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  1. This a great site for performance stats. ISF stats RCF stats ISF v RCF
  2. 18 mths into ISF ownership, reading this I am pleased I went ISF over M3. The ISF seems so well built. (touch wood)
  3. Reads well and looks good.
  5. Am ready to remortgage the house for one of these..
  6. Sounds like a weapon!
  7. Nice to see it in the list. Such an awesome car. 😁
  8. Looks like a good price. I have had my ISF a year now, incredible car on so many fronts.
  9. I looked to replace my blown sub and it seemed a nightmare. No one makes a sub that fits. Taking advixe i found the system in the ISF seemed to be complex and not simple to upgrade. In the end I had Lexus fit a replacement sub. Ouch. Not cheap but it sounds much better now. But the system is still not great, If you do find replacement speakers that are a worth while upgrade I am interested.
  10. This is my TVR Taimar, modified 3.0 V6. Its not been on the road for a few years now, but it will be back soon 😁
  11. I would rather hang on for an LC500F 😍