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  1. YN57OCK

    Hello fellow Lexi owners

    I'm sure when the time comes to sell, this forum will be the first to know ....dont hold your breath though ;)
  2. YN57OCK

    Hello fellow Lexi owners

    Hello fellow Lexus (Lexi!) owners, Ive been lurking on here for a while and finally felt the need to type and at least say hello.....so....hello! A bit about my Lexus history. I'm on my third Lexus IS....started with an 08' 220d falling in love with the look and quality of the car (not the manual gearing though), after selling that one to buy an RX-8 and Smart, i realised i missed the Lexus. After two years had passed i needed to scratch the itch and went for a fully loaded red mica IS 250 SE-L and drive it still love it, but as of a month ago I am the proud owner of my black '08 IS-F and wow...what an engine and that gear change. Ive also never seen a car drink petrol that quickly, and i still have the RX-8 - but it is a V8 and i may have a heavy right foot! Thank you for reading and I look forward in typing to you, possibly meeting you at the anniversary event in the future. Ian