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  1. Hi All, recently noticed my Radio CD Player text lights (info on radio channel, CD text etc.) are flickering, and it flickers with the music. Is it a loose connection and is it an easy fix? Thanks
  2. Thanks for the advice. Will see if i can hook up a good streaming device.
  3. Hi All, Has anyone managed to install a DAB Radio on the standard IS250 CD Player (without sat nav). The radio on my SEL has not so good reception. So i came across these DAB radio antennas that you stick on the windscreen, so was wondering if it is an easy fix to take apart the existing radio and attach the antenna in the back, will the existing radio have an external antenna socket. Thanks
  4. I think i figured what it stands for. Its the collision control. Has a little button on the steering wheel to indicate radar.
  5. Yes i agree. I have mine in shimmering red and love it. You mention ACC - can i ask what that is ?
  6. Sorry I meant earlier models. As I don’t see this feature.
  7. I presume this feature is not available on the later models.
  8. Hi, mines a 2007 model. What’s the S-Flow option? thanks.
  9. Hi All, On a Lexus IS250. Have recently noticed and have rear passengers also said that the rear air vents do not blow any air, warm or cold. I have checked that the vents are both open. Putting the AC on only blows air in the front and not in the back. Have tried putting Fan mode only and the air vents feel a bit warm. Does any one know how the rear air vents work? Thanks
  10. Its been 2 months since i replaced my flickering HID lights with OSRAM D4S ones and now the driver side is flickering again and cuts off after 5 seconds. Don't really want to be buying another set. There must be a fix for this. Anyone had this issue before, or found a fix. Would appreciate any feedback. Thanks
  11. Thanks for all the reply, it’s made me more at ease now. Not looking to spend more money in a garage at this time of the year. Well I learnt something new today as well. White grease. 😊 Thanks to everyone for the help and input.
  12. Yes I just had a service at the garage recently, changed the engine oil. It is oily, but do you know why would it turn white. Thanks.
  13. Hi would appreciate if someone could help me identify what this is. Just noticed it this morning. It’s cold here in London. I popped my bonnet of my IS 250 to check screen wash level only to notice this white residue on the bonnet catch or lock. I am going on a long journey for the Christmas break, and am now worried about it. I thought it was a coolant leak and have checked that this is not the case. So I don’t know what it is. Thanks
  14. Thanks for this post. Very useful. I did a few upgrades to my IS 250 as well. Dipped Beam - OSRAM Intense Xenarc Cool Blue D4S Xenon HID 5500K for £30 ( Half the price of Osram Xenarc Cool Blue Intense D4S which is about £80 ) Side lights - OSRAM Cool Blue Intense T10 4000K for £6 Main Beam (High beam) - Found an OSRAM Cool Blue Boost HB3 5000K ( But these are not road legal and are only for off road use ) So i got the OSRAM Cool Blue Intense 42000K Engine oil - Castrol Magnatec 5W 30 A5 4 Litres - £22.75 ( Sale on ASDA - halfords charge £35 for them.)