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  1. Looked at Powerflex website but they offer bushes only for NX 2014 onwards. Garage is quite well equipped and I have got hydraulic press so fitting new bushes is not a problem - that is actually preferred over replacement of complete assembly. Are you sure Aristo is a brand for suspension components? I thought that Aristo is an equivalent Toyota model to Lexus GS....
  2. It is actually Toyota dealer that supplies parts for me and their suspension prices are insane... I need an alternative. Some sort of black poly bushes are already on the car and they are worn as hell. I would like to restore factory driving comfort. Is this possible with poly?
  3. Normally I take everything from a dealer to be sure parts are genuine. Just checked opie and these plugs are £7.75! It is less than what I pay with trade discount! Checked with dealer today and front lower arms are £230 each and upper one is over £400. They must be smoking crack! lol Could you please advise where I could possibly buy genuine or decent aftermarket suspension parts? Any recommended brands? All I need are bushes and ball joints, also RCA. Cheers.
  4. I should expect counterfeit product for this price but it was worth giving it a try. Beware of the seller, after submitting photo evidence, he was still insisting that the plugs are genuine - stay away from this person. Had to pick up genuine plugs from local dealership and do a comparison. Electrode in ebay plugs differs significantly from the genuine product. Genuine - welded iridium electrode, fakes have whole electrode made out of the same material. Fake Genuine Fake Genuine on the left Genuine at the bottom Genuine on the right - notice that genuine plug has welded piece of the iridium or platinum to negative electrode, fakes don't.
  5. It is actually a good story how I became owner of this vehicle. I will include this info in the build thread. Stay tuned :)
  6. Hmmm... How about a separate post to follow progress of the project? There will be photos and maybe videos! Just checking waters to see if there is enough interest...
  7. You probably won't hear me as I am sorting out the exhaust in the 1st place. It was very shameful experience to drive like that through the country. On the other hand V8 roar compensated all inconvenience caused by split cat shell. See you on the road bud!
  8. Hi guys, I am after the following bits: - front grille with bonnet catch - bonnet lock - set of genuine lug nuts - front RCA - passenger front door in 4P2 - bonnet in 4P2 - front bumper in 4P2 - fuse box cover in black - under dashboard - driver side Thanks.
  9. Hi there, By accident I become an owner of GS430. Salvaged this fine piece of Japanese engineering from hands of mad youngster who clearly did not have an idea how to maintained it to appropriate standard but wanted to have a rice machine So to name few mods: - no cats + blowing exhaust - Front grille made out of fiberglass + filler + B&Q steel mesh - ls400 brakes with no RCA + angle grinder mod to tie rod ends - RX8 wheels with +30mm spacers - random lug nuts - polybushed front axle - leaks from both rocker cover gaskets - LPG that does not work - hazy, yellowed headlights - weed car scent Drove it in this appalling condition and felt in love. Very erratic handling, loud as hell but..... there is plenty of power! Decision has been made - give it 2nd life and restore the original look. Purchased so far: - Fat 5-spoke LS430 wheels - various exhaust bits - rocker cover gaskets - 0w30 engine oil + filter + ATF T-IV + pink coolant Hope I will find here help with sourcing various bits and bobs as well as advice in changing car's appearance. Cheers! -