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  1. Hi again! I am fairly new to the forum and I have No ideea what YT is and where to find what you wrote to me ! I am really sorry! Is it a private message?
  2. IS220d - loss of power , dpf doctor clean

    I will ring them today! That is the last thing the car needs done! Thank you for the suggestion!
  3. IS220d - loss of power , dpf doctor clean

    Hi! I also had the white smoke when the car reached a certain temperature! It will only be visible in low temperatures (and i am talking thick white smoke with a very bad smell to it like a steam train) ... i have no idea why! To stop it I had to keep going on the M1 with it but that did not really help! Also Lexus said that nothing is wrong... It is a very common issue! After a very bad experience with a service somewhere around Wembley (Will not name the garage) I decided to buy some tools and open the EGR valve myself! After first try the car was better and the smoke had gone but not all of it! The EGR does play a role in the hole situation and it is worth cleaning! Fuel additive like the one that was mentioned by the OP and Shell V-Power (BP made the smoke a bit worse)! But i soon found out that it was sticking and had to reopen it again! My first ever try at being a mechanic failed! The second time after i opened the valve again i used a small tube attached to the hoover to try and pick up as much carbon as i could from the manifold and boy was there a lot of it there! Since the bonnet was up i got some cleaner and cleaned the MAF as well! Just make sure that you can easily operate the EGR valve manually after cleaning it! The next thing on my list is the fuel filter, but Lexus Edgware almost gave me a heart attack by quoting me £45 for the filter itself and about 2 hours work for £180.00 an hour....... If anyone had the fuel filter changed at a less ridiculous hourly rate please let me know! But when i First started the car after the second procedure, I swear it felt like a complete different car all around! Hallfords has the right carb cleaner ( careful it is strong, USE OUTDOORS)! If you live in close proximity to Edgware or Wembley National Stadium maybe I can show you how it is done! Cleaning the EGR and MAF plus Shell V-Power with Extreme Diesel Cleaner are a great way to keep your car from feeling like half asleep all the time! Also very important thing that @Shahpor has taught me is that IT NEEDS A LONG AND HARD RUN once in a while! It works wonders!
  4. Hi and happy new year! Today I reversed around a corner with full lock to the right and then when i turned the wheel all the way to the left to go on my way i heard a knock when moving off with full lock to the left, a single knock like some metal snapped but not very loud! I went back in the same place and done the same maneuver 3 times thinking it would repeat... nothing! Then drove for 10 miles at both low and high speed around corners with windows down to see if anymore knocks come back! Then when i got to work, parking there is quite tight and requires both full lock to the left and full lock to the right but i could not hear anything at all! Also steering does not seem affected! I drove for like a mile in a straight line without touching the steering wheel! Conclusion in that i cannot find any aftermath of that knock on full left lock! Maybe it is worth mentioning there was a bit of downhill ramp as well...
  5. Rattle/ vibration sound, feel

    Thank you for that! I will replace that as soon as i can! Now, the problems with this car never seem to stop coming... Now when i leave the car for the night in the car park for several hours it has a starting problem It takes longer to crank and after it starts (IT DID NOT FAIL TO START SO FAR...) it has this uneven run for a few seconds like the engine is bouncing under the bonnet! Not smooth at all! The whole rough start and judder only last for a few seconds and then it evens out and drives perfect! I also noticed by mistake, that the headlights nearly faint when i start the car with them on... They nearly go off or flicker so the battery being on its way out might be the rough and slow crank but after it starts i cannot understand the bounciness under the hood for the 2 seconds that it does it... mechanic said today that there is no problem with it and it is very quiet and the engine runs pretty well but i had to drive it to the service and there it started very well and no signs of roughness! For me to be able to show to the mechanic he would have to keep the car for the night and start it in the morning but he said i worry too much...
  6. Rattle/ vibration sound, feel

    This is the valve making the sound! My experience with this is very little! Can you please name this valve for me? I would like to buy a new one as well! THank you
  7. can you please name that valve that was making the sound? Mine does the same!
  8. Rattle/ vibration sound, feel

    Hi again! just message me whenever you are in the area and I will be happy to meet you! Since i took the car for a drive it has been behaving well after the long run! But now again after doing short trips around town with it the sound is coming back! I will visit Lexus Edgware Road after New Years and see if their diagnostics will find anything wrong with the car! I have been there for another diagnostic on mid-temperature white smoke and i am sure you saw posts around here about the car smoking like a train when or just before reaching the optimal temperature! They said that the car is operating normally and they find no reason for that white smoke with diesel smell! The smoke is still there and the car runs fine...! Maybe they know what it is but they cannot be bothered to fix the issue! Maybe a too inexpensive job for them to do...
  9. Rattle/ vibration sound, feel

    Morning! Last night I went on the M1 and I can say that the vibration has gone! I think the car was in need of some running as i could feel it slowly coming alive bit by bit! that sound at the end has been there since i bought the car from an authorized dealer and it has been services by Lexus! I will take it to lexus and maybe they will tell me what the sound is and go from there! I WAS SO WORRIED ABOUT THE WAY THE CAR SOUNDED AND NOW THAT YOU SAY IT IS NORMAL IT IS A BIG RELIEF... I really hope you have a nice Christmas and a brilliant new year! Thank you for your time! Message me if you ever come to Kingsbury as I owe you one!
  10. Rattle/ vibration sound, feel

    probably at the beginning of the month! it has only done this once before when going up a hill in 4th on the north circular! but i cleaned the egr and never got around to giving it a blast.... and honestly with this vibration going like that i was even afraid to go... My car had only 4 serious runs since i got it... And when i first bought it it sat for 3 months because of my lack of time... Should of never put that bp in it anyway! The idle and the way it revs as changed within minutes of adding v power... one more thing! Is this how this model really sounds? like a truck and then there is this sound when i switch the car off l! I only had the car for 4 months and the mechanics around me avoid lexus or don't know about it... On the video you can hear the wind at the end... Please let me know if the car sound normal and maybe you know what that switch off sound is... it happens when i switch off the engine 20171216_230746.mp4
  11. Rattle/ vibration sound, feel

    to be honest I don't think i used 4th gear this month at all! I work around Wembley stadium and the traffic is so bad! it sounds exactly like when you cross the rumble strip! it makes a vibrating sound! I had bp ultimate in it and i just came back from shell where i added 40 liters of v power diesel! In only a few hundred meters i could feel the vibration in second getting lower! earlier i could feel it in the car doors and steering wheel but now it is kinda settling down a bit... It is like it is struggling for revs when you are in a higher gear than you should!
  12. Rattle/ vibration sound, feel

    it revs as it should and there is lots of power as well it is just that sport from 1800 until it passes 2000 rpm! there is no struggle on throttle just that vibration.... It only does this in second and 3rd gear! Very similar to selecting 6th gear at under 70mph! It sounds like your phone when it vibrates on a table or like when you cross the rumble strip on the motorway if you know what i mean i can't explain it and the video won't pick up on it... I have been only driving the car to work after i cleaner the egr valve so maybe i should take it for a drive! my house is 5 miles away from work...
  13. Rattle/ vibration sound, feel

    Hi! I am experiencing something that is rather annoing! I start the car and select first to drive off! All normal! Then i select second and as the revs go up just after 1800rpm there is this rattle sound that i can feel in the steering wheel and vibration! When it gets over 2000rpm it stops and then changing to third is the same going after 1800 rpm when picking up speed the vibration comes back until it goes past 2000 rpm... In this time i can feel the car vibrating like it struggles around this rev... all normal when 4th is selected! If i rev the engine when parked i dont get that! I recently cleaned egr and maf and after using shell v-power for months i put a tank of bp to see how it feels! Car accelerates and drives fine but i get that judder/vibration at that rev cound when picking up speed! It is something like a BRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Lexus is220d 2007
  14. Lexus is220d 2007 Engine knocking noise

    Hi guys! Mine sounds the same after egr valve cleaning! Is this normal? Is this how a diesel engine sounds?
  15. Lexus is 220d white smoke

    Hi! I will be calling Lexus Bristol on Monday morning! I will go and see them if they say that they recognize the problem and I will be coming to Bristol! Therefore your flowers will be delivered regardless! :) Thank you very much for your time and for helping us all understand what the problem was!