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  1. Sorry for weird question.. Looking at a late (58 reg) car and these later ones seem to have different rear screens. The earlier ones had screens embedded in the rear headrests but these have big overhanging screens as per pic. I wanted to know if you can remove them easily as one will have to come out to enable us to use our special rear facing child seat. Thanks if anyone knows!
  2. Thanks all for replies - really helpful James
  3. Thanks for reply John. I'm glad it's not just me being weird! I would have considered a Mk3 GS450h but for the 280 litre boot vs 465 for the Mk4
  4. I test drove a 2013 GS450h LUXURY today and was really impressed by the refinement and speed of the car. However.. I found the mouse interface a nightmare, whilst driving it and meant I had my eyes off the road alot. Even when parked up I was struggling to control it and get it to go where I wanted it. Just carrying out a simple action was difficult. Has anyone else struggled with this, or managed to overcome initial difficulties? Is it the same system in the RX450h? God I miss buttons. Also, don't these any of these high-end cars come with privacy glass, head up display or LED headlights? I also found the headrests angled too far forward and made my neck ache. I have the same problem with modern Hondas and Volvos. Does anyone know if there is any solution to this? Thanks for any replies
  5. Thank you for the replies - very helpful
  6. Thanks Rayaan, do you know if the air suspension is good and worth having in r450h? and does anyone successfully use an add-on DAB module in the RX?
  7. Am looking for a RX450h with air suspension as it seems to be more reliable than the older versions (1st gen RX) and I like the idea of smoother ride and the car hunkering down at high speeds. I also want DAB. The question I have is how do I know which models have it? I am looking at 2009 to 2013 cars which seems to span the new series in 2012 when the models changed. From what I understand, 2009-12 cars definitely have DAB & air-suspension in SE-L form - is this correct? If I look at post 2012 facelift cars (which I prefer) , I am struggling... It seems like the range-topping Premier Model definitely has DAB & air-suspension yet when I called a sales chap at Lexus he said it is down to what options were chosen. So what about the post 2012 LUXURY/ADVANCE models? Appreciate any help I
  8. Brilliant - thanks for your help!
  9. Thanks but do you have to hold the stalk down every time you use it or does it remember for next time?
  10. Hi, quick question from a newbie about to buy an RX450h... Can you permanently turn off the Adaptive cruise control which is on some of the higher-spec models I'm interested in? I have used Adaptive cruise control before and don't like it - I much prefer manual cruise. I have read some people saying there is a way to turn it off but do you have to do it every time you start the car or does it remember? Many thanks James