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  1. Hi Simon, The car has a little over 227k miles on the clock, and still purrs along, well it does when the Oil control valve isnt sticking :) I've looked at Rock Auto and their rates (between £36 and £57 plus shipping) don't seem too bad, however they're not original parts, do you know if the aftermarket parts are as good as Lexus originals? they have 3 on the site: SPECTRA PREMIUM/COOLING DEPOT VTS1030 STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS VVT166 and AIRTEX/WELLS 2T1030 For Lexus Birmingham, did you mean Birmingham UK or US? if UK I'll give them a try in the morning Darren
  2. Hi all, 1st post here Car runs very rough, check engine light on as soon as engine is warm, took it to local garage and pulled the codes, got P1346 and P1349 Cleaned the VVti Actuator solenoids, however 1 still sticks as soon as it moves. Part numbers are 15340-50010 0050 for the faulty 1, (bank 1 nearside of engine) and 15330-50010 0040 for the working one. Can anyone recommend a dealer./ parts store that would have a replacement? also, would the VVti actuator from another Lexus/Toyota model be suitable? Thanks in advance Darren