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  1. Wow, seems like Lexus aren't big fans of aftermarket upgrades. I guess I am going to take this off the list until I paid of my finance plan and then I can exchange it for another model. Thank you for your replies, they have been very useful! I'll see what kind of other modifications are possible, without taking the whole car apart. :)
  2. Sorry, it does have cruise control, it just doesn't have the feature where it slows down automatically when there I something in front of you. I own the car outright, the finance agreement is basically a loan, but with the car as security. Modifying is okay, as long as I don't depreciate the value more than I owe the bank.
  3. Agreed, I do think that would be the easiest option, only issue is that its on a finance agreement, and it's never that easy to get the money out you put in. It was my bad to begin with to not look into any possible available features. Cheers, Piri
  4. Hi Colin, Thanks for your quick reply! So I guess there is no official dealer option for after sale upgrades? About the safety features, would you know if the actual components, for example the blind spot mirror, is actually in the mirror, and would the computer already have the functionality to support this, or would it need a different firmware or even hardware to work? I've got some experience with this with other cars, but it's my first Lexus, and I have already noticed its extremely difficult to modify it in any way, as the wiring is very hard to access. Thanks, Piri
  5. Hi guys, This is my first post in this forum, so apologise if this is in the incorrect thread. I bought a used Lexus IS300h from 2014, as my judgment wasn't that great, I got one without many of the features (executive model). I was looking into a couple of things, but there is not much to be found, is there a possibility to add some of the safety features which are in the other models? Also, I was looking at the speedometer of the f sport model, can this be upgraded after the purchase? Thanks, Piri