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  1. Hi, Can the dash cam be wired to the interior light with a suitable 12v-5v transformer? If so, how is the interior light unit removed? Thanks.
  2. Hi Found it at last. My next question is:- Do I connect to 7.5 Amp IGN No 1 fuse or the 10 Amp IGI No 1 fuse?
  3. Hi Is the fuse box under the steering column and out of view? I have looked for a panel marked fuse box and can’t see one. Thanks.
  4. Hi, I purchased a Nextbase dash cam yesterday with the hardwire kit. I want to install this in my 2017 IS300h. Is there an internal fuse box where I can take the power for the hardwire kit from? I want to tap into the cigarette lighter fuse. I have found the fuse box under the bonnet but can’t seem to see internal fuses. All help appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Hi Renato, Thanks for the help. I have no problems since taking your advice. Regards, Anthony.....
  6. Hi, Thanks for the tips. Once I started the engine and remained in Park mode the screen was available. Many thanks to all for the help. Regards, Anthony.....
  7. HI Renato, So far so good. I have checked the filler flap several times today and its remained in position. I have opened and closed it a few times and it has remained closed afterwards. Thanks. Anthony.....
  8. Hi Colin, I have tried to select them to no avail. I have the rotary controller. 2017 Advantage. Thanks, Anthony.....
  9. Hi Darren, The photo was taken with the car parked. I have tried with the engine on/off and its still greyed out. Anthony.....
  10. Hi, Why is the vehicle customisation screen on my IS300h greyed out? Im new to the car so I am probably asking something blatantly obvious. I thought that I would be allowed access to the door lock settings etc. Thanks, Anthony.....
  11. Hi Renato, Thanks for the speedy response and the tip. I have tried that and I will see how I get on. The filler flap appears to be sitting better and more flush with the cars bodywork. I will know after a few days of locking and unlocking if it has moved. Thanks again Anthony.....
  12. Hi, I joined the Lexus owners last week when I imported a 2017 IS300h Advantage from the UK to Ireland. So far, I am very impressed with the refinement of the car and am starting to enjoy the driving experience after 25 years of diesel. I do have an issue however, as the fuel filler cover/flap will not stay closed. I can press it and it appears closed, but when I check it later, it has popped out again. If I lock the car, then the flap is unlocked. As its at the passenger side, I have to make the conscious effort to check it every time. Any suggestions on how to sort this problem short of visiting a dealer who is 90 miles away? Thanks in advance, Anthony.....