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  1. UKDarkstar

    GS450h abs error prevents battery check

    Issue resolved. There was a faulty connector on the abs module and this was preventing the code check for the battery test. Dealer sorted connector and now a fault-free battery test, yay !
  2. Bit of a weird one so interested to know if anyone has come across this. Got my 2010 450h at the beginning of Dec from independent trader (good rep). They agreed to pay for battery check but when they took it to main dealer were told that a reset had been performed and the car needed to do a couple of thousand miles before they could perform the check. I’ve now done the mileage so it was in for the check but they advised it couldn’t be done because an abs error was showing. They checked brakes and all was ok but couldn’t clear fault. Now has to go back for investigation (under warranty from trader) but I can’t think why an abs error stops a battery check ??? Anyone any thoughts ? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. UKDarkstar

    BMW 750 trading to GS450h SE

    Yeh, I had a pretty full specced 750 as it was an ex embassy car. My GS is an SE but no moonroof (love how they call it that !) or ACC which is the thing I miss most. Also my heated steering wheel (I leave for work around 6am so really good in winter). I’m sure I will be a happy owner and maybe plan a trade in a couple of years down the line to get something with all the goodies 😄 The GS seems in good condition with 77800 miles. Waiting for main dealer to get a spare key and do a battery check which the retailing garage is paying for. Main dealer says they are not sure they can code it when they get it ??? Have identified satnav needs an update but not sure how I identify if it’s dvd or usb stick ?
  4. UKDarkstar

    BMW 750 trading to GS450h SE

    Finally got it !
  5. UKDarkstar

    BMW 750 trading to GS450h SE

    Thanks for the info !
  6. UKDarkstar

    BMW 750 trading to GS450h SE

    Hi all (About to be) new owner here. Just two days away from trading my 2006 750 Beamer for a 2010 GS450h SE. I realise it’s a little bit of a trade down and I’m going to be losing quite a few gadgets but generally looking forward to Lexus ownership. The Beamer has to go due to the dreaded valve stem seals problem but the Lexus seems a good buy. No sunroof or heated steering wheel and, unfortunately, doesn’t seem to have ACC. Is there any way of checking the “standard” gadgets for a specific model ? Garage has had the batteries checked at main dealer and will give it a service themselves. I basically do a daily round trip of 110 miles (motorway) for work, rest will be local round town driving at weekends. Will be wanting to update the satnav - think it’s usb - any recommendations to avoid dealer prices ? also, anyone recommend a good third party garage in Poole/Bournemouth area ? Cheers everyone. Have been browsing the forums and you seem a good bunch ! Kevin