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  1. Hi I have a lexus is200 1999 for its age its a fantastic runner but as a few problems which am sorting as I go along like my thread about my cat , the other issue I have is the drivers seat will not go up or down I have taken the seat out and all the motors are running but the only one which works is to slide it back and forwards . just wondered if anybody else had ever had this problem before , I can buy the motors or even a full seat.
  2. Dave66

    catalyst system

    Like to say thanks to all who helped with my problem I cleared the fault with my scanner but after going to work after 12 miles the light came back on , so I will jack it up on Saturday and have a look around the exhaust and run it down to my local mot place and have the cat checked, let you all know how it goes.
  3. Dave66

    catalyst system

    Thank you for your reply I thought maybe cleaning the sensor or replacing it , it does look like a newest cat on the manifold . I have cleared the code I will see if it comes back . cheers
  4. Hi I wonder If anybody can give me some help I have just got my management light come on on my lexus is200 1999 model mk1 , when I have had it scanned with a obd code reader its told me the following fault CATALYST SYSTEM EFFICCENCY BELOW THRESHOLD BANK 1, does this mean my cat is no good or would the sensor need replacing . cheers Dave