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  1. Hi David Had two Lexus, but never found an independent in the north east. I used to find that of Lexus dealers Teesside were by far the best. Newcastle Lexus were poor in my opinion, they couldn't even fix the tick over speed of the engine to the Lexus recommended speed. Having said that they have changed ownership recently to Stoneacre and moved to the more accessible Silverlink location so it could well be that personnel at the dealership have changed. Good luck
  2. I have to agree that Lexus Teesside are probably the best dealership of any manufacturer that I have bought from. Very pleasant showroom and as always the trade in didn't match my hopes, however when Tootle were still around I sold my old motor through them for two and a half grand more than the px offered, and then bought a Lex from them. Milke Jones was the manager then and superb to deal with.
  3. Hi Bal, these days I find it's swings and roundabouts with insurance companies. I got a quote from NFU as i live in a very rural area and the quote was £1800 for my RX450h lol, and then I got it forjmust over 400 from Saga. So good luck and enjoy your new motor.
  4. I assumed they had just stopped the Saturday Ask HJ emails. I haven't received one for about four or five weeks now, these days I have to log in to HJ to find anything.
  5. Sadly It seems a fair while since HJ actually penned an article on the site himself. I don't know about his Telegraph column as I would never lower myself to read such a rag. I take it from the OP he's left the business. I must admit I've noticed a deterioration in the quality of reviews and the general tone of the site.
  6. Morning Vinz, an NX I bought new took around eight weeks overall from the date it left the factory. And I got my hands on it about a five days earlier than the original estimated delivery to the dealer. With look they'll give you the name of the ship so that you can track it on . It should be around Suez by now I should think, good luck.
  7. Hi Dimitri I had an NX and then moved to an RX in December. The reason I changed was that I found the NX a bit cramped and the boot is actually quite small for the overall size of the car. It's a very nice car but I found the CVT transmission and the engine are not a very pretty marriage. Like you I am a very calm driver with a light right foot, but when you need to accelerate up a steep hill going by the engine revs with the sound it makes it makes you think that the car should be doing eighty miles an hour, but when you look at the speedo your doing 40mph lol. Never had any problems wit
  8. I'm getting the same problem as I read this thread. I've had it happen a few times just lately. It's not the end of the world though.
  9. My father was involved in manufacturing the fuel tanks for the first mock ups and prototypes, work which he also did for the Bristol Britannia. Sadly he never really discussed his work in any detail with us, especially as I followed him into the aviation industry. Much of his work in the 40's and 50's was classified at the time. I vividly remember him being so very proud when the first prototype was airborne from Filton for the first time.
  10. Hopefully we might find out a lot more from the Geneva show, I'd certainly prefer hydrogen cell to BEV.
  11. Thanks guys it makes interesting reading. I am currently with LV and the policy was £486 last year, but the renewal with them came out at £780. I expected maybe fifty extra but 300 extra I though was taking the P. The best quote of £464 is with General Accident which is part of Aviva these days, which I think wins the day. It really does show the unjustified disparity between insurers. Thanks for all the replies and I reckon it shows we are just held to ransom by these companies.
  12. I am in that quagmire of getting various comprehensive insurance quotes. So far they range from £460 to £1552 (I kid you not) ! That's a clean licence and always been a good boy. There's no real common pattern to the quotes, the next one down from £1552 is £850. Just wondering if the £464 is a real bargain price that I think it maybe. It's a major insurer and includes, legal, extra loan car cover and protected no claims. Or is there something better out there?
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