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  1. SpeedyGee

    Engine failure

    Sorry to hear of the engine failure. Rather unusual for a Lexus engine to fail all of a sudden. Not sure what you mean by "engine collapsed". Could you tell us more. Has anyone looked at the engine yet? Any conclusions?
  2. Just dug up the thread over there and am having a read.
  3. Drivers side yes but oddly I think the Jaguar engines (at least the Ford units) were on the same side too.
  4. Bank 1 and Bank 2 refer to the banks of cylinders on the V. So the V configuration of the engine has 3 cylinders on each bank. Each Bank has 2 O2 sensors, primary or upstream called sensor 1 and secondary or downstream called sensor 2.
  5. What is the state of charge of the HV battery? If it's still decent, you should be able to get more cranks out of it. If not then you need to find a way to get it charged up. I would be tempted to get the 12v battery connected to a jump starter pack and try again, for every three failed attempts, clear the codes of ECU, on these Toyota/Lexus hybrid systems this won't charge the HV battery but it will help eliminate low voltage issue adding to the problem. Does the engine sound like it is firing at all? Ie firing but firing only some cylinders or just not firing at all?
  6. Yes, that's right Bob, sensor 2 is post cat and that's a good suggestion, it is worth swapping the sensors around. Cat's don't go easily though, hence I was wondering about a leak.
  7. What condition is the exhaust system in? Any signs of any leaks? Especially before the O2 sensor. Would be worth monitoring the fuel trim readings of both banks, see if that gives a clue.
  8. Get the code rechecked and see if it's the same code or a different one this time.
  9. After fitting the new part, the codes will have been cleared. It may be that the clearing of the codes was what gave you 50 miles of no check VSC showing as opposed to being due to the new part.
  10. Another thought, how long has the car been stood? If it's more than a few months, the petrol in the tank may have "gone off".
  11. Some more thoughts, just googling about for info on P3191, the code itself seems to be thrown when the engine fails to start and it can fail to start for any reason a normal engine fails to start but most are suggesting you should check/clean the throttle body and MAF sensor. The theory being, that a dirty throttle body/MAF leads to not being able to control the air flow at idle.
  12. You say "was".... so it still fully charged currently? Probably worth monitoring voltage level as you try to start the car. Other thoughts are, that you confirmed fuel is present, a spark is being generated, next up would be to confirm timing.
  13. Have you checked the health of your 12v battery ? That needs to be in good condition for the car to start too. Maybe worth giving that a good trickle charge and trying again.
  14. Any errors codes from Engine PCM ? There must be a documented procedure to follow for diagnosing a non starting engine on these Hybrids. Would be good to see what that is.