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  1. It's probably worth a look if you're over here then anyway. The ad I saw only had two photos, there were none of the interior etc, but he did say it was in very good condition.
  2. @Womble72 I've re-read the messages I had with the owner and he says it has a part Lexus service history. I didn't get all the specifics. I may be incorrect in my assertion above that it hasn't a FSH, but it doesn't have a full Lexus one. I don't really care much for main dealer servicing compared to a good local independent. If there's evidence of servicing having been done, I'm not too concerned whether they are wearing the main dealer overalls or not! In saying this, I know some potential buyers can be fussy about main dealer servicing when looking at a new purchase. Lexus service history aside, the owner seemed upfront and answered any questions I had for him. If he hadn't have been at the other end of the country to me, I would have been keen to have went and had a look to see what it was like.
  3. I know the one you're talking about @Ste.Daley I sent him a few messages. It sounded fine on paper but from what I could gather it didn't have a full service history, never mind a Lexus one. The car sounded fine from his description though, but I'm unsure how the lack of a FSH could affect resale once the time came to sell again.
  4. Hi All, This has come up for sale reasonably locally. Currently on 106k miles. Just wondering if it's familiar to anyone on here? Thanks 🙂
  5. Thanks @Killysprint, that's good to know. Interesting that it was staying over here, but I guess it could be like finding a needle n a haystack! 🙂
  6. Thanks for the reply Paul. It's a bit of a long shot I know, but I thought it was worth asking. It's a rare enough model on the mainland never mind over here! Ian
  7. Hi All, Just wondering if there are any NI ISF owners on here? I'm resigned to having to travel to the mainland to buy one but I was wondering if there are any local owners who would be kind enough to let me have a look around theirs? I'm currently driving a Subaru Forester STI, but I owned a GS430 before that, which as good a car as it was, wasn't the fastest or most exciting to drive. From what I have read online, these accusations cannot be levelled at an ISF! Cheers, Ian