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  1. Sparklehedgehog

    Dashcam hardwire (me being a div?)

    I’ve sorted it now. had to use the s/htr fuse and that’s definitely switched.
  2. I have the nextbase dashcam hardwire kit and have plugged my fuse replacement holder into multiple fuse positions in the passenger footwell fuse box but I’m gettting a permanent live feed whichever I plug it into even with the ignition off. Obviously I don’t wanna drain the battery but can’t find one that seems to only come on with the ignition. Tried so many and getting frustrated now How or what do I do please?
  3. Hi Is it normal for the drivers seat side wing to wear on the leather? It’s done 57k miles and I assume it’s standard wear but wondered if anybody else has anything to add to this? Shame as it’s gorgeous leather.
  4. Sparklehedgehog

    New Firmware - May 2016

    I took the plunge and bought the satnav update for my executive non premium nav 64 plate IS300h from eBay seller sergvia this week. They email you a link and you download it, stick it on a correctly formatted usb drive and update your car yourself using the activation code they send you. Worked first time and has changed my firmware from vc18100a to vc18101b. No issues whatsoever and was £89 all in which is less than half what Lexus quoted me. Latest maps too so result in my opinion
  5. That was my thinking too. Cheers
  6. Hi Got my IS300h this week and sometimes the cruise control stalk wont disengage cruise whilst in it by pulling towards me. Seems to zone out and become unresponsive every now and then. Works fine when its working but just every now and then it'll do it. Anybody heard of this before?
  7. Sparklehedgehog

    New Firmware - May 2016

    i tried this but i never got asked for a bulletin number and never gave me the option to get it, could you explain in further detail please? I'd appreciate it
  8. Sparklehedgehog

    Whats the Pro Pack please?

    i literally have no idea, i had my 1 year old and my 5 year old whilst on my own trying to look at the car and bought it without knowing the full specs as they were driving me nuts. very stressful
  9. Sparklehedgehog

    USB Port

    where'd you buy one of those please?
  10. Sparklehedgehog

    How would you make this look good.

    use a baby wipe, im not joking. they're amazing on this sort of thing
  11. Hi Im waiting to collect my 2014 IS300h (can't wait!!!!) next week and have just seen through my lexus app that is has a pro pack, what is this please? Its a Lexus IS300h 64 plate Executive Edition Pro Pack whatever that bit means Thanks in advance