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  1. Sorry chaps, dropped off the radar for a while. Did anything happen here? I'm up for the group buy if it's still going?
  2. Small update. These alloys were heavily corroded on the LS when I picked her up and the team at Rimtech in Bredbury, Stockport sorted all 5 (yes, the full size spare too!) in a shinier silver than stock. Looking to get some black centre caps like the ones on the ISF and clean her nuts. Also messaged Grom Audio regarding a couple of pretty significant limiting issues with the Vline 2 on the vehicle. Hope it's user error and not a dodgy unit. Let's see what they reply back with.
  3. Thanks cruisermark - This will be the fall back option when I inevitably give up on the DIY.......Destroy It Yourself
  4. Very good idea. Spent the last few nights on that rabbit hole - weirdly no videos on tinting the ls600hl with power door blinds either (short term fix). My thought process was "Surely there must be a video on YouTube covering this", or even "how to dismantle the rear door AND blind" so i can take the components apart, but there was nothing at all - which surprised me. That being said, given the number of these vehicles sold worldwide and the Lexus famed over engineered components - should it have been such a surprise? This issue may be the exception rather than the rule.
  5. So, enjoying my ownership of the LS600hl and my power door blinds seem to have a little issue. The mesh is missing almost as though it had been cut....any ideas on who can affordably repair this (don't say lexus please!) Photos for illustration and humour purposes.... If anyone has an instruction guide to how this is assembled even better, I can try DIY!
  6. Okay. Had a play with this earlier and the call quality is almost as good as the factory Bluetooth if not the same. Feedback from the wife was that the microphone was not as good, possibly down to placement near the rear view mirror. I connected my phone via USB and immediately the Grom unit connected to android auto and showed me Waze, google maps and amazon music. The steering controls work seamlessly with the music tracks and i'm impressed by the resolution on the screen. Still need to find an ideal spot for the Grom unit to go....but its okay for the price, not amazing, just okay. Caller id is on screen when the phone rings. Also remember to not pair the phone with the factory Lexus unit - deleting the profile works, otherwise you will have phone calls coming through the Lexus unit and streaming via the Grom - although it doesn't make too much of a difference.
  7. Good question. just installed it and looking for a place (not under the front passenger floormat) to put it. A little surprised there is no direct access to Google Play out of the box and it would appear that apps such as waze or amazon music need to be side loaded. ill do a separate post on this for the forum members and let you know how i get on as Ive not tried the calling piece yet (not hooked up the aftermarket mic).
  8. Hi Steve, they are in very good condition! I have a set a little larger (19") and those are on an ls600, but aware they did an 18" option for the 460. A bit jealous of the condition of yours! Nice acquisition.... Oh no ignore me you have 5 spokes, which would indicate the 250c! As for the staggered setup it works very well on the is250 too, you do feel a difference.
  9. Scythe are you a detective? 🕵️‍♂️ Very thorough work! Thank you ! Quick update on her, She's being fitted with the Grom audio unit to provide updated nav and full Bluetooth audio capability, new window tints for privacy and to stop people looking in through the window - I'm amazed by the amount of attention this car has had whilst parked up, as it's rather subdued in presence and the finger prints on the glass! Then a wheel refurb as they are looking a little corroded....will keep you posted! Ps my 250 is now sold to another forum member.
  10. Hi Zoricib, Can do it for £3200 without the front vlands, the standard 17s, the service and mot. I'm having the standard alloys refurbished on Wednesday so they will just like they were in the photos below.
  11. Great camera angle there! Unfortunately it's just the 12v adapter however there is also disk/aux on the radio...which is puzzling...looking at the other lexus owner forums this has come up a few times with some exceptions for the 2008 M/Y and various speculations as to why! I may need to investigate behind the console and radio...
  12. Here is my lovingly cared for Red Lexus IS250 SE-L. Purchased in 2015 by me at 45k miles it has Full grey leather with black carpets and original mats, heated and ventilated (cooled) front seats, two keys, electric rear blind and recently fitted new exhaust. Based on price met and preference the vehicle can come with the LED front and rear lights (Vlands) or the original unit. I can also supply the original 17 wheels in grey anthracite rather than those mainly pictured. Needs to make way for my new LS. Note there is a crack on the front lower apron from a taller than anticipated piece of road debris and shouldn't cost too much to repair and paint. Serviced and MOT'd since purchase and sorry to see it go but need to be the wife's chauffer in the the LS and not enough room on the drive/garage to store all the toys! If sale is agreed at the full asking price. I will have vehicle serviced at and provide a fresh MOT. Looking for £3,600 ONO.