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  1. route66

    MPG on IS 300h etc.

    Agree on the fake engine noise - terrible! The rev counter however is real. This space on the cluster can actually show 1 of 2 things: A power meter or a rev clock. I don't like the power meter and now have the revclock on permanent display (it normally only comes on when you go into power mode). It's real - the indicated revs are actual engine revolution values. The only "funny" is when the revs drop to zero when you are driving - that's when the car is powered by the electrics.
  2. route66

    Spare Tyre.

    The Hybrid IS doesn't have a spare wheel because the battery gets in the way - the non-hybrid models have a space-saver in the boot.
  3. route66

    Amazed with the 300H

    I think the IS300H you drove was not representative - my one is creamy smooth and has very linear acceleration. From a performance perspective, Autocar compared one to a BMW 320D some years ago and found the performance to be comparable. They did say that it didn't feel comparable however. As regards judder off the line - sounds like wheel spin? Or a warped clutch disc. ... that the IS300H doesn't have. Sure you are remembering that correctly?
  4. Check out this from the RSA/123 website (link): You can do a search in autotrader for CAT C/D/etc cars only - I'm not seeing enough of a saving here
  5. When I checked this out in Ireland, the story sounded much different to yours: from my research, Irish Insurance companies tended to not want to know anything about "Written Off" cars. And yes, of course, some of these can be repaired back to 100% of their original state ... In my own case, the car I looked at was a CAT D. I got photos of the damage and it didn't look bad. It had 20K less miles than mine but against that was a private sale, had marked wheels and missed a complete service (i.e. no service over a 25K miles period). It was for sale for £13K and the guy said he'd only go as low as £12.8K. The list price on mine was £13.3K including fees (I also had to pay currency charges but they would apply to any car). For me, I'd want to be saving about what you stated £4-5K before I'd consider one; £500 is not enough.
  6. The CAT C car is no longer listed. I considered a CAT D car before I bought my 300H. I did some research on insuring CAT C or D cars and that put me off. Some insurance companies won't touch it, other require an engineer's report before they will consider it and a few will only consider it if you are already a customer. It really doesn't mater how bad the car was or how well it was repaired, the phrase "Category C/D write off" is enough to put the insurance companies off. And that's just insuring it. When the time comes to sell, the history will make it impossible to move on - unless you sell to the trade and that will be for buttons. The cars I looked at didn't even offer a big discount - £3-4K at most - on an unmolested one. I'd say if you have contacts in the insurance business and intend to hold on to the car until it dies, then you could consider these, otherwise, forget it. Like you, I'm also based in Ireland and drove an Alfa (156) for 10 years. The choice between the 330E and the IS300H will come down to the usual - and often subjective - thoughts. The 330E might be closer to the Alfa in terms of sportiness but for me, the IS300H was a no-brainer. My 1 owner, August 2014 IS300H Executive with 68K miles recorded cost me about £13.5K which translated into €17.5 precisely once VRT (Irish import tax), flights, ferry, currency charges, fuel - even food - were taken into account. I've no regrets at all and am delighted with the car - most especially when a x-colleague sent me a picture of his 18-month old 330E up on a trailer. A drivetrain error came up directly after he heard "an almighty rattle under the car". Another 530E colleague has also had the car back to BMW with other - albeit, less alarming - drivetrain issues. You can't beat Lexus reliability!
  7. route66

    expensive mot

    Forget what other people think - what do you think ?
  8. route66

    Media player MP3's

    I'm not in the car now, but the basic thing you need to do - once in the media player - is to move the wheel LEFT to get a menu that will allow folder access
  9. Firmware updates are doable by yourself if you have premium navigation - You can purchase these yourself from the Lexus website. If you have regular Navigation (or, no Nav), in theory, this is a dealer-only option. An alternative is to look around EBay for independent suppliers whose solutions work with either Nav system. A quick search will give you details.
  10. I agree, the lights on my IS300H are nothing to write home about. My main comparison is with my last car - a 2004 Honda Accord with regular lights and bulbs
  11. Here are my own newbie thoughts from an earlier thread:
  12. But what if you imported - say - an early 2014 Luxury with extra cost: Leather Premium Sat Nav Seats - Heated Seats - Cooled Seats - Electrically adjustable I imported an Executive which (other than metallic paint?) is a fixed spec and the "VRT process" was very simple. Dunno what the story would have been with the above though ...
  13. route66


    The good news is there is very little to look out for. I bought a 2014 - one keeper - IS300H recently and did a lot of research before taking the plunge. The only thing that comes to mind is that the leather edges of the seat squab (base) get crushed easily and most cars seem to suffer. It's probably just the soft leather that Lexus use. There are also various small bugs in the earlier infotainment systems and most that I have come across have never been updated with newer firmware. Other than that, you are just looking at generic things. Lots of these cars are x-company and some company car drivers look after their cars and some actively abuse them.
  14. Or, to put it another way: Has anyone, ever, upgraded their infotainment system software on an IS300H - with non-premium software - themselves? I'd really love to do this but fear of turning my infotainment system - or even the car - into a brick is holding me back
  15. ... Sorry, should add that these updates presented themselves to me when I typed in my VIN. Would it be too much of a leap to say that I wouldn't have been offered them unless they were applicable to my actual car?