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  1. I've tried to disconnect the battery but it didn't help. I didn't try to reprogramming they key because to do it, you must use switch on the driver door handle but when I press this button nothing happens.
  2. Hi , I have some problem with my 1999 IS200. When I try to open doors using key, only driver door opens. Power door locking doesn't work. When I try to close doors using indoor switch, it doesn't work as well. Same goes for locking it with the key fob. Only lights blinks but doors don't open or close. Opening boot with key fob works correctly. Has anyone any ideas ?
  3. I'm sure that earlier central locking worked off the key correctly. My friend has IS200 from 1999 and he can also lock or unlock all doors using only the key apart from fob and switch on the drivers door handle.
  4. Everything worked all right and suddenly it happened. I have checked all fuses and they are fine. I have also replaced power door switch inside car but it didn't help. I think that when it goes about key fob, it is programmed correctly because boot opening is ok. But i can't open or close doors. When I press a button "LOCK" nothing happens. When I press the button "UNLOCK" only turn-signals blink. I think that key fob isn't a problem becaus doors don't open or close manually as well. When I put key into driver door only driver door opens. Central locking does not work.