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  1. expensive mot

    Forget what other people think - what do you think ?
  2. Media player MP3's

    I'm not in the car now, but the basic thing you need to do - once in the media player - is to move the wheel LEFT to get a menu that will allow folder access
  3. Firmware updates are doable by yourself if you have premium navigation - You can purchase these yourself from the Lexus website. If you have regular Navigation (or, no Nav), in theory, this is a dealer-only option. An alternative is to look around EBay for independent suppliers whose solutions work with either Nav system. A quick search will give you details.
  4. I agree, the lights on my IS300H are nothing to write home about. My main comparison is with my last car - a 2004 Honda Accord with regular lights and bulbs
  5. Here are my own newbie thoughts from an earlier thread:
  6. But what if you imported - say - an early 2014 Luxury with extra cost: Leather Premium Sat Nav Seats - Heated Seats - Cooled Seats - Electrically adjustable I imported an Executive which (other than metallic paint?) is a fixed spec and the "VRT process" was very simple. Dunno what the story would have been with the above though ...
  7. 2008-2014

    The good news is there is very little to look out for. I bought a 2014 - one keeper - IS300H recently and did a lot of research before taking the plunge. The only thing that comes to mind is that the leather edges of the seat squab (base) get crushed easily and most cars seem to suffer. It's probably just the soft leather that Lexus use. There are also various small bugs in the earlier infotainment systems and most that I have come across have never been updated with newer firmware. Other than that, you are just looking at generic things. Lots of these cars are x-company and some company car drivers look after their cars and some actively abuse them.
  8. Or, to put it another way: Has anyone, ever, upgraded their infotainment system software on an IS300H - with non-premium software - themselves? I'd really love to do this but fear of turning my infotainment system - or even the car - into a brick is holding me back
  9. ... Sorry, should add that these updates presented themselves to me when I typed in my VIN. Would it be too much of a leap to say that I wouldn't have been offered them unless they were applicable to my actual car?
  10. Does this work for "regular" Satnav or is it for premium only? My software version is VC18100A
  11. Sat Nav Version

    +1 - I'd like to know the answer to this question also. And - an additional query. As per my introductory thread (here), I'd like to know if this also updates the software version? My details: I have "Lexus Navigation 13CY" My Map version is "02-34-02 (2013-10-2)" My software version is "VC18100A" Latest versions of the above are "02-37-51" and "VC18101B" respectively
  12. Gearbox oil change

    But is that even possible? Is there a link somewhere to how this can be achieved on an IS300H (I couldn't find one)?
  13. Gearbox oil change

    I don't think that's relevant to IS owners this side of the pond as there are no IS300Hs (= CVT) over there. The gearboxes these guys are talking about would be regular automatics and therefore the oil change requirement - and indeed the process for changing it - would be different. And it looks like there is no process for replacing the IS300H fluid ... The question for me really is "Why would Lexus want all its IS300Hs to expire prematurely due to transmission failure?" They have a service schedule in place for other stuff like engine oil, brake fluid differential oil, etc, etc; why would they leave the transmission oil out? Unless, maybe, they designed it so that it does actually last for ever?
  14. Here is the excerpt from the manual on how to disable the keyfob broadcasting it's signal. I have broadcasting disabled on my spare key to help preserve the battery, but it can of course be used on the main key as well - easy to disable and to reenable:
  15. 70,000 miles

    When I bought mine last October from an Independent dealer, I made passing the Lexus Hybrid Health check a condition of sale - it passed as I expected it to. As well as checking the hybrid system, this check also gives you a year's warranty on the Hybrid systems and peace of mind that all the Hybrid specific stuff (i.e. the expensive stuff to repair!) is functioning correctly. My car had 67K on the clock and - as stated elsewhere here - these cars can take mileages without a problem. Do check the service history as bigger miles means smaller purchase prices!