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  1. Xenons

    Yes that's the spec I have. 61 plate with 5 spoke 18'' alloys and those headlight units.
  2. Xenons

    Have been told, if you have daytime running lights, you have xenons (?). But I've checked other 2011 Advance IS250's and they all have xenons in their descriptions.
  3. Xenons

    OK, I have been using 8 - 10k xenons for years, had them on my Honda. I understand how they aren't as good visually but I just like the look hehe :P
  4. Xenons

    Pretty sure mine has xenons (2011, 61 plate?). Certainly looks it, and they seem to 'charge up' when switched on. I'm wanting to get some 8 or 10k's in there, any good links on ebay or where ever?
  5. Xenons

    Hi. Just wondering what xenon bulbs are used for the 2011 IS250 Advance. I have read H11, is this correct? Also to replace them, do/can you go under the bonnet? Or do you have to go under the wheel arch or something?
  6. Tyres

    So what are the best tyres to get? I have always stuck with Michelin PS (gone through 2, 3 and 4).
  7. Tyres

    OK checked the door and it says 225/40 88Y 255/40 95Y I have the 5 spoke smoked 18'' alloys. I think they come with the Advance spec?
  8. Tyres

    It was second hand and all the tyres are budget tyres. So, 255/40 on rear 225/40 on front. Does it matter about the speed rating? (W,Y).
  9. Tyres

    My car is 2011. And those are the tyres on the car. In fact on the front one tyre is 225/40 R18 92W and one is 225/40 R18 92Y! I just wanna know if the 250 IS requires wider rear tyres? Does the Advance come with wider rear 18's? Or can I put the same size on all four?
  10. Tyres

    Just looked. Rear tyres are: 225/40 ZR18 99Y XL Front tyres are: 225/40 R18 92Y and the other is 225/40 R18 92W Is this right?? Does this car need wider rear tyres? Does it make a difference? Can you put on tyres all the same size? I'm kinda lost here because I really don't know if I should be putting on wider tyres now.
  11. Tyres

    Hello, I'm a newbie :) I just recently moved over to Lexus from Honda. I now own an IS 250 Advance in Argento Ice. Question though. Having bought the car (second hand from Lexus dealer) I noticed the rear 18'' tyres were bigger than the front tyres. Does this car require bigger rear tyres or is this just a mistake by the dealer?