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  1. My Negative List: Fuel door sometimes sits proud of bodywork. Found a tip online that said if the plastic tether goes anywhere other than under the fuel cap, it will cause this. Transmission delay. After a year and a half with the car, I still get annoyed when I look for sudden acceleration only to find that it will take almost a second for it to deliver. Using Sport mode is no help; the basic problem is that all the gubbins in the drive system need this time to get their act together before any usable acceleration is delivered. And this is also a problem "the other way": Look for acceleration, it doesn't come, back off the accelerator. You then get a "mini boost" for a fraction of a second before the brain realises you don't need it any more. The transmission delay is only a problem if you try to drive aggressively in urban conditions. The solution is to not drive aggressively! Car is very low to the ground and particular attention required around any urban speed bumps. Tends to create impression that suspension is very soft but this is not the case. Boot release button not centered under bootlid! The need to press auto-wiper button twice to kickstart auto wiper function if the windscreen is wet. "Intelligent" indicator stalk is actually not very intelligent at all. I often find myself indicating the other way when what I wanted to do was to cancel the original indication. I've used other "intelligent" indicators before and can't recall having any problems. Having said that, I much prefer "manual" indicators. Lack of a spare Anti glare coating on SatNav screen is very easily marked. Best solution is to just remove it with wipes Boot hinges intrude into the boot space and can crush luggage. Some other bits and pieces: User manuals are available online – have a look here for a list: (or directly from here) Some technical information in this manual useful even if you are not dismantling your IS300H. If you use the gear paddles, the car stays in manual mode for a while. Pulling and holding the + paddle puts it back into D auto mode
  2. I forgot about the V6 engined version. One for sale on Autotrader here Looking at the specs in the above, I think the only thing it has to offer over the 300H is engine smoothness with its V6 and top speed because it doesn't have any eCVT restrictions; everything else is average or poor ...
  3. ... and comes first in it's own category. Read all about it here: Only beaten by a Prius!
  4. route66

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    Auto express group test of ES Vs Bmw 5 series and Volvo S90
  5. Video link broken. More generally, turning the wheel when the car is stationary is never a good idea as it creates lots of wear and tear on the steering components - and tyres. For those of us who started driving on cars without power steering, this is second nature. Without power steering, it was physically difficult to turn the wheel unless the car was moving. Not a problem now but this resistance hasn't gone away - it's just disguised with the power steering.
  6. Either you're not pressing hard enough or it's faulty. On level ground with the car in neutral and the parking brake applied, can you push the car?
  7. The only other thing I can think of is the gearbox oil. It's not mandatory at this mileage but some say this is when it should be changed. Having said that, this exact subject has generated lots of discussion and debate for the IS300H - and other Lexus/Toyota hybrids - but I have yet to hear of anyone, ever, getting this changed on the IS300H. You could be the first in the world!
  8. German != BMW Audi? Or do they not count because they are FWD?
  9. Seems like it - as per this video (starts @ 16M37S) HOWEVER, at least it appears to have room for a wheel unlike my IS300H. I wonder if a space-saver is available as an option?
  10. Dunno about the UK, but in this US Youtube video of the ES300H, the guy does a reasonably detailed review of Apple's Carplay @6.54. He says that Android Auto is not "yet" supported Note the model tested has the full-size infotainment screen.
  11. I think I know where all the boot space went. Just looked at a YouTube video* The ES only went and got a spare wheel ! All is forgiven 😍 * @ 2.38:
  12. From what I've read, I'm liking the new ES. Some things I don't like however: "Dark Purple" dashboard & wheel with Topaz brown trim option. See picture below in all it's awfulness"🤮 Only 1 "free" paint colour - black. Metallic paint costs an eye-watering €1,500 in Ireland All ES300 Hybrids come with a spoiler it seems. I understand this does help aerodynamics but 🤮 The fuel tank is a tiny 50L - down from 66L on my IS300H Comparing the ES catalogue with the IS300H, some other interesting comparisons: The IS electric motor is much more powerful than that in the ES: 105kW & 300 Nm Torque Vs 88kW and 202 Nm. (The ICE in both produce almost identical outputs). The ES is 310mms longer and 90mms wider than the IS. It's wheelbase is just 70mms longer so much bigger overhangs Despite the bigger size, the ES's boot is just 4 litres bigger than the IS; it is however only 20 - 60 Kilos heavier In Ireland, the base car is the Executive. Unlike the IS base model, this appears to have most of the essentials.
  13. As yours is the Executive model, it has a physical dial for the speedometer. The dial to the left of this can vary its display between energy or engine revolutions. It's only on the sport model where the display is much more configurable and - on some of them at least - the speedometer can switch between miles and kilometers. If you want to convert your car, you will need a new speedometer fascia (link) and somebody willing to take your dashboard apart to install it.