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  1. Was this ever resolved? Have similar issue
  2. Car veers left after Service

    Thanks so much to all, Got in touch with Tony from wheels in motion...... So helpful... Tony suggested I do a few tests and after checking the reports etc he reckons that if I switch the front wheels side by side and if the car veers right then the tyres may be an issue, but if the car veers left then it could possibly be a pneumatic issue. Hope I got that right Tony....
  3. Car veers left after Service

    After they said that it was normal and that i should take into account the built in drift to the left and the camber of the road surface, I said..... "Lads are you for real!! Seriously......"
  4. Car veers left after Service

    Great advice, thank you. Only new member, cannot seem to find member Wheelsinmotion in the search bar?
  5. Car veers left after Service

    Cheers @Arqum yes I do have to hold the steering slightly right to go straight. The before measurement was done after initial complaint, they adjusted it to see if it would run straight and when I sent it back again then they realigned it back to manufacturers spec!!! He said something about not been able to adjust rear cambers!! Thanks again
  6. Car veers left after Service

    Updated image ^^^^
  7. Car veers left after Service

    Updated image
  8. Car veers left after Service

    Quick update, Dealer gave me alignment report: Left Front: Camber~7°33' Caster~0°02' Right Front: Camber~7°32' Caster~0°02' Left Rear: Camber~0°06' Right Rear: Camber~0°06' Car is still veering!!!
  9. Car veers left after Service

    Yes, that is what I'm being told by them. But it is 100% not right after service, car starts to drift slowly and then rapidly veers, dangerously so. Mechanic was in the car with me and said that the veer was normal!!!
  10. Car veers left after Service

    I'll check psi again tomorrow, but last week i had just set the psi to 36 for it's NCT (MOT). Thanks
  11. IS300h 2014 Hi all, Just got car back from service and immediately noticed that it is veering to the left. I had it back to garage to check. Received the car back and it was still veering to the left. Contacted them again and I was told that the alignment is set as per manufacturers specifications and that the car is exactly how it should be. Car was perfect prior to service, lovely drive and now I constantly have to correct the steering and can feel the steering wheel wants to rotate anti clockwise. General service was done, differential oil changed, no reason to take off wheels as brakes were good. Car passed its NCT(MOT) a week before it got serviced and all was good. Any help is much appreciated.