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  1. p0141 code

    cud i join/tap the wires from the wiring on the sensors??
  2. p0141 code

    where and what wiring is the heater circuit
  3. p0141 code

    would you have an idea of how i cud tap the wires so i can blank the manifold sensor as clearance is an issue
  4. p0141 code

    well i cud drive from galway to dublin and back for 35 euro before eml came on for p0141 code car is well serviced and well minded and drivin properly skip gears etc it has made a difference seen u can tap the wires in near the ecu just need a diagram of which is which so i can blank off the sensor completely as i cant use the origional sensor the wiring is too short for the after market manifold so if any can help with this wud b appreciated as performance has dropped and it was actually really gud on fuel by far the best of all had even with a 2 way diff ha
  5. p0141 code

    all origional from cars that have no eml on and the sensor is the one closest the bulk head on the manifold not the one further back
  6. p0141 code

    all lambdas have an effect on how a car runs if its running too rich which it is u burn more perrol can lose performance etc just thought there mite be a way of wiring one into the other as i.d like to blank off that sensor completely as the new manifold doesnr give much space for it
  7. p0141 code

    having trouble with p0141 bank 1 sensor 2 change lambda still coming up problem is have stainless manifold and ordinary sensor is too short so tried using bank 2 sensor 1 wondering if anyone has a wiring diagram for connecting bank 1 sensor 2 to sensor 1 so eml is off or any other possible fixes for this tried 3 sensors and its still coming back car is running very rich and mpg is terrible