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  1. Cotswold Pete thanks for the info.Marston Airport is a bit of a slap down there.I will have a look if I cant manage it,I have a mechanic that could/should be able.Thanks again.
  2. LS400 1996 I too have intermittent alarm going off when it wants.I believe the problem started after a new windscreen was fitted.I believe i' have a now got a leaky screen.As the problem occurs when she steams./condensates up on the windows [like a old Ford Cortina] I have been told by a alarm tech that a good dowsing of silicone spray over/around the in cab sensors will probably sort it short term..My question is WHERE ARE THEY SITUATED? I need to find them my NEIGHBOURS need me to find them.
  3. My Alarm has started to go off.Mostly night time,Noticed when there is distinct temp drop.Cant be arsed with it.How do I disconnect the alarm? I have found one horn and and disconnected that one [drivers side wing area] But where is the other one located? and by disconnecting will I cause any problems.Helppppppppp.