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  1. Messy Mitts

    Maybe wearing out. Might look for another one. Thanks for all your thoughts but going to close this down now. M M
  2. Messy Mitts

    Two switches on the stalk; press in the end for front jets & twist the end of the stalk for rear jets. Still not working properly unless I "prime" the rear jets by pressing both together which I never did in the past.
  3. Messy Mitts

    I had fluid coming out of the pipe and I let it flow through for a while to try to flush the system. I reconnected the pipe to the jet and that works o k too, but it seems to need to be primed by washing both front and back together. No water flows to the front jets when I do this and water comes out at a reasonable rate from the rear jet. I am inclined to drain down the fluid in the container, flush the system with clean water and refill with fresh screen wash. Thanks for all your thoughts and suggestions. M M
  4. Messy Mitts

    Tks for your thoughts Paul. I have never tried washing both front & rear at the same time so have just tried it. Only the rear supply seems to work if I do, and fluid comes out of the supply pipe to the rear jet. I will spend some time pumping fluid through to see if I can clear/have cleared any gunge in the system. Tracing a supply pipe through the engine bay it looks as though there must be a second pipe to feed the rear jet as the one I can follow along in the engine bay seems only to go to the front jets. I can see another pipe deep down near the container but it is so tight for space and difficult to see where it goes. The pump noise is definitely down in the front nearside corner of the engine bay.
  5. Messy Mitts

    Not sure about a second pump. A bit tight to see much in the engine bay although there appears to be just one pipe that goes to the windscreen washers. I assume that the rear washer supply branches off that pipe. I can hear a pump working when I try to use the rear washer.
  6. Messy Mitts

    I have removed the supply pipe from the jet and tried to get the pump to push water through, but still nothing happening. Tks for the suggestion.
  7. Messy Mitts

    IS 200 Sportscross The rear washer won't work. The pump pushes water to the windscreen jets but not to the rear. The container is full. Any suggestions?