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  1. In Ireland, Lexus Galway won't do a HHC on its own and require you to book a service to get it done.
  2. My 2013 F-sport has been reading (car) over 9l/100km for the last 2 months - reset or not - all short journeys - never seen it climb this high before (3 years of ownership - Ireland). It could be a few things but with 125,000 on clock I would assume a new battery would help improve the situation ...
  3. Setting to internal air circulation instead of outside in will cause the windows to fog up when the a/c is not on.
  4. Slightly off topic but I've noticed that in auto mode (D) at motorway cruise speed, the engine revs are higher (by about 500) than switching to manual and paddle shifting to 6th gear - now what's that all about?
  5. The seats cannot be repaired. The cover and internals are glued together - I had the same problem after buying from lexus used (110K). It cost me 800 euros for a new back. Mind you, mine are NOT leather.
  6. Well, there's moisture or water coming from somewhere ,,,
  7. I recently noticed a lot more brake dust on front near side wheel compared to opposite. Thought it would be the slider pins. Purchased new set for 4 wheels. When mechanic had a look, discovered it was a sticking piston - slightly rusty. Slider pins were fine but a bit dry on other 3 wheels.
  8. This is probably what you need here Google the part number: 90916-02714 and you will find something like this
  9. OK - I found the part number here I guess I'll have to pop down to Toyota.
  10. My is300h rear interior light bulb has stopped working. Its a wedge base 12v 8w and I can't find a direct replacement anywhere. Any ideas?
  11. I used a baby wipe or 2 to remove scratched film completely and permanently. Looks fine without it.
  12. I had someone reverse into me on Christmas Day. Only visible damage was front number plate holder had slight crack on side. I also had the pop-up hood failure on dash. Took it to garage - confirmed no hidden physical damage. I reset the single error code using techstream. No problem since.
  13. I have F-Sport 2013. Average 38 mpg over 5000 miles, using dash estimate which means its probably up to 10% less (say 34 mpg). Drive in normal mode 90% of time. I have 3 Bridgestone Potenza s001 + 1 Pirelli P0 and both of these tyres have an E fuel efficiency rating according to blackcircles. Will be changing to another brand when required to get better economy and reduced sound. So pretty much same as yous Kieran.
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