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  1. Sorry for the delay. Thanks for the replies guys. I suppose there is always a chance the battery is on the way out. Thanks.
  2. Hi, Is it possible to disable keyless entry on the IS220d? I'm not using my car everyday at the moment and it's started struggling to start when I do get back in. It seems the battery is getting drained which I'm presuming is down to the keyless entry system. I had no problems with starting prior to parking it up. I've looked through a manual I've found online but there's no mention of disabling it. Thanks.
  3. The place I went to said the alternator had failed and it was beyond sensible refurbishment. They said the diode/converter pack had failed/partially failed and as a result some or all of the windings had burnt out. The cost for replacement was £170 for the part, £50 labour plus VAT which I didn't think was too bad. While the battery icon has now gone from the dash the check VSC lights returned about 20 minutes into my journey home. I checked the new alternator myself when I got back and the battery terminal voltage was 13.8v when the engine was running. I am going to charge the battery fully over the weekend just on the off chance but not really sure what to do next. Update: Speaking to a friend he recommended clearing the fault codes now the new alternator is fitted. I have a cheap OBDII reader which I just used and the only code I got back was "DPF filter not at optimal threshold" but I cleared all codes anyway and check VSC went off so I will see what happens next.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I'm now booked in on Tuesday with an "automotive DC component specialist" who are able to rebuild alternators on site. I shall let you know how it goes.
  5. Hi, Recently, "check VSC" started coming on on the display along with the red ! light, the amber engine management light and the amber traction control light. This is an intermittent problem and these 4 keep coming on and going off as leisure. The last couple of days the red battery charging light and red airbag light have both joined the party, coming on and going off at leisure. I took my car to an auto electrician who found the charging circuit was not working. He tested the wires (going to I think?) the alternator and they were as expected but there is no supply being sent to the battery. If my alternator has failed would this somehow be responsible for causing all of the other dash lights to come on? Thanks.
  6. No, the beep comes from the back of the vehicle. Volume is adjustable, I asked Lexus to change it for me when they did the recall but they said the ECU didn't respond when they tried so there is probably no point me trying.
  7. The battery is about half charge and that was after I gave it a full charge with a CTEK charger. It is possible the phone kit was draining the battery so I am going to give it another charge before deciding to change the battery. To be fair it has started every time it just takes longer in the colder weather. The dealer confirmed there is no radio code. I just assumed there would be one. Before I start a new thread, do you know the location of the reversing sensor beeper? I want to turn the volume down. I asked the dealer to make it quieter which it says you can do in the customisations booklet but they said the ECU didn't respond when they tried. I don't have the Sat Nav audio system so can't do it myself. The technical approach has failed so I want to locate the sensor and put some insulation tape around it :p
  8. This is now fixed. Turned out to be nothing to do with the car but a hidden aftermarket phone kit which was no longer in use but still connected. Must have been something wrong with how it was connected for it to beep as loud and as frequent as it did but it's been ripped out now and the beep is gone. Fortunately it was located behind the passenger side of the dash where the recall took place so the dealer removed it for free.
  9. Well I still have this beep. Happens after unlocking, again after starting, again after stopping and repeatedly when the car is locked or unlocked. It beeps about every 5 minutes when locked which I can hear from my bedroom window! It's coming from the door speakers and measures 90 decibels so you're not going to miss it. The car does struggle to start and the resting voltage of the battery is ~12.1v which is very low. I did charge it with a good quality ctek charger and it went up to ~12.3v but a couple of days later it's back to ~12.1v. Clearly I need a new battery and maybe this beep is a warning from my car that my battery is low? The car is going into Lexus on Friday to have an outstanding recall done so I shall ask their opinion. I also need to obtain my radio code was I was never given it when buying the car. Once I have the radio code I shall swap the battery for a new one.
  10. The car doesn't start with my key in the house, just says "key not detected" so there isn't enough key left inside. To my knowledge the alarm and immob is the standard one. It is controlled from the Lexus key. The sound is coming from the door speakers and it comes out both sides. I'm going to test the battery this weekend but if the starting becomes a problem I'm inclined to replace the glow plugs first.
  11. As I have only just bought it I don't have any other experience with it starting. In it's defence it was the first start when it was 4-5c outside. When I start it after it's already warm it starts quicker. I do think it should start quicker when cold though. Do you think it's glow plugs or starter motor?
  12. I have changed the fob battery as I read in the user manual a low battery will cause beeps. I don't understand when you say to make sure there is not a working key inside the car? I have only just taken delivery of the car but it only came with 1 key. Are you asking me to ensure the other key is not lost somewhere inside the cabin? I presume I could check this by unlocking the car with my key and putting it back in the house and then attempting to start it?
  13. I didn't know you could attach files. I've attached them to this post. Definitely. On the test drive I remember saying "so that must be 3rd then" thinking I bet the seller thinks I've never driven a car before! 3rd feels like 5th in my previous car. I've only had the car a couple of days so except for one 100 mile drive to bring it home haven't driven it much to get useful MPG figures. The car has full service history, most of it at either Lexus or Honda (??) and had it's MOT in August so I would assume a fuel leak would have been spotted by now? Thanks for your help. 1.aac 2.aac
  14. Hi, New IS220d owner here. I have an 07 model which likes to make a single and sometimes quite loud beep. If I unlock the door with the remote I'll get a beep about 10 seconds after. I'll get another 10 seconds after starting the car. After turning off, I'll get another after 10 seconds. I believe that if I enter using the handle sensor I don't get the first beep but do still get the engine on engine off. I have recorded these sounds and put a link below: I've done some Googling and this generation of IS seems to like to beep. I took my seatbelt off while doing about 1mph and it went wild and as I opened the door before turning the engine off and had to close the door and open it again! The car was serviced every year at Lexus until 2011 so I would presume has the latest software unless newer ones have been released since. Can anybody tell me what these beeps are/mean and if I can turn them off? Also 2 other questions. The gear stick is angled towards the driver. I presume this is normal? Just not something I have seen on a car before. Finally, is it normal to get a light smell of fuel when stationary or driving slow with the 220d? Many thanks for any help.