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  1. London in the country

    Power Steering Pump

    Help again, Loving this IS200, it is such a pleasure to drive and even though she's 19 years old everything still works, 'cept the driving lights and that's just bulbs! 2 months and 1,200mls into having her and the power steering is jerky as it loses power on occasion (low revs/from cold) and the squealing belt under the bonnet says something is amiss. Maybe the pumps on the way out and if so I'll be here looking for a master class in replacing it (after all the Mercs I've had and their 4 User Serviceable Parts I can get at the Lexus!) but before that I just want to make sure the fluid is okay as that can cause low pressure. The handbook is seriously shy on Tech details and before I started messing around thought I'd ask who out there could give me a heads up?
  2. London in the country

    Headlamp Washers

    Ah, I see, I am an idiot - lights need to be on huh. Thank you
  3. London in the country

    Headlamp Washers

    Dear Collective, have just bought a '99 IS200 and the manual says the headlamp washer works on a dedicated dash mounted switch. Trouble is, mine isn't fitted with a headlamp washer switch. They're fitted as you can coax them forward enough to see them but I have no idea how they're supposed to fire - any brilliance out there help out a newbie IS owner please?