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  1. IS200_758

    Coils and Plugs

    Hey i have a friend here with an is300 and he has after market ngk (blue) coils in his engine as well as double tip iriduim spark plugs. I have and is200 and im not sure if i can do the same simple mods to my car, can someone tell me if there are aftermarket coils (hotter) as well as double tip spark plugs that can work on the is200 engine that will make it perform better. thanks in advance for the feed back
  2. IS200_758

    wheel fitment

    Hey guys i want to change my wheels and i want to know if i can put 18*9 with a +35 offset on my 2001 lexus is200 sedan because my friend has an is300 gita with that same wheel size and 225/40/18 stretched tires. will it work or not? also ive heard that gitas can take rims with larger offset and widths, is this true or do both sedans and gitas take the same size rims? thanks for the feed back
  3. IS200_758

    Diff and gearbox

    which would be better japspeed or cobra sport exhaust systems
  4. IS200_758

    Diff and gearbox

    oh okay i see
  5. IS200_758

    Diff and gearbox

    does the 3s and lgfe use the same flywheel?
  6. IS200_758

    Diff and gearbox

    okay thanks alot
  7. IS200_758

    Diff and gearbox

    Hey guys i have my manual 2001 lexus is200 and looking into doing a gearbox and differential flush but i want know the grade of oil for them. The advice would be appreciated. Also i live in a tropical climate i dont know if this will affect it.Also any recommended brands? Thanks for the help in advance.
  8. IS200_758

    1GFE turbo vs 1JZ swap

    appreciate the advice
  9. Hey i have a 2001 lexus is 200 and im thinking of going forced induction looking towards the ball park of 350hp. Would it be better to turbo my 1gfe or swap to a 1jz turbo. Also if i swap to the 1jz turbo will the J160 gear box in my car fit on the 1jz or will i need a gearbox aswell? looking forward to the advice
  10. IS200_758

    suspension bushings

  11. IS200_758

    suspension bushings

    Hey guy i have my is200 and im looking into changing my suspension bushings soon, one of my friends suggested psb rubbers. When i search it i only get rear bushings so i want to know if the rear upper control arm and front upper control arm use the same size bushings cause im not finding any for the front. I'd appreciate help. thanks in advance.
  12. IS200_758

    is200 advice

    any links for the genuine head gasket
  13. IS200_758

    is200 advice

    thanks i got them with the car they're not in at least now ik not to use it
  14. IS200_758

    is200 advice

    2000 and somebody shoot me a link on ebay for a good quality head gasket preferably genuine
  15. IS200_758

    is200 advice

    can i use sk16r-p11 spark plugs in my is200 i got some with the car and i know that oem is sk20 r11. so i just wanted to know