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  1. Congratulations on the purchase, looks great!
  2. Those seats look amazing, love the wheel aswell.
  3. Sunday is looking most likely for me at the moment but I'll definitely be there
  4. Not so keen on the matt paint, always makes me think a car is wrapped, i think they would look great in a solid red or blue. Would still love to have either though
  5. Good choice, it looks in fantastic order, you'll love it!
  6. Good to know, especially as the Pagid disc's are £10 cheaper on ECP!
  7. Didn't bother with paint, its shiny black plastic as standard, i have seen a few pics where they have been painted and they look good, i may get it painted body colour at some point.
  8. I got the lip from ebay, only took a couple of weeks to arrive and was very well packaged. I see what you mean about the gap, I'll have a closer look at it and see if I can figure out how to adjust it.
  9. Got a couple of pics of the Bayson R lip fitted, I'm impressed with the quality for the price, great fitment and with it being urethane its flexible and should take a lot of abuse. Took me about 40 mins to fit, came with plenty of fixings and is solid when attached to the car. It's quite subtle but I think it does make the front look little more aggressive.
  10. Not been using mine much with the crappy weather but here it is at work.
  11. Wouldn't that require an ecu remap as well, sounds very expensive for possibly little gain, I gather the ISF engine is very optimized anyway. From what I've read the exhaust sounds like a good place to focus on if your after decent proven gains.
  12. I had a 20% discount code for eBay so I ordered a Bayson R front lip from the US, I'll post up some pics once it arrives. Do you notice much difference in throttle response and induction noise with the HPS intake pipe fitted? I've been looking at them myself.
  13. Looks great, my lights are looking a little dulled and could do with a polish. think ill have a go at this myself.
  14. Just a quick heads up, just picked up some Brembo front disc's and pads for £160 from ECP via a Black Friday deal. (Use code BLACKFRIDAY). Bit better than the £860 Lexus quoted me earlier today!