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  1. 80w140 In lsd

    Have read on other forums that using 80w140 can help tighten a is200 lad is there any truth in it thanks
  2. Coilpack testing

    Yes swapped the coilpack to the next cylinder and then started and it became the one missing so found out it's the coilpack. Have one ordered and put new plugs in so hopefully be running sweet again soon. Thanks for all the help
  3. Coilpack testing

    Thanks for all the help. Lol definitely a interesting start although went out for Nye and ended up buying a is200 with a scrap engine For about the same the lsd should be worth but long story short I'll not be allowed out again for a long time 😂. Just a quick update. Pulled each coilpack while car was idling and all but one made the misfire worse. Leaving me to believe either plug or that coilpack. Going today to get a full service kit with plugs and have a lexus bought with a siezed engine so will pinch a coilpack off it. Hopefully should remedy the situation but once I have the service done I'll update . Also main reason I'm suspecting the coilpack is this is the first week I've had the car and was told when buying it has been lying up for 3 months.
  4. Coilpack testing

    Hey all. The Lexus has started misfiring and flashing both the engine management and trc off light after searching the forum I've found its possibly a number of things. Discovered plugging the. Coil out just stops the engine so was wondering is there any easy way to test them car will be getting diagnostic check this week but wanting to rule out as much as possible first thank-you