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  1. Maybe bronze? bronze on white does look nice and would be a bit different from the norm. Tbh im not a massive fan of black wheels as you lose the definition of what the wheels look like. They do look good if you go full black on black though.
  2. Didn't think I could make this but weekend plans have been canceled so I can join in for the Saturday run 😀 1. Yes 2. 1 car mine 3. Just 1 me 4. No dietary requirements 
  3. Gave it a quick clean earlier today.
  4. Congrats on the purchase! Recently spotted this on the US forums, From what i can gather its a 330k+ miles ISF still going strong, aside from the routine consumables and known issues being addressed it sounds like its all orginal, amazing build quality!:-
  5. Looks like I can make it to this one 😂
  6. Sounds fantastic, love the black wheels!
  7. paul99

    New owner

    Congrats on the purchase, I had a quick nose around it while it was at Coventry Lexus, looked fab! Sounds like you had very similar reasoning for buying as I had, you won't regret it, it's a very special car. I've had 33mpg out of mine a few times on my mainly motorway commute, it's surprisingly frugal if you don't get caught in stop/start traffic.
  8. I'm in Coventry and happy to assist, I'm pretty sure I can make the meet in July also so could help then.
  9. I got a similar crap deal when I switched over my policy from my modified MX5 to the ISF, only 5 months left on my policy and they wanted £450 (Footman James) extra which was hard to swallow. Come renewal time they wanted £1200. They couldn't improve it at all when I asked them to get closer to the £520 More Than quote i ended up going with.
  10. Unless your really ham fisted and break connectors there's not really a great deal that can go wrong. Hardest part is getting your head and hands in positions to get to the throttle pedal connector.
  11. It is really simple to fit, I'd happily do it for you if your local, use this guide by Peter P18 Link and you won't have any problems. To summarize: Pop off the side panel on the dash (I used a blunt kitchen knife) Pop out the switch blank, there's a little clip on the top and it just pops straight out. Get in the foot well and undo 2 or 3 screws holding the panel with the odb port on it, and carefully move it to the side (I didn't disconnect any cables) At the top of the throttle peddle the is a connector, un-clip it, the clip faces towards the door. Fit the Apexi switch, drop the switch wire down through the hole into the footwell, connect the ISF specific harness to the throttle pedal connector and the switch into the Apexi box. Now you will notice a red dot on one side of the Apexi harness connector which needs to connect to the connector which was on the throttle, connect it with the red dot on the same side as the clip. Fit the Apexi switch into the blank hole, use a bit of double sided tape to hold the switch in place. Now press the start button twice (no foot on pedal). Car won't start put dash will power up. Now do the setup process as guide says above. Now put everything back together and use a couple of the supplied cable ties to secure the Apexi cables and box out of the way.
  12. I've been to Le Mans 8 times over the past 10 years, always camped which is ok as long as the weather is on your side, has a few wash out years which although still good fun the mud gets on your nerves after a while, especially on the cheaper campsites like Beausejour, Houx is the site of choice now. Best memories for me was seeing/hearing the 1991 winning Mazda 787B screaming round before the race, what a car! and briefly meeting Nigel Mansell after the drivers parade and wishing him luck (he then crashed in the first few minutes). Decided to have a few years off now as it was starting to feel a bit repetitive and instead do some road trips, has a cracking 5 days touring Scotland last year and am planning a route around Ireland for this year at the moment.
  13. Sorry to hear of your woes and thanks for sharing your story, shocking treatment from Lexus, especially considering you had a warranty. Grim to think they have just punted it on to another buyer who's likely to go through a lot of pain, surely they will end up stumping out for a new gearbox at some point anyway under the sale warranty, i hope the new owner finds this thread. Just out of interest how many miles had your car done, my car is of a higher than average mileage for its age so it does probably sound quite sensible to look at replacing the rad at some point soon, especially if a failure can cause that sort of damage (and with 2 recorded incidents on this forum so far), anyone know how much a new rad is from Lexus? I see RR-Racing do this RR-Racing Rad/Trans cooler package which seems a permanent fix, id expect that to be ~£700-800ish once shipping/duties are added though.
  14. The seat was done by, took the chap about 3 hours to do it. I got the Apexi controller from eBay which was the cheapest place i could find it (ebay link), complete with ISF harness for ~£120 including shipping, doddle to fit with a very helpful guide by Peter P18 found here
  15. Nothing too exciting but I did get an issue addressed that's been bugging me since I bought my car. It must be a thing with light colored leather, there's a blue ISF at Lexus Coventry with a lot less miles that has similar wear. Also i finally got round to fitting the Apexi throttle controller which really perks up throttle response in normal mode when set to 'red', drives great, really impressed with it.