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  1. Colin, Indeed, I had though about that. But 50 off a bill or 500 doesn't reduce the pain significantly and to be honest, I prefer having 2 new relays (car has 110k on clock) as I don't want to ever have to deal with similar wiper issue again. I was informed by garage that there have been less than 10 reported faults ever in Ireland for this problem with is300h. (something like 3 motors and 5 relays).
  2. Update on my wipers only working on high speed and requiring manual intervention to park at bottom i.e. hitting stop when they are at the bottom. Waited 2 weeks for wiper motor to arrive, Visited garage and they replaced motor. Still had the same problem. Said it was probably the relay. Waited another week to get the relay. Visited garage and replaced relay. Still had the same problem. Five hours later finally sorted problem - apparently a second relay in the circuit was causing the problem. So 2 visits, 3 weeks elapsed time, 5 hour wait, 2 relays (@ €58 x 2) and €300 worth or labour, its now working. So much for Lexus reliability - crap.
  3. Have a very similar problem with my wipers. 2013 is300h 110K. Wipers only work on full speed. Not rain dependent. Will stop mid screen unless I hit the cancel when they reach the bottom. Even at that, don't park properly at bottom of screen. If I do manage to get them to park exactly at bottom by accident, then intermittent works for a minute or two and they freeze again mid cycle. Had it looked at and need a new wiper motor (400+). Getting replaced once part comes in. Very disappointed in the quality of this Lexus part. Seems like I'm not alone. I was thinking that one possible explanation is that the wipers were left on auto when frozen to windscreen, and the motor internals were compromised.
  4. sheamus

    Lexus IS300H service cost

    Just got my is300h intermediate ("small") service for €170 in Cork with toyota (ex Lexus dealership - unique relationship) - included hybrid check & related warranty..
  5. I bought a Sept. 2013 110K is300h sport recently from Lexus Pre-Approved used - no warranty - exported to Ireland. The unexpected issues I encountered were: 1. worn tahara trim on driver seat (threadbare) - apparently quite common even in low milers - was aware when I bought 2. wipers working intermittently (disconnected the rain sensor - still stop in middle of screen) - uncommon problem - unaware when bought I replaced the trim (850 euros). I have yet to fix the wipers - I suspect its the switch on the console.
  6. Matt, Did you ever resolve the window squeak? I have it too, just like you described, driver side, wet conditions. 2013 with over 100K on my clock so thinking its age related. Tried silicone spray to no avail. Cheers.