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  1. New owner and Sat Nav

    What I recall from my old Honda after entering the post code it would then ask you to select the street name from the list, then the number and it would take you where you needed to be.
  2. New owner and Sat Nav

    I had the same the other day going to Northampton put the post code for the car park, the sat nav told me I had arrived but being in a queue of traffic at traffic lights just didn't seem like the right place to park?
  3. Damage to side panel

    Glad to hear you've got most of the scratches out, How's the plastic wheel arch looking?
  4. Washing

    Wow! showroom condition! I bet your really pleased, I sure would be? Lost for words on the quality of finish?
  5. Washing

    Ed, how did the detailed clean go? Bet it's gleaming in today's sunshine
  6. Trackers

    I would of thought the can bus cable connection point would be quite easy to access as i understand it they connect the laptop to these connection points to run diagnostic problem solving
  7. So noisy

    The only other consideration is the condition of the roads, pot holes aren't the main problem of road noise its the poorly repaired pot holes and all the worn out sections making the roads look like patchwork quilt
  8. So noisy

    With the cross climates on the having an accord before the NX the road noise isn't much different
  9. Tear in the leather seat

    The tear can not be repaired, due to where the perforations are ? The only way forward is to replace the whole leather section
  10. Washing

    Thanks Paul.........i think it's worth me heading to an Aldi, i like the fact they fold up quiet flat
  11. Damage to side panel

    What a shame, not sure even a rear dash cam would of spotted it. Agree with Colin alot of the white will polish out, i had similar on her indoors car a year or two back.
  12. NX Tyres

    That's a good price for what's included, especially if you get a it valeted too. It'll take them longer to valet than to fit the tyres.
  13. Washing

    Thanks Ed for this info, would appreciate your thoughts after the 'protection detail'
  14. Washing

    I like this idea, excuse the pun; I guess you get to polish of the beer afterwards?
  15. Washing

    Which treatment option are going for Ed? I would like to try it out one day. How long do they keep the car in for?