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  1. The answer is WLTP - have a look here: The same car suddenly has two different CO2 values, why is this?
  2. In fairness to Ian, he said: not that it hadn't been serviced at all. And that exact point is why he asked about updates which - typically - would only be applied by a Lexus dealership. I would go with the "if it ain't busted, don't fix it" methodology myself. The car is 7 years old and I guess most essential updates would have happened in the car's early life so you should be ok on that front. When I got mine (same age as yours) I did some investigation into updating the infotainment system (which includes satnav data) and then decided not to bother. My phone generally connects f
  3. The base SE model is the only one that doesn't have folding rear seats
  4. I think Lexusmoon explained it already in his post above. The video you link to appears to be the one he originally refers to as well where he provides details on what parts to focus on.
  5. I think there have been some reports in the states about it affecting vehicles without navigation but not entirely sure as they have completely different units over there to us. I have Sat Nav - but don't have the Premium setup.
  6. Does this problem affect the "standard" radio on my Executive (i.e. with the circular wheel, not the square joystick)?
  7. I'm very interested in this thread because it looks like my IS300H is the same vintage as yours - Late 2014 - and I might therefore have the same problem if/when my 12V battery is replaced. 👍 I'm a bit confused about the mention of an SD card? I thought the standard setup didn't have an SD card - e.g. a USB stick is used to update the Sat Nav. Where is it located?
  8. This is my story - MPG Stats from my 3 years of IS300H use: Average over 3 years: 39.39 MPG (Calculated) Difference between Summer and Winter driving: Approx 10 MPG Best/Worst calculated tank to tank figure: 47.85/31.82 MPG Best trip MPG: 62.7 MPG (Gentle 50 mile Motorway trip in summer - under or @ 100 KMPH limit) Best long trip: 50.8 MPG (125 mile Motorway trip in summer - driven mostly @ 120 KMPH limit):
  9. Sounds like you should follow your own advice John and "digest the Handbook" ☺️ Starting off in Eco mode is perfectly fine. In fact, leaving the car in Eco mode for 100% of the time is also fine. From said manual:
  10. Because the trip computer is very conservative! I've looked at this in detail and compared my reported remaining range with the real range (When refueling, I always fill it up, calculate what was left in the tank and see how far this would have brought me based on the calculated MPG for that tank). The results taken over 44 fills show an average surplus of 40+ miles with 2 refills showing a surplus in the 20s and 3 in the 70s. And this is the additional distance you would have been able to travel after the trip says zero range - the red light will have been nagging you for some time
  11. That's excellent efficiency Shahpor - most especially when I'm averaging 40MPG with my IS300H ...
  12. I wouldn't have thought it would have been quicker: Same engine & powertrain but more weight?
  13. What if he turned up in one of these: I wouldn't mind at all - probably ask him for a drive! Having said that ... If he started talking about such nonsense, I'd show him the door. Even if he was driving an Alfa. I much prefer consultants who speak standard English. You know, the sort you use with your family and friends; not this:
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