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  1. Are you sure it works with lexus? Last time I checked it only worked with US spec.
  2. Many thanks, will look into it
  3. Did not know about the redesigned head gasket. Is there anyway around the head bolts? I don't put that much annual miles on the vehicle and I plan to clean the EGR every two years or so, before it gives any trouble. I have to be honest though, I have never ready anything about the injectors. Did you own a diesel IS?
  4. Is it as unreliable as you say? Sure, there have been a number of issues regarding the head gasket and egr due to design flaws, but is it really that bad? How many engines which were properly serviced and taken care of had blown up? Even more importantly, since the head gasket issue has been brought to our attention, how many people had the car give them problems? Also, another point of note is that my car is less than 60,000miles. EGR gave an issue before my ownership from what I have found on the service history online. So I guess it was changed by lexus or something. My full lexus service history is from Lexus.
  5. Yes if I buy his ECU I'll definitely keep mine just in case. What worries me is the curves on the graph. The powercurve is not smooth at all.
  6. Still holding up ok? Which company did you use for the tune? Issues with MOT regarding the DPF and EGR removal?
  7. What is your guys' opinion on this remap? Do you think it is more than the 2AD-FHV can handle? DPF, EGR and catalytic converters removed in this case. This guy ships a tuned ECU for 300 euro, and you send him yours, or else, 340euro for a tuned ECU and you keep yours. Opinions?
  8. Ah did not understand that immediately. THanks for clarifying. As far as I know, only from the key fob.
  9. Totally forgot about HKS
  10. So there are several options: To change these, you find how in your owners manual or here Using the door handle to unlock driver door only and lock all doors. Using door handle to unlock all doors, and lock all doors. Using key fob to unlock all and lock all. Using techstream for some vehicles, and possible the head unit for others. holding the key fob lock button closes all windows and locks all doors. Holding the key fob unlock button opens all windows and unlocks drivers door holding the key fob unlock button opens all windows and unlocks all doors. hope this helps!
  11. Hmm that is good to know. I was looking at Teins, they look nice and can also be in sync with an electronic module to alter the settings on the go. Also, Teins are Japanese - which is something I tend to look for
  12. Yes that can be programmed. What year is your vehicle? Some of them may be done via the head unit if I recall correctly. My IS220d can only be done at the dealer, or by using techstream. Instead of paying the dealer, I'd rather get techstream for the same price.
  13. Yes, however, for the US spec, the F sport springs were the same for the IS350 and the IS250, hence my doubts. I guess in this case my best option will be to get a good set of coilovers with adjustable damping, so my ride quality would not be sacrificed. We have A LOT of potholes here