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  1. Brake caliper slider/retainer pins

    Molykote make great products. They supply the shim grease for Toyota which looks alot like moly grease. I'll be buying some molykote caliper grease to see how it compares.
  2. Brake caliper slider/retainer pins

    toyota and lexus calipers dont come with red rubber grease in the sliders from factory. It's what they recommend when repairs are carried out after though. The biggest issue with these calipers is using a grease that swells the boot or reusing the old grease when replacing discs/pads. Ive been using toyotas supplied red rubber grease for years and have never had a slider issue as a result.
  3. Other than the usualy checks you would/should do on a car your viewing some RX specific things would be.. Timing belt should of been done, timing belt and water pump as a minimum. Ideally full kit should be replaced including idlers and tensioner. Common for original radiators to start cracking on the plastic join, you can check the front of the radiator with the bonnet open. Check the coolant is full, if its low it will be either the radiator as mentioned or the water pump which is hard to check if you don't know where to look. If it has a sunroof, there is potential for the drains to block causing issues to arise months later. Only way to check that is to open sunroof and poor water down the sides of the sunroof to make sure it clears (I just use a 1l water bottle and poor half down both sides) The boot struts tend to fail at that age and wont hold themselves up when opened manually. Check the brake discs braking surfaces are clean metal, any uneven rust on the surface is a good indication the brakes have an issue.
  4. All they would need to do is unplug the connector for the brake light and it give it external power to see if it lights up. A 2 minute test tells you whether your looking at lamp or wiring fault and a visual inspection of the wiring coming out of the lamp which fails. If they didn't replace for that money, that's very poor service.
  5. Groaning suspension

    The anti roll bar fault is common and I wouldnt worry too much if it happens again the future as it take 15 mins to fix. The ARB plate that hold the bushes to the subframe seem to wash out any grease and cause the noise. As long as they are smothered in red rubber grease or similar, that issue wont reappear as I've seen people use spray greases etc. which eventually wash/wear away after a few months.
  6. If it's the led type, the wires will be pulled from the unit. Common when sidelights are replaced as the attach to the sidelight bulb holder extension
  7. The speed of the data link. Click primary and select a different list of data or click the arrows at the bottom to move data from visible and hidden. Just keep the data that you need to test, so lambda and rpm for what your doing. It will be more reliable data to compare live or you will have to keep saving the data to view back to cancel out the lag. My mongoose cable operates at 100-300ms.
  8. Click the bottom with arrows pointing left and right. And remove as much data as possible. Your ms reading is too high to accurately test sensors. Dealer techstream runs at 1-300ms to give you live data without lag between Comms. Slow live data and lead to incorrect diagnosing
  9. Is 250 II brakes upgrade

    If you ever feel the brakes aren't that good, they probably have issues. When working correctly the is250 brakes are fine.
  10. Coilpack testing

    Have you tried swapping coils and spark plugs around to give you definitive answer on what fault is.
  11. Coilpack testing

    As above pull a coil pack and check for worse or similar condition. Or pull coil and spark plug and rest on metal of engine and check for a good strong spark with varied distance (disconnect fuel pump connector or relay). There are inductive pick ups that flash when coil is firing which is decent or the proper test is oscilloscope to check wave patterns of the windings collapsing and generating a voltage spike.
  12. Check manifolds for pinholes or intake plenum seals.
  13. If it's due to water ingress. Easy fix is to get codes read and hope the code gives an indicator of what connector is causing the issue
  14. Servicing Costs

    Your also paying for the experience of a lexus tech, they are more familiar with the cars and know areas of common failure to inspect etc. More helpful if you have an issue you want addressed during service.
  15. A simple brake clean and grease should fix it, so long as the correct greases are used