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  1. That is a shocking story.
  2. I think I will invest in a couple of those, thanks
  3. Guessing a disklok and pouch to keep the key in is the best way forward?
  4. Pretty shocking that cars can be stolen that fast and that easily.
  5. Is-F EO59EAF

    I noticed it earlier and thought it was your car. Be interesting to see how long it's on sale at that price, it did sound like a very good example though, but still...
  6. This link may have been posted before idk, but there is some great information here on the IS F.
  7. New car - a GSF

    Your GSF looks great, nice colour too
  8. Is-F EO59EAF

    Hi Trevor, that's a shame I had the cash ready and was pretty much ready to buy unseen! But. I am very pleased with the one I did buy. In what seems to be the regarded on the forum as best colour for an IS F... black.