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  1. The Hoshi Alloy wheels are discontinued earlier this year. Try looking on ebay or some salvage yard. Otherwise, since they were done by Enkei, you will find similar Enkeis, although not exactly the same.
  2. Cheers guys thank you!
  3. You mean even mixing them in the same oil change?
  4. In this case both have the same viscosity, but they meet different requirements. I still haven't driven it. Don't know if I should worry or not. This is the Toyota one. This is the Lexus one. They are at least bottled in different countries. Both have the same telephone number. Tried calling, but could not get through.
  5. Hi all, does anyone know the difference between Lexus and Toyota 5W-30 Oil? I only had 5L of the lexus oil, and required an additional 900ml. Since I could not get my hands on more Lexus oil ASAP, I added the 900 from the Toyota brand. Will this be fine? They are produced in different countries, and meet different requirements; the Toyota meets more if I remember correctly. Thanks beforehand
  6. They are available on the website using the MyLexus account using the VIN
  7. Ok I understand thanks a lot! I was concerned because we are used to switch on the one closest to the grille on the image I attached previously (is it the dipped? im not sure what it is called) just before sunset or after sunrise. I assumed that they will operate in the same manner by the auto function !
  8. I apologise but I'm used to different terminologies! it's the one with the green symbol on the cluster not the blue one. That's the only light that works. I meant that the bulbs closest to the radiator grille never operate under auto function on their own, they only operate with the main beams (most lateral). And yes, only when the car thinks it is dark enough, it switches them on both together as in the photo (i had fogs on not related to the question).
  9. Hey all, I was wondering whether the automatic headlight setting should only switch on the main beams. In my case, it does not switch on the low beams. Is this how it actually works or does my car have an issue?
  10. I know this is an old thread, but I have one question. I have a 2010 F-sport IS220d. It has the lexus engraved door sills, however they are not illuminated. On the brochure they are said to be illuminated. Any ideas?
  11. Bondis


    I know this is an old thread but I need some help regarding my headlights (attached). So i have a 2010 IS220d F sport, with HIDs auto levelling and AFS (no DRL). Do yours have these functions? As i've been interested in installing the facelift headlights but been told that they do not come with AFS and auto levelling and this will result in a fault. When I contacted lexus UK through ebay store they said they don't know as they hadn't been tested on previous models.
  12. To my knowledge, the paint wasn't fresh. I imported the car from the UK. It arrived in Malta late July 2017. I applied SRP when it arrived and in December, but there were no stone chips. Also if it didn't even correct/mask the very light swirls, I don't think that SRP would cover the stone chips or make them less obvious. Having said this, I might be wrong!
  13. I believe that in my case, the pressure washer removed the touch up paint I had. I'm not sure, and I might be wrong. But I'm sure that I've never seen the chips before, and I hand wash my car weekly, so I should have noticed them.
  14. Hey sorry for the late reply. I don't know whether the previous owners did go through the clear coat or not, but I'm absolutely sure i did not. I only used SRP on it. Also, i do not believe it is dirt, as i had cleaned the vehicle before hand, and also clayed it. I will look into the Britemax Black. Thanks for the advice. Where I live (Malta) it has became very common to do a paint correction and get the car ceramic coated. A 3 stage paint correction would cost me 240 euro (211 pounds) which I think is quite reasonable, as he would also remove some paint chips I have on the bonnet.