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  1. is200 advice

    can i use sk16r-p11 spark plugs in my is200 i got some with the car and i know that oem is sk20 r11. so i just wanted to know
  2. is200 advice

    thanks very much
  3. is200 advice

    so both intake and exhaust valves use the same seal with that part number ?
  4. brake problem

    Hey so i got my is 200 about 2 months ago and since then i have noticed 2 lights on my dash stay on constantly. The e brake light stays on when its engaged or disengeged, the brake pads are new and the master cylinder is at max with fluid. Also my orange (amber) oil light (for the switch) stays on as well and my oil level is filled, i took it out and clean it with carb cleaner but it still stays on. Id appreciate some advice on how to approach this. thanks in advance
  5. is200 advice

    thanks man
  6. is200 advice

    oh okay thanks
  7. is200 advice

    Can any of you shoot me a link for those valve seals i was look for the genuine lexus ones. If thats possible. thanks
  8. is200 advice

    I used Valvoline 10w-40 synthetic blended oil. My engine gas about 195k km on it so i stepped up the oil viscosity just to add a bit of extra film.
  9. is200 advice

    Hi, im a new owner of a manual is200 it's my first car i've had it for just over a month and would like some advice. Since i got it i changed the oil and coolant (oil based) also checked the air filter. Since then i i've noticed some blue smoke on start up sometimes and also when i roll through the gears in the higher rev range. Also i realize that it's a bit sluggish on acceleration. advice would be much appreciated as to what to change and look at next. Thanks in advance