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  1. As yours is the Executive model, it has a physical dial for the speedometer. The dial to the left of this can vary its display between energy or engine revolutions. It's only on the sport model where the display is much more configurable and - on some of them at least - the speedometer can switch between miles and kilometers. If you want to convert your car, you will need a new speedometer fascia (link) and somebody willing to take your dashboard apart to install it.
  2. I have a 2014 Executive with standard 17" wheels. Fuelly Summary (brim-to-brim checking and therefore more accurate than the computer which will over read by somewhere between 2 - 3 MPG): Low: 31 MPG High: 45 MPG Average: 39.4 MPG (+5 for summer, -5 for winter) Trips as reported by Computer: 51 MPG (155 miles, 95% motorway @ 120 KM/H / 75 MPH) 62.7 MPG (50 miles, urban dual carriageway, 50/60 MPH) Eco mode definitely helps as does using the seat heaters instead of the HVAC system to keep warm - e.g. lowering the temperature to "Lo" will regularly cause the engine to switch off in traffic. Of course, this can make for a very unpleasant, miserable environment with windows you can't see out of, so you might just want to throw the heating on and damn the expense! 😂
  3. Then you're not trying hard enough 😉 If it's good enough for Ferrari ...
  4. Mounting the paddles in such a way that they move with the steering wheel renders them useless in lots of situations. Much better to adopt the "Italian*" method of fixing them in position - at least then you will always know where they are. The current setup means they are really just toys / box ticking feature rather than something you can rely on to use when you need them. I.E. Ferrari, Alfa Romeo.
  5. Apologies - haven't tried this myself. But why use the interior light if the power source is there in the mirror?
  6. I'm not aware of any problem with IS300s in this area myself. Just a suggestion - check under the boot panel. There are lots of cubbies there and great scope for something to make a noise like you describe. In my case, I store the lock nut for the wheels in there and this has been known to make a rattle. On a completely unrelated note, can't wait to hear of your experiences of a gearbox oil change. I'm guessing you will be the first in the world to do it (or at least, to write about it) so we could be talking about something big here - video it and put it up on Youtube. It will go viral and you will make many £millions 😁
  7. Have a look at this link from the (mostly) american clublexus site: link Some information here about the Wiring diagram for rearview mirror and how to physically access the wires. This is for the 3rd generation IS300 (albeit not the "H") but I'd guess it's standard for all 3rd gen IS300s that have the auto dimming rear view mirror. Should (might?) be possible to wire in a dash cam here without having to route cables. Haven't used this information myself, so treat with caution 😮
  8. route66

    New car

    This is the one on EBay I mentioned above: link. Apparently bought for £5,800 & later sold for £4,321 after an additional £5,000 was first spent 😲 No mention of original damage; sounds like an abandoned project.
  9. route66

    New car

    Are you willing to say what you paid for it? That will put some perspective to the repair costs ... When I was looking for an IS300H a little over a year ago, I looked at a few CAT C/D cars but quickly decided against for a number of reasons including: Purchase cost Average savings of only about £2-3K (but that's on cars already repaired, I've seen damaged IS300Hs sold on Ebay for < £5K) Repair costs. The ones I looked at were already repaired but felt I wouldn't go down that road because I'm not in the trade and don't have a good friend who is a crash-repair specialist. Ongoing, annual grief over insurance. Don't know about the UK, but many Irish insurers will simply not insure a CAT C/D - now S/N - car and some that do will only do for existing customers and will require an engineers report. Resale Value. Only not an issue if you are going to hold on to it long enough for this to be irrelevant.
  10. Have a look on Fuelly for details on what other IS300H drivers are getting: Based on Fuelly, 30 MPG would be an off-the-scale terrible average - it looks like 37 MPG is the worst average listed. My brim-to-brim summary: Worst 31.7 MPG Best 44.6 MPG Average 39.5 (over 18 refuels) Bear in mind, the number your computer reports will always be optimistic - by about 10%. Your consumption will always be worse when the weather gets cold. Wait for a warm day when your averaging 50 MPH on a B-road and you'll see 60+ MPG reported 😁
  11. route66

    New car

    Hi Shada & Welcome! I'm guessing this was a cat C or D? I don't think the diesel -> hybrid move is a big deal, however insurers often make a song and dance (& sometimes do so anually!) over "written off" cars. Have you got any quotes yet?
  12. Ok, so let me rephrase that: they do exist. 😮 I have to say, I never heard of them before - even Wikipedia doesn't list it: A close look at the translated japanese Lexus site reveals all at this link: An AWD system that combines high running performance and quietness Transfer to a Torsen to distribute the rich power to the front and rear wheels ®LSD (center differential gear) * 2 * 3 adopted. If there is a difference in speed between the front and rear wheel speeds, it will be differentiated and the driving torque from the transmission will be appropriately distributed. Normally, torque of front and rear wheels is distributed at 40:60, achieving high running performance. In addition, it instantaneously distributes torques between 50:50 and 30:70 on the front and rear wheels according to driving conditions, resulting in excellent handling stability. In addition, we have tuned details such as improving the processing accuracy of the counter gear gear, realizing quietness suitable for Lexus. Apologies for the bad steer ...
  13. Actually, I'd forgotten that. I think Toyota/Lexus AWD hybrids might use the electric motor to drive 1 axle and the ICE the other. So forget the CHR if you want an AWD Hybrid - the 2019 RAV4 will do the job instead.