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  1. I ll ask mb and smart works as long as the dealer is ok i ll ring Lexus no Lexus on island
  2. Thanks I ll check them have used oponeo in past was ok also
  3. How are views re this according to them leaves warranty intact will it affect value?
  4. In a good or a bad way? how much was the price difference? Funnily I always preferred contis but am aware that they changed profiles entirely for sports contact 6/7 so cannot comment how they drive as the c43 came with Bridgestones funnily ( they ll go)
  5. Could have been triple cooked before they froze them😉🤢 am a foodie myself and deffo happy to help goid butchers here though too
  6. Nice to meet you too and always a nice drive in the summer on the island let me know if you ever come down south again happy to recommend some places to eat and drink that are not overflowing with guests
  7. Road presence is deffo there in pics it depends on the colour they can look narrow and high but if you look up close.... the colours materials great... in white and silver can be dull ( but think of a resale silver Benz)
  8. The amg is an entirely different beast and on island roads probably faster point to point behaves more rowdy / immature in a positive way ( the sports exhaust (- my wife calls it that man button🤣-it burps, pops and farts like crazy) however no v 8 sound, lesser seats and leather on a (desrrstriceted) motorway it would be left for dead once v8 comes on cam and if you close the door on the Lexus it sounds like a bank vault the Benz door sounds crappy Benz is more economic but Burmeister looses to Mark levinson Sound System but better sat nav and phone integration despite older style command on this pre fl car roof comes off interior nicer looking both great cars in their own right mb after sales is amazing Lexus only claims to be
  9. No this is Mrs Cramorras C 43 convertible.... i am lucky that my wife is a petrolhead
  10. That’ll be me 😎 Just looking out on the drive... it’s the Hatfield one so may well be only two in the country. I am on PH same user name.... love the car and come from a c63 as I didn’t like Benzes going turbo charged. Love the car and the colour is stunning especially on a sunny day when it sparkles. Sound is great especially I’ve 5 k revs when it gets an almost NASCAR like whine to it... services and garages are less helpful and more expensive then all I had with other brands so I find this overhyped, parts are more expensive and rarer to come by than Mercedes parts also. After sales definitely has not won me over but love this car and it s built better than all Mercedes after W124 at the moment after new tyres and wondering if I should go for contis as I love them or stick with michelins greetings from South Island 👋
  11. My nearsidevheadlide is steaming up which is disabling the automatic headlight function After researching lexus say it s an external damage so no warranty applies (1700 k) I am not convinced as it os on top of the light a miniscule crack so does not look stone chip.... I think they try to r Alternatively does insurance cover?