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  1. Farne

    New to me, 2007 IS220d

    Good luck John and a speedy recovery, your tool box will be ready for action !
  2. I'll some be taking delivery of my long awaited NX, just wondering if anyone knows what is the normal delivery mileage on a new Lexus. Cheers guys
  3. Farne

    Almost a Lexus owner

    Thanks Dan, unortunately I didn't see your post before I got the insurance sorted on Monday. I went back to John Lewis to re-activate and accept their quote, during the process I said to the lass that my annual mileage should be reduced from 16K to 12K now that I do less driving with me confidently expecting that that would knock a tenner of the bill. Oh No, that will increase your premium by £90 ! Which then took it from a reasonable £505 to£597. Eventually spoke with a JL manager who spent most of the conversation talking to himself about how complicated modern day insurance is. After ten years with JL and following his advice that loyalty means nothing in their business i decided to look elsewhere. So I went to the LV site to have a look, as one of their companies was going to be my insurer through JL. Low and behold I got fully comp, named driver, protected no claims, legal expenses and similar size hire car included for £376. I can only assume it was because I am a new customer. When I did a money supermarket search nobody was anywhere near that price, with the add ons they ranged from about £450 to £900.
  4. Farne

    Almost a Lexus owner

    Thanks Colin I've tried them all now and whilst there are some cheap offers around £400 the mainstream companies all seem to be either in the £500/550 or the £700/800 bracket. I'm tempted to stay with John Lewis at £507 with legal/courtesy car/protected NC Next big decision or me is do I take Lexus paint protection .... decisions decisions lol
  5. Hi guys I'm new to the forum I've been waiting for almost ten weeks for my NX to arrive in the country and I've spent the last week getting up to date quotes fro my new motor. The disparity between quotes is really shocking. When I read earlier how someone on the forum had found Admiral to be a good insurer I went through the rigmarole of getting a quote from them, only to find it was over 50% higher than my current insurer at £766 and MandS at virtually the same cost. There are many others in the same ball park. Best quote I've had from what I call mainstream companies is £507 including NCP and Legal and courtesy car. Seems like buying good value insurance is just as much a minefield as getting the best deal when buying a motor.
  6. If it were me and my lad was going for a first motor I'd go for something boring like this. https://www.hindleandallen.co.uk/used-volkswagen-polo-blackburn-lancashire-1447763 My first four wheel transport was a 1955 Morris van with sliding doors like the Post Office vans lol, a wonderful old workhorse that got me all over Scotland and most of England and never let me down.
  7. Farne

    Groaning suspension

    That is very bad luck Ed, considering the Lexus reputation. Is it time for Lexus UK to take responsibility for all your problems and sort it out once and for all for you, with such low mileage and age, not to mention the time you spent without your own car. Hopefully good luck will be on your side next week when they take it in. It's got me wondering what mine is going to be like when it arrives in about ten days time.
  8. Hi Guys, apologies for not posting here before posting on the NX forum. Looking forward enormously to delivery of my NX 300h sometime late March (hopefully).
  9. Farne

    Stone chips & Lexus paint

    Although the NX I've ordered is still about six weeks or so away from delivery, the dealers quoted smart scratch and chip repair insurance allowing up to three claims a year over the three year period. Having seen the above problems it's making me think twice and maybe taking the insurance. I've just managed to get a quote direct from the insurer which is £150 cheaper than buying from Lexus. Has anybody any experience of chip repair insurance ?
  10. Farne

    Lexus Nx True Mpg

    As I mentioned in my post US gallon conversion rate is 1.2 gallons to one UK gallon
  11. Farne

    Lexus Nx True Mpg

    As I've got at least eight weeks to go before my NX arrives I get nerdy and keep looking at vids on the net as a substitute for the real thing, sad eh ! Just saw these official fuel figures for the NX300h in the states : EPA Fuel Economy & Specification Fuel Economy Est-Combined (MPG) : 31 EPA Fuel Economy Est - City (MPG) : 33 EPA Fuel Economy Est - Hwy (MPG) : 30 Which is far more sensible than the ridiculous official figures in this country of around 54mpg I think the conversion for US gallon is around 1.2 to 1 gallon , which I think would equate to the high 38/40 mpg which most people seem to be achieving. My apologies to anyone who has already posted this snippet.
  12. Farne

    First NX Clean

    I can't make my mind up on the side strips, just wondering if they do them in chrome. Talking of the paint treatment, I've got a few weeks left to deliberate about it before delivery. They've quoted me £349, which I thought was a bit steep, what happens to the protection if you use clay or polish over it ? Does that eat into it and destroy it's longevity ? I've had various paint protections applied to my previous cars, mainly Gtech 3 and Supagard, but I've never really noticed if they genuinely do make any difference. Be interesting to hear others thoughts
  13. Farne

    Lexus Nx True Mpg

    Two weeks ago I had an extended test drive of 120 miles prior to my order, it was very cold weather and I achieved 39.8, and I decided that wasn't too bad. It was mostly B and A roads and I certainly wasn't pushing it and I changed driving mode a few times. I think I come in the same driving style category as Ed. I like to have a quiet calm and serene drive, except when I am trying to escape a city lol.
  14. Farne

    Which to choose

    Thanks Paul and Ed, Dab will certainly be added to my check list, on my current Touareg the DAB has always been a pain trying to set it up. I've had tyre pressure problems on previous new car deliveries so I'll get them to go through pressures and the monitor system. Current disappointment is that delivery has been put back to March, but at least it will be on an eighteen plate. Eventually decided on Luxury in Mercury/Ivory with the convenience pack. I'll let you know when she arrives, I'm chomping at the bit already.
  15. Farne

    Which to choose

    Thanks for that Paul, same for me bodywork, wheels and trim is where I start. Just wondering about little nuances that might get missed in the handover. It's the 2018 model, most of the dealers have been very straightforward when I've enquired and if it's been a pre facelift they've been honest about it. Sadly one dealer cast aspersions on other Lexus dealers who have offers on genuine facelift 2018 NX's, trying to make out the other dealers are lying and are selling unregistered pre-facelift cars. Most new car dealers I've dealt with in recent years seem to have realised that buyers now do research and know exactly what prices they can achieve and px trade values. And mainly thanks to the internet we are far more savvy than we probably were years ago !