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  1. Mine is the same if not worse - 115K 2013
  2. I had someone reverse into me on Christmas Day. Only visible damage was front number plate holder had slight crack on side. I also had the pop-up hood failure on dash. Took it to garage - confirmed no hidden physical damage. I reset the single error code using techstream. No problem since.
  3. I have F-Sport 2013. Average 38 mpg over 5000 miles, using dash estimate which means its probably up to 10% less (say 34 mpg). Drive in normal mode 90% of time. I have 3 Bridgestone Potenza s001 + 1 Pirelli P0 and both of these tyres have an E fuel efficiency rating according to blackcircles. Will be changing to another brand when required to get better economy and reduced sound. So pretty much same as yous Kieran.
  4. Yes. I also have a tapping in that area. I have not solved it but also think it is behind the vanity light. May prise it off at some stage to investigate further. It is difficult to pin it down as it is intermittent as you said. The second issue is of course, that troubleshooting whilst driving is tricky to say the least.
  5. Use silicone spray on both runners with window wound down. Good for about 3 months - then repeat when squeak returns. Must be silicone based - wd40 will ruin the rubber.
  6. IS300h 2013 110k Wipers stopping on windscreen cost me €500 Drivers seat back worn through cost me €900
  7. Peter, Thanks for that. Unfortunately I don't believe the CO2 emission figure from that website. All manufacturers are going to have to increase their official CO2 ratings as the lies about fuel consumption is revealed. However, at the moment there seem to be no hard figures.
  8. Does anyone have information on what the new CO2 emissions will be for IS300h under the new WLTP regime?
  9. coat hanger with double sided sticky tape wrapped around the end.
  10. Bob, That's great news. Wish someone could have saved me 500 euros 😞
  11. I did notice a tiny bit of packing poking out from the L/H passenger footwell when I got the car back, so relays could well be in/near the fuse box located there.
  12. @k900 According to worksheet 2 of the same. You may only need one. Or indeed it may be the motor and not the relays. I'd be looking to eliminate faulty relays first. Diy job - I'd say yes but only if you can locate them (that will be the hard part) and possibly may need soldering skills to replace. I've attached the component diagram that I downloaded from way back when I was looking to do it myself. If you understand electrical diagrams you can see the 2 relays (with the coils). This doesnt really help in locating though.
  13. make sure they try the relays first as otherwise you will be got for labour on replacing wiper motor twice if it turns out not to be the problem.
  14. The part number is: 9098704004 I was charged 58 a piece but can be had for chips on internet.