivered.. Does it specify pop-up hood in the software or is it under some other setting?