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  1. grahamtrd

    Lexus is 220d white smoke

    Hi saw this on another thread for the same issue hope this helps Just a potential FIX for you bashing your head against this particular wall, The problem, a 2008 is220d, 110k miles, with embarrassing quantities of white smoke from exhaust that smells of diesel fuel. My parents car has been smoking like a pig for the last few months, Diagnosis.... Garage condemmed the DPF and replaced it..................Still smokes. Garage says "just keep driving it, the smoke will soon stop"............It didn't Garage says "er, drive it some more"...................Still smokes. Garage yanks the injectors and send them off to be tested, by people who are not idiots..................non idiots send them back with the verdict, injectors are perfect...........................Still smokes. Garage now say they are sure it is the turbo which will need replacing...................At which point I get involved and rescue the car. No sign of misfire, compressions good, no play on the supposedly fragged turbo, no headgasket doom. Not trusting the fifth injector, I unclipped the fuel line and plugged it by clipping another injector on it. Went for a drive, white smoke gone! So confirming fifth injector misbehaviour. Changed the fifth injector, a total git of a job............Smokes, Argh! So it is the ECU telling the fifth injector to keep on squirting. Techstream turns up from ebay, so plug it in. The dpf pressure values are all over the shop, so tee in a magnehelic guage, which disagrees with the values from the software. Wiggle wiring, AHA! Gotcha! Pressure values in the software change in sympathy. So I remade the wiring from dpf sensor to the ECU and then got good values for the dpf sensor pressure. The ECU "learns" whilst you drive, but the corrupt dpf pressure data had totally confused it. Unplug car battery for ten minutes, reconnect, ECU starts to relearn with good data. Relearn the window winders by driving them for a couple of seconds against their stops at each door switch. AND THE SMOKE STOPPED! and mpg has gone up from 25mpg imp to 40+mpg imp. The magnehelic gauge reads 5kPa (20 inches water gauge) when regeneration of the DPF now starts. Good luck on what is a fantastic car.
  2. grahamtrd

    Alloys size on is220d

    That what i was thinking. Its on 16s at the minute and the gap between the arch and the wheel is hugh make the wheels look tiny. Thanks for the reply
  3. grahamtrd

    Alloys size on is220d

    Hello. New to Lexus and the form so nned some advise. In looking to upgrade my alloys and I have got it down to 3 sets. Two are 18s and the other is 17s oem Lexus alloys. And I have read online that 18s will take away the comfort is this true?. I do a lot of motor way driving in Ireland and city driving last thing I want is to wreck the comfort. Any advise is welcome
  4. grahamtrd


    Hello ladies and gents Newbie to the site. Looking forward to chats and hints and tips