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  1. Hi Thanks fr the information, firstly i would never consider removing the DPF as its on there for a reason which you have mentioned, i have done the motor stuff and additives which have cleared it only to come back, i was told regeneration is hit or miss so not sure what to do, really appreciate your input thank you.
  2. Hi All Relatively new to the forum so maybe doing this incorrectly, have just been informed by my mechanic that the DPF filter needs replaced, any suggestions as to what i should do here ? he is quoting me £800-900 all in, is it worth getting this cleaned ? is there a cheaper alternative ? Any help at all here guys would be helpful thank you.
  3. IS 220D side window scrapers

    Thanks for this.
  4. IS 220D side window scrapers

    Hi guys, Am new to the forum and have owned my Lexus IS 220D 2008 for 3 years now, am having an issue with my side windows, when I put then down it doest clear water or condensation off the inside or out so I am guessing they need changed, first of all can someone tell me what the correct terminology is for them and where can you get them, many thanks in advance.