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  1. Extra service items

    Did you have them done? or say no?
  2. NX Tyres

    So today I've had fitted two new Michelin cross-climates on the front, the road noise has been really reduced and the ride quality seems better, the grip was always going to feel better as my old tyre's were as good as slicks
  3. Side Protectors

    Dan I've a copy of the fitting instructions if you want to see how difficult they're to fit yourself if your in to diy
  4. NX Tyres

    Just ordered a front pair of michelin cross climates £149 a tyre
  5. Towbar, I'm sure I read somewhere the NX has towing restrictions depending on model It was something to do with the draw the torque (kilo-newtons) it can't maintain the pull that sort of thing? Sorry I can't tell you more it was a while back
  6. The NX has the look of presents over the infiniti The infiniti has some good toys but you need all the comparisons spec level V's spec level etc I didn't like the white leather seats it looks far better in black
  7. Lexus Nx True Mpg

    Interesting reading might just give sport mode a 10 week run instead of normal mode
  8. NX side-steps

    Yeah they're slicks Paul just waiting for stock to arrive
  9. Lexus Nx True Mpg

    In ECO Ive averaged 34.2 in the last 10 weeks Next I'll put her normal and see what I get
  10. Service Plans

    That's sounds a good service plan, is a three year plan @rayaans And another question do you know if that's available at any dealership
  11. NX side-steps

    @bluenose1940 Here's the fitting instructions, I can't attach the PDF from my tablet. I could email it to you if you want
  12. NX side-steps

    Went to blenheim palace today what a day? crap event and nearly crap all over the car but the side steps actually kept the loads of mud of the car,. As I was driving away all i could hear was the mud splattering everywhere but when I got home not much mud had gone over the car, So that was my chance for a quick clean
  13. NX side-steps

    I was looking at taking mine off @bluenose1940 But when I saw the fitting instructions with all the holes that need drilling and treating I've decided against that for a while I did see on this site an instruction guide on installation for side steps
  14. NX side-steps

    I've had the pain of sciatica for many a year and changing to an auto saved me more in chiropractor bills and a lot less in the back pains That was mainly in saloon cars now i've gone to the NX as it's far easier getting in and out and again I'm hoping to stretch out the chiropractor even more, £45 a session for 30 minutes isn't cheap
  15. Service Plans

    The previous service plan I had with Honda, I had to ring Honda to cancel the direct debits and they refunded me what I had paid extra since my last service which came in at a very useful £130