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  1. Hi, keeping the air con on all of the time will help to prevent any bad smells from the system, when it is off there is small amounts of condensation left in the drain system and bacteria grows in this, causing the smell. Keep it on at all times and adjust the temp. Ken
  2. I got a tow bar and wiring kit fitted by a local independent tow bar dealer for a total price of £325.
  3. Hi, keep the aircon on at all times, summer and winter. It's false economy to turn it off. Modern systems don't zapp fuel economy like they used to 20 years ago. Run the system at all times will reduce the bacteria in the system which causes the smells. There is oil in the system that lubricates the pump and if turned off will cause the seals on the pump to dry and leak. Modern Lexus use R1234yf gas which is much more expensive to replace than older gases. The cost of replacing the pump if the seals fail. My NX 300h returns 42 MPG with AC on at all times. Hope this helps.
  4. Hi all, new to this forum. changed from toyota to a lexus nx 300h last month. To answer question 4, i asked about a towbar at lexus dealer and was told it would be about £1000 fitted. I then tried online and found them on ebay, i then contacted a local independent towbar specalist who was able to supply and fit for £325. He used a bypass relay for the electrics. The towbar was a polish brand and is a fixed swan neck.