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  1. hello everyone new here, but i need advice. Im doing an engine conversion on a car and using an engine from a gs300 2jzge however it has a built in immobiliser in the ecu, luckily when i got the conversion kit i got the key amplifier, key and ring pickup all matching the ecu. problem i have is i cant figure out how to wire in the key amplifier to the ecu. as far as i understand there is 5 wires (im going off these colours by memory here so i might be out) red - positive Black - negative white / blue stripe white white/yellow stripe According to Wilbo666 wiring diagram, these three wires are CODE, RXCK and TXCT. the issue i have im struggling to figure out which order they are in. Ive tried to follow the wiring diagrams but none of the wires match up! Ive tried to start the engine on the floor but as expected it didn't work and the LED light just kept flashing.