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  1. Hopefully we might find out a lot more from the Geneva show, I'd certainly prefer hydrogen cell to BEV.
  2. Thanks guys it makes interesting reading. I am currently with LV and the policy was £486 last year, but the renewal with them came out at £780. I expected maybe fifty extra but 300 extra I though was taking the P. The best quote of £464 is with General Accident which is part of Aviva these days, which I think wins the day. It really does show the unjustified disparity between insurers. Thanks for all the replies and I reckon it shows we are just held to ransom by these companies.
  3. I am in that quagmire of getting various comprehensive insurance quotes. So far they range from £460 to £1552 (I kid you not) ! That's a clean licence and always been a good boy. There's no real common pattern to the quotes, the next one down from £1552 is £850. Just wondering if the £464 is a real bargain price that I think it maybe. It's a major insurer and includes, legal, extra loan car cover and protected no claims. Or is there something better out there?
  4. Having heard good reports about the UX I sat in one in the showroom the other week and it seemed more car like and a bit claustrophobic. I didn't bother with a test drive that they offered. Going to keep an open mind on the future, but looking at historical success in the EV market Tesla seem to be the leader. I have had a look at one of the Hyundai/Kia EV forums in the past and there were long threads about prop shaft balance causing problems. It will be interesting to see how quickly Lexus get their act together with BEVs. With their experience of hybrids I thought they would have been farther ahead in the development of pure electric vehicles by now. Looks like I am just going to have wait and see. In the meantime my RX glides me around serenely lol.
  5. I think without doubt I am going to have to seriously look at a BEV in the future. It really is very difficult to judge what the market is going to be like. There's not that much solid data available yet on long term reliability or longevity of BEVs yet, but another two years should make the information more reliable. I had an NX before my RX and it is a well built car, but the current setup of the NX frustrated me too much, a good engine married to the wrong transmission which I found irritating at times. Plus in comparison the NX suffers badly from road and tire noise and is nowhere near as relaxing as the RX. Trust you're till enjoying your RX.
  6. I just hope that when I pass on my RX eventually she finds a really good caring owner like you !
  7. I've always found RMB Lexus Teesside an excellent dealership to deal with.
  8. Nicholas Parsons was born there too , and his father was the local doctor who it is said may well have delivered the baby Thatcher, and that baby then blighted our lives for a decade and more.
  9. That looks like an absolute beauty for the money, I'm trying to think of an idea why I shouldn't go after it 😉
  10. Hi Rick, 

    Just thought I'd let you know that the water pump is a very expensive job. 

    I had one under warranty on my 2015 GS300h and it was half hours labour. I see from service sheet on the RX labour alone was £736 plus vat. The part is only £115 +vat 

    Extended warranty worth purchasing 👍

    1. Old Sandy

      Old Sandy

      Hi Le

      Thankfully I got an extended 36 month warranty with it so I'm hoping the only big out lays I get will be for tyres and possibly brakes and servicing.

      Although just before I traded in my NX I had a parking assist sensor fail, it was one that was behind the grill and it had stone damage, and it would have been £294 just to replace one sensor supposedly not covered by the warranty. My argument with them was that if it's so sensitive to a stone chip then it should have extra protection to prevent damage. Anyway trading it in solved that problem.

      Thanks for that info about the water pump as well.

      I find that so far I'm getting around 35 mpg over the first 400 miles.

      My big battle now is trying to get an owners manual out of Lexus. 


    2. olliesgrandad


      The best owners manual is probably the pdf version as you can search it. 

      The navigation manual is also available online. 

      I am still trying to work everything out, they are a very complex machine. 

      Over 2000 miles I have averaged just over 35mpg, which is pretty impressive. 

      Regards Les 

    3. olliesgrandad


      Your comment about the parking sensor reminds me of the stone damage to the ordinary badge on the front of my 2015 RX450h. 

      With 15% discount that cost £197 to replace. God knows how much a front radar unit would be. 

      Did you not get any paper manual with your cat. Mine came with quite a lengthy tome but no navigation or ML manual.

      Brakes are very reasonable. 

      My last car had front discs and pads replaced for less than £300. 

      Has your car had the fuel pump replaced?

      The invoice said' Replace fuel pump as requested by Lexus UK'. 

      I assume that as the car was on the forecourt for sale that it was a 'service modification'. It was done on 11th October 2019.

      Regards Les 

  11. Exactly the same colour combination as mine, she looks good Luigi
  12. After much deliberation I've just moved up from the NX to the RX450h for the interior elbow room and relaxing drive. So I've voted Sonic Titanium as that's the colour of my new motor and I like it. I'm also keen on Mercury and I have a fettish for the very dark blue even though it's not quite dark enough for me.
  13. Thanks very much Les, I certainly didn't know that was the cut off date for the higher tax. Had already thought the period between Xmas and New Year might be a good week for a better price. Cheers Jon